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   Chapter 3

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Just glaring at her sister was irritating enough but the fact she didn“t want to accept her mother“s marriage to another man other than that coward of a father she never finds gratitude in mentioning was making her blood boil.

Maybe it“s the pregnancy hormones she thought but no Natalie was being quite annoying.

"Come on Ali just think about all the fine American Men we will find In New York." She pleaded with her hands clasped in the air but just like her reply for the last hour she rolled her eyes for the millionth time that day continuing to swipe through Instagram photo“s with her middle finger.

"Xavier is not a good guy I can feel it he“s just a pervert after Mum."It was Emilia“s turn to roll her eyes because Natalie sounded like a four year old who wanted her mummy and daddy to stay in a happy marriage.

"Please don“t tell me you have hope that the father that walked out on us when we were four years old will return and claim his unconditional love for Mum."Emilia rasped that statement nearly choking as if it were the most despicable and quite frankly to her it was.

She gasped at her sister as if that was the first time she heard her trash talk there no good father"Whats wrong with that?"Emilia yanked the phone out of Natalie“s hand to study her briefly.

"Are you bloody delusional that man made your Mums life a nightmare from what I can remember."She glared intensely this time as if her sister was Cerberus from the Hercules.

"That man will still remain your father Emilia."Natalie retorted turning her head away completely hurt from all the anger her sister held for their father.

Losing her temper Emilia“s voice rose slightly which Natalie quickly picked up on"Oh please I“d rather a bum off the streets."

"Don“t test me Emilia I“m older so I will not hesitate to beat you up." She threatened and Emilia stared at her blankly because her threat did not move a muscle in her.

She wasn“t scared like usually nor did she flee.

"Only by three minutes and just because I“m small it doesn“t mean I will be scared of you."Emilia felt something within her giving her strength she was tired of being stepped on and the fact she was 5“2 didn“t help but made things worse.

"Oh looky there the chicken finally gained a back bone."Anger was boiling beneath there veins ready to rupture as there glares became more intense and out of no where they both burst into laughter.

Something they did when they knew they could not resist the urge to talk to each tother when there in a feud.




"Hey Camila Happy Birthday I have guests coming could you prepare the guest bedrooms." Xavier instructed his sister helping his chauffeur put the bags in his Mercedes Benz GLS-Class.

After he closed his phone Juliana glared in his direction causing him to shrug," You don“t have to do that the kids and I can stay in a hotel."

Xavier gasped, getting in the car after opening the door for her."Stop talking rubbish Julia why would you stay in a hotel when my house is full of unused rooms."

"But I don“t want to be a burden over your shoulders Xavier and besides I don“t want to come uninvited to your sisters party."

"Your not a burden over my shoulders and besides Camila would be more then happy to have you over."He explained gazing into her hazel eyes while rubbing her hands for comfort which caused a smile to form on Juliana“s face."I“m just saddened that Natalie did not come along."

"She claims she has a lot of work."Juliana lied, afraid that the truth might make him upset."And besides I left her enough money for the weekend and I will call everyday to make sure she is alright."She said, getting out of the car and Xavier right after her along with Emilia and Noah.

"You guys go get ready for the party which is in no less than six hours from no

w everything you need from outfits to makeup artist are sitting there waiting for you ladies same applies to you Noah accept with a little less makeup unless your into that stuff then....."

"What no that“s insanity!" Noah exclaimed feeling offended." I“m completely straight." Xavier chuckled and so did Noah.

Xavier soon left to attend things at his company and Juliana entered with Noah by her side but Emilia took a while to examine the big house feeling as if it was the monster house and if she stepped any closer it would swallow her in.

Soon she gained the courage to walk in with her head down to the ground but she soon bumped something that appeared to be stone at the time.

The so called stone huffed a breathe yelling,"Gosh are you fuckin blind." And soon Emilia locked gazes with a familiar pair of ocean blue eyes causing her heart to sink then she burst into a blush mania.

Did he recognize her she thought?

No then he would have said something mentioned it right.

She was upset but then alright with the fact he didn“t recognize her.

She gulped,"I...I am.... sorry."He rolled his eyes causing her to avert his glare.

"You made me drop my file, wrinkle my suit and five minutes later then I already am."He hissed causing her to close her eyes waiting for him to leave but when she made sure he wasn“t leaving she pealed her eyes open slowly.

"I really am really sorry like genuinely sorry like real sorry I really did not mean to."She confessed, and quite frankly he was enjoying how nervous she was around him and the fact she could barely form a coherent statement at the moment.

"What ever just move out of my way."He barked motioning his hand causing her to quickly move without a word leaving her mouth.

For some reason she felt very intimidated by him and she could not understand why and when she entered the room she was staying in she huffed a deep breathe placing a hand on her flat stomach.

Later that night the party began and Emilia decided to go for a red dress that hugged her curves but then again wasn“t to revealing especially of her stomach and flats because she was paranoid enough to think she might slip

She walked down the stairs only to encounter a pretty blonde glaring in her direction but Emilia decided to avoid her even though Charlotte clearly did not want to avoid her but make her life a living hell with the help of Marcello because her boyfriend Liam was checking Emilia out when she came.

Of course he didn“t recognize her at the time and didn“t know her state but then again no one did actually.

As soon as she walked out of the door glasses of water were being handed out and Emilia grabbed one not knowing the glass she grabbed had an antibiotic that would make her feel lightheaded and soon she fell splashing in the pool not knowing how to swim of course the people around her did not notice because they were to busy cackling like baboons and of course Marcello was one of them.

At that same moment at the other end of the house Natalie was standing on the roof of the six story mansion ready to jump at any minute.

Her Mum screamed burying her head in the crotch of Xavier“s neck"Oh my God Natalie please get down from there?" And soon everyone brought there attention to where she was standing.

"I“m not moving until you say your not marrying Xavier or else I will jump."At the thought of her daughter jumping Juliana began to hyperventilate.

Juliana hesitated before saying,"Ok just please get down." When Natalie made sure her plan worked she turned slowly only to slip causing her to fall.


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