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   Chapter 20 NO.20

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(n.) the final scene of a play that comments on or summarizes the main action.


10 years later

"Bleu, my love, if you drop that you'll have to pay for it." Paris giggled. Her green eyes twinkled with love at the sight of the blonde holding a baby.

"I've got the queen of Monaco as my wife. What are you talking about?" Bleu mocked shock and blew on the baby's stomach, making her giggle.

"Bleu Ivy I don't care if you're the freaking queen herself if you drop my baby you are dead meat." Brooke threatened. Her husband, a ruggedly handsome persian blacksmith, gently hugged her, smiling softly in her hair. Brooke visibly calmed down immediately. He was her polar opposite and Paris couldn't be happier for the petite woman. Everyone called Brooke the "feisty small one" and her husband the "gentle giant". They were the cutest couple.

"And you'd both be broke as fudge if you thought you could just pay if you dropped my baby girl." Brooke always tried not to curse in front of the baby.

Paris laughed softly, "Oh, we wouldn't dream of hurting our goddaughter, " she nudged herself closer to where her wife stood and let the newborn hold her finger. "What did you name her?"


their parents and betrayed by the one man they should have been able to trust the most. And so he took the family gatherings seriously, for her sake.

As for Kael and Natasja, they went back to the Academy, training more and more people their skills. They looked like they hadn't aged a day.

"Let's go have dinner, " Paris announced. "I made milady's favorite."

"Mac and cheese!" Bleu childishly rubbed her hands together. It was ridiculous how they were both in their late twenties but they still got excited about the little things that made them, them.

Their invited guests took their daughter back, and together they walked inside the palace to feast on the queen consort's favorite dish.

They weren't in the least bit perfect, but they tried, and for the next remaining years of their lives, it was enough.

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