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   Chapter 1

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"Come on Emilia. Get out of bed,"Arnold yelled, pulling the sheets off of her comfortable figure ,"Its Friday night and we are going par.......ty," he chanted, nodding his head but Emilia grabbed the blanket from under her bed and covered herself once more.

"No!!!! I do not want to go anywhere.Just leave me alone."Emilia begged in despair.She was an emotional wreck not feeling like doing anything for the next week or so.She hated people sympathizing for her and loved to be alone in times like these.

Her twin sister Natalie walked out of the shower and began to blow dry her frizzy brown locks as she sighed.She quickly turned off the blow dryer and began to yell."Emilia forget about that self conceited son of a bitch."her sister said circling the bed room with anger boiling through her aqua green eyes ,"you wasted two years with that bastard and in the end because you did not want to give him your virginity he slept with your hoe of a best friend,"she said putting her hands up in defeat," is that a guy you want to dwell over because I would not waste my precious little time on his ugly looking ass.

"But I loved Jewd."Emilia said, barring her face into her hands continuing to sob as Natalie rolled her eyes.

"Fuck him!!!!!" Natalie and Arnold both yelled with impatience, turning towards each other while laughing,"Jinx.double jinx.silent jinx." They both yelled, moving there eye brows along with there body movements.

"Emilia get your lazy bum out this bed or I will go get a whole jug of water and spill it on you!!"

"Ok ok goodness."she said in defeat, pulling the sheets off of her. The minute she laid her feet on the purple warm rug,Natalie jumped from excitement.

" I am picking out your attire."Natalie sprinted to her closet.

" Hell no."

Emilia ran quickly blocking the closet door.She knew if she allowed her sister to pick out her clothes it was most likely going to be a something too short and revealing too much cleavage.

"Come on Em,"she begged, making her classic puppy dog eyes.

"No."she said, firmly while rubbing her temple.

"O........k than I will. I mean what are best friends for if they can“t help you in difficult situations."Arnold said with enthusiasm, as Emilia glanced at the two.

Even though Arnold was a guy he knew fashion like he knew his middle name.It was his perfusion and anyone who knew him knew this segment.

"Ok."She said after careful consideration and Arnold beamed towards the closet winking at Natalie.

"Put this on."Arnold said, handing her a skin tight, short, dark blue, strapless dress, that revealed some skin from the sides.

"So if I“m not going to make my breast obvious I have to make my ass look obvious," Emilia sighed, waving the dress around like it was an unwanted piece of rotten meat.

"Eeeeeee...yup."Natalie said, tapping her sister on the bum,"Now go change."

"Ok."Emilia rolled her eyes while slapping her sister with the dress, than quickly ran to the bathroom before Natalie could catch her as Arnold chuckled.

Arnold has been there best friend ever since they can remember. They stuck together through thick and thin.

"Hurry up Em."Arnold yelled, pushing strands of his strawberry blonde curls as Natalie banged on the door loudly,"Do you think she is alright?"Arnold said with panic obvious on his face and Natalie eyes widened as she pulled her ear slightly and knocked on the hardest surface near her.Amber goes out with her friends to a fancy club and ends up having a one night stand with Evan Davis. She doesn“t know that he“s a doctor. She turns up pregnant and never got any info of him. But a few years later, her baby gets sick and the doctor who is attending them turns out to be Evan. That when all the truth comes out, he discovered he has a child, will he accept his baby, or not care about having a relationship with his child. Will anything happen between amber and Evan. Will they have a futurePlease read to find outAllison Hayes desparately needs a job after she left home. So when multi-millionaire Kyle Mitchell offers to give her a quater of a million dollars to pretend to be his wife will she take the job?

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read to find out....

very slow update .....

but i want you guys to know that if you would like to share some thoughts to the story then you are free to comment and ill make it right"Em come on."

"I will be right out."She yelled, loud enough for them to hear her while she gazed at her reflection in disgust one main question circled her head. How could she let something so dense effect her emotions of the worst way possible “weakness.“

She despised weakness and thats what gave her the courage to promise to her self that from that day forth there was no more crying over the little things and everything that happened then is nothing but water under the bridge.

While she added make up to her pale skin she told herself tonight she was starting a clean slate.

When she walked out of the bathroom after almost half an hour of debating with her self she caught sight of Natalie and Arnold staring at her breathe taking image.

"How do I look?"

"Girl you look so fine that is we were not friends I would fuck you ."Arnold chuckled, gesturing with his hand as they all burst into laughter.

"One last thing."Natalie said removing the glasses off of her sisters face and breaking them into two uneven pieces.

"Ali what the hell did you do? You know I can“t see without those."She cried, snatching the glasses from her sisters hands.

"Why do you want to hide that beautiful face of yours."She exclaimed, handing her the pair of contacts.

"You are torture handed to me on a silver platter."She raged, stomping her feet towards the bathroom.

"Oh yeah one last thing."Natalie yelled and Emilia turned towards her to see her holding 5 inch black stiletto heels.

"I am not putting those on!"

"Oh yes you are."Natalie smiled mischievously.

"And why do you assume that I will?"She folded her arms giving her a questioning look.

"Because you love me."She implied giggling.

"No I don“t."She claimed grabbing the heels from her sister.

Once Emilia finished she grabbed the dark blue clutch her sister had prepared for her and the two left her room quickly only to encounter their Mom.

"Are you guys leaving?"She gazed at the two with worry but she knew Arnold would protect them even when they are at fault.

"Yes Mum we are do you need anything."Emilia had the habit of always asking her mom for every move she made.

"No baby I just want you guys to be safe."She pulled a strand of her long brown hair back and then took the twins in her embrace.

"Oh I see because I am not one of you precious daughters it indicates I don“t need a hug."A very deep voice said from behind them and the twins turned to see it was their little brother Noah.

Even tough he was a teenager he always loved his Moms warm hugs but never admitted this since he felt it was unmanly of him especially since he was the only guy in the house.

They all chuckled and took him into their embrace until Arnold walked into the room.

"Even though the sight of this family is heart warming we best be leaving soon ladies."He chuckled slightly while putting his right hand on his chest.

"Alright, alright I will see you girls later hopefully."

They walked down the pine wood stairs and out into the garage until they reached Arnold“s 2017 Land Rover Discovery Sport.Soon enough they all hopped in and where on the road.

They soon stopped at the most famous bar that was located in the middle of the city. A tall, blonde, young man opened the car door for the ladies but Arnold walked out himself handing the keys to the valet.

"Welcome Mr.Clark."

"Good Day Mr.Adams."Arnold returned the same amount of respect that was given to him.

"Why are we here?"

"Just sit back and relax for once in your life Em."Arnold avowed while making gestures with his hands to represent a breathing task.

As soon as they entered the bar the rainbow colored lights beamed on their faces as they stepped on shiny black tiled floors. The music was blasting trough the speakers so loud they can barley hear each other.

"You want to dance Em."Natalie asked, practically yelling through her drum and Emelie backed away quickly placing her index finger in her ear to make sure she did not have a hearing disfunction.

"No Im just to go sit at bar stand."She said, rubbing her right shoulder shyly.

"Ok but don“t drink to much I want to bring you back in one piece to your Mom."Arnold whispered in her ear.

"I have self control unlike Ali."She simpered, while walking towards the bar.

She sat at the closet chair near the two and laid her head on the stand.

"What would you like to drink Madam."A deep but masculine voice gushed as she pulled her head up slowly to gaze at his tall, dark and muscular figure as he ran his tongue against his lips she bit hers.

"What would you like to drink?"He reiterated, with a smirk plastered on his perfectly tan sculptured face.

"Whisky double."She ordered not thinking twice and he took a look at her petite structure.

"Thats really strong. Are you sure?"He asked giving her with a concerned look.

"Why do you care?"She chuckled as he devoured a couple of glasses of the same burning liquid.

He handed her the small crystal glass cup filled with brownish yellow liquid and she quickly devoured it ushering for another and he did as told for the next four times but stopped her when she got to the fifth glass.

"I advice you against that unless you want to end up in some mans bed soon."he smirked pointing his finger at her as she ran her index finger on the rim of the glass.

"Im sure you wouldn“t mind if you were the man or would you?"She said boldly and he ran a hand around his jaw line.

"Not at all."He uttered, narrowing his glimmering blue eyes to her dark brown."You want to get out of here." he challenged and she smirked deviously, nodding as he walked around the bar stand intertwining there hands together.

Sooner then later they were kissing passionately, ripping each others clothes off, as he trailed kisses against her neck and down to her breast. Emilia released a moan of sensation placing her hands on his muscular structure as he laid her down on the bed.


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