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   Chapter 22 NO.22

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Updated: 2018-06-05 00:28

A U T H O R ' S N O T E

I decided to add the coronation scene so you all would know how the country reacted to finding out the Princess was in love with a girl.


Nerves. Nerves all over. Paris' palms were sweaty and she wanted so badly to wipe them on her gown, but the diamonds studded unto it would probably scratch her pretty bad. Over the course of her adventure she had worn some pretty impressive gowns, but nothing beat the lavishness of what she had on now for her coronation.

Oh my god. Today's my coronation.

The stunning beige gown glittered in the sunlight streaming through the palace window. It wasn't because of fabric with glitter on it, but it was because of actual diamonds and other tiny precious stones. This gown was passed down from one of the older queens of Monaco, and over the years they had added jewels to its already intimidating look. They had the dress fitted to perfectly suit the new incoming Queen, and it still felt incredibly heavy for Paris to wear. She was wearing a dress worth millions of euros. What if she tripped on her heels and ripped it? Oh god.

Her green eyes sparkled naturally, her beautiful brown hair delicately and intricately let down to accommodate the crown. Her makeup was very minimal, showing off her stunning, natural beauty. Today they were going to do the coronation in a traditional manner, which m

way that was way more confident than she felt, Paris whispered, "I love you, milday." And she closed the distance between them and kissed Bleu. Her lips were soft, as always, and hesitant. Bleu started to pull back but Paris followed, keeping her eyes closed. She was going to have Bleu by her side the rest of her life, so might as well let them know now. Then they pulled apart, breathing hard.

Oh shit. What have I done I'm an idiot.

The silence in the room was tense. And then, Dean stood up, clapping wildly. The twins and Brooke soon followed, and before long the entire room was thundering in applause.

And that was how the young Queen came out to her country and the world. Of course, she had bashers and haters, but she had the support of the majority of the country, and she didn't let it stop her from serving her people.

That night, Bleu celebrated with the new Queen.

Privately, of course.

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