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   Chapter 2

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8 Weeks Later.......

"Natalie open the bloody door."Emilia yelled, ready to knock down the wooden door with all her might.

Emilia knew if her sister continued to hog up the bathroom, she would never make it to work on time. Natalie knew this segment yet she choose to ignore that and Emilia“s threats to kill her when she walked out.

"Go use Mums bathroom or Noah“s."She retorted, rolling her eyes while straightening her hair.

"Yeah but all my things are in this bathroom."She hissed, raking a hand through her wavy brown hair.

Continuing to wait for her sister she circled the room impatiently as her stomach violently began to contract making its way up her esophagus and to her throat, with out much thought Emilia used her hand to cover her mouth, running to her brothers toilet across the hall where she threw up more rapidly than a firing machine gun emptying out the remaining content of her stomach.

Once she finished she stood up inhaling a deep breathe and then washed her face without even taking a glance at her pale reflection.

She walked back to her room with her hands on her hips to find Natalia finally exiting the bathroom."Oh you finally decided to exit the bloody bathroom after two whole hours."Natalia gaged at her sisters remark.

"You know I have to look good working for Vogue magazine especially considering the fact that sexy Australian is the main model."Natalia squealed jumping around the room like a two year old on Christmas morning while of course Emilia glared at her with rage seeing through her eyes and Natalia stayed rooted to her spot almost forgetting her sister“s threats."Em..."

"I am going to suck every bit of happiness from you and murder you brutally."She chased her sister around the room for less then five seconds until Natalia stopped on her bed panting dramatically.

"Well someone hasn“t gotten laid in a while now was Mcsexy not good enough to stratify your needs "Emilia gaped at her sisters lack of embarrassment. She knew that topic wasn“t for discussion and it causes her to blush the color of a tomato.

"You bitch stop it."She snarled and Natalia cackled so hard she fell to the ground."You know the real reason is my boss the Grinch himself will yell his lungs out."She jolted the drawer shut and grabbed a pair of jeans.

She snorted folding her arms,"Em you had the brains out of our senior class, you made a 5.0 GPA and you were Valid Victorian why do you even want to become teach a bunch of ungrateful whiny brats when you can become a doctor or a lawyer?" Emilia threw a glare in her direction because she hated explaining the fact that interests and brains fall into two different categories.

"You know that I“m no interested in those fields of expertise they just don“t speak me and besides you have been trying to talk me out of doing this for six years now don“t you get exhausted."Natalia sighed and toke a minute to reobserve his sister before nodding her head.

"Whatever I just don“t want you regret it but if your happy with the career than...."She trails off waiting for sister“s response.

"Im happy trust me teaching at the university just gets me excited even though the students can be hell a annoying but overall everything is great."She beamed, rubbing her sisters shoulder for comfort and Natalia smiled engulfing her sister in a hug.




After Emilia left Natalia recognized her Mum was dressed fancier than usual so she decided to follow her a habit she got into lately.Georgia Connor, a woman, Who thought the man she loved, loved her back. But instead left her and threw her away like trash to Marry a suitble woman.

Pregnant, poor and alone, she didn“t know what to do. Helped by her friends to obtain her old life back.

She was happy as she is now with her son Theo, but now he“s father, the world famous billinaire Alexandros Leandro is back in town and want her back in bed, whatever it takes. He always gets what he wants. Georgia is doing everything in her power to keep Theo as a secret.

When Alexandros discover he has a son, he will not leave until he get his heir and the Mother.anna kingsley and anthony prince are always happy. they are married for two year. but what will happen if he accuse her of cheating and kicking him out of his life. and what will happen if they met each other again after so many yearsjQuery2140482974271356735_1512471354997?

read to find out....

very slow update .....

but i want you guys to know that if you would like to share some thoughts to the story then you are free to comment and ill make it rightDrake is a of course a billionare but not arrogant his father needs a heir from him

Sandy is broken with a job but it does not cover all her expences

what happen when they meet each other..

a one night stand

and she see drake proposing

Read to find outjQuery2140482974271356735_1512471354997jQuery2140482974271356735_1512471354997Amber goes out with her friends to a fancy club and ends up having a one night stand with Evan Davis. She doesn“t know that he“s a doctor. She turns up pregnant and never got any info of him. But a few years later, her baby gets sick and the doctor who is attending them turns out to be Evan. That when all the truth comes out, he discovered he has a child, will he accept his baby, or not care about having a relationship with his child. Will anything happen between amber and Evan. Will they have a futureHighest Rank In Romance {170} 11/18/Venus Angelopolis is forced into a marriage for her brother“s life because of a feud that started years ago between the two families.When she meets Antonio she wants nothing to do with him especially after he admits commitment is not for him but things take a turn one drunken night which results in an unexpected pregnancy.

Antonio DeVaio finest, youngest and most successful bachelor of NewYork claims that love isn“t anywhere to be found in his long and complicated book.Seeing Venus for the first time caused him to misjudge her drastically so he lays down his rules from the start but when his brother Luca returns with a magnetic attraction towards Venus one drunken night Antonio begins to see a side to her that wasn“t there before which causes his point of view towards her to change imme


Will Antonio eventually accept his child with Venus or will he reject both leaving the spot open for Luca?"Sign the divorce paper or else I will kill you so I can be a widow and free from this marriage. And don“t ever show your face to me or else I will destroy you."

That was his last words to me before he walk away without looking back at me. I felt used and deprived after having sex with him when he force me to visit him in jail....

Katherine Luca Stratyfied... was a wife of the most influencial businessman and a hidden big boss of a large mafia organization. "Jack Stratyfied"

From being a submissive wife to a wild addicted woman that threw her away from her husband Jack, but didn“t they both know why she became like that.

Follow the story of Katherine and Jack how they will discover their new personalities after 2 years.... Who will regret the lost of their marriage... and who will suffer to get the "Love for the Second Chance."Ciara Belmont“s ex lover, Dante De Luca, is back in her life and he is seeking for revenge. Ciara completely ignores why he wants to take revenge, after all if there was victim in all this, it was her, she was the one left broken hearten and pregnant. For her bad luck, Ciara“s father makes a huge mistake, a mistake of which Dante takes advantage of and forces her to become his mistress.

But will Ciara be able to full fill her paper as Mistress in order to save her family?

Dante De Luca, owner of De Luca Enterprises, wants to take revenge on his ex-lover, Ciara Belmont. Luckily for him, Ciara“s father just made a bad move, and he was not going to waste the chance of his life to get revenge and destroy Ciara. As he forces Ciara to be his mistress, he notices something: Ciara has change, she is not the same smiling girl he knew years back, now she seems to be empty, distant.

Has Dante made a mistake?Juliana soon stoped her car at a very famous and fancy restaurant to meet the man she had been seeing in secret for over six months now.

Natalia of course saw the peck the mid aged man gave her Mum on the lips but did not splurge until he pulled out the three stoned Hudson diamond ring. She rapidly ran in screaming."What the hell is this were you ever going to tell us about this pervert."Juliana glared at her daughter with anger seeping through her eyes.

"Natalia watch your language." Juliana argued, ready to push her daughter out of the door.

"Look buddy My Mum doesn“t want to see you so you can be on your way to where ever the fuck you came from!"She exclaimed, pointing towards the nearest exit as the mans green eyes locked with hers.

The man cleared his throat,"Im not here to make trouble-"

"Oh I know exactly what your here for buddy, you are here to get into my Mums pants, well News flash for ya honey it“s not happening."She accused, practically hollering through the whole restaurant.

"Ali we will discuss this at home not in public please."Juliane whispered gritting on her teeth while nudging Natalia“s shoulder.




"Ms.Rene are you asking to be fired?"Dr. Trenchbowl accused, glaring at a now flustered Emilia. After all she did not arrive late but then again he was a complete pain the ass, only tolerable by zero percent of the human population."How many times have I said you are to be here at least thirty minutes before class starts but you continue to defy my rules."He gritted on his teeth life the normal agitated Porky Pig.

Though not very old the man had a raging temper and was very arrogant.

She glanced at the mid aged man and tried to be as polite as she could manage"Dr. Trenchbowl please its happened twice in this semester can“t you-"

"I am sure there are many other interns dying to take your spot this very minute." That statement was complete and utter lie and Trenchbowl knew that himself in fact Dr.Smith was supposed to be Emilia“s instructor but due to her unfortunate circumstances she couldn“t make it that semester so all three hundred and fifty student applicants dropped out after knowing of the switch.Emilia on the other hand cared less who the instructor was. She knew that she wasn“t always going to work with people she liked and so she went for it.

As for the others well can you blame them, the imbecile is complaining about being on time. Like who the fuck does that? Ahh no one thats who.

"I realize that this is a bad way to end the semester Dr. Trenchbowl but I“m really sorry I was really sick this morning and could barely compose myself...."She trailed off waiting for him to say something but all she caught was a look of disgust forming on his face.

He huffed a breathe,"Ewwww like I wanted to know that!!!Why are you here? I don“t want to get sick.... Leave now go."He commanded, glaring at Emilia as if she were an infectious disease.

Alright this is the moment we declare this man bipolar no no mildly bipolar.


"Pish posh I don“t want any buts leave go."Emilia took a minute to glance at the brown haired man before running to the nearest exit to empty out the content of her stomach after she finished Emilia ran home.

Emilia opened the entrance door to find Natalia glaring at a tall and dark mid aged man"Oh Em your just in time to see this old pervert convince our now engaged Mum to take us to New York."

Of course Emilia was shocked at her sisters statement but all her attention was fully focused on what the result of the pregnancy test in her purse.

"Yeah um I need to use the restroom right now but um congrats Mum."Emilia strolled towards the bathroom as casual as possible once she entered she locked the door, took out the box from her purse and took a deep breathe.




Emilia scowled at the positive pregnancy test for what seemed like a year but was only a good fifteen minutes. What was she going to do now? She didn“t even know the mans name. She didn“t even know if she had the guts to tell her family but she knew one thing for sure. She was keeping the baby and she cared less of any ones opinion.


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