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(adj.) Appropriate to the crime or wrongdoing; fitting and deserved.


THE VIDEO was obviously taken from a hidden camera. A cloth in which it was probably buried in covered part of the screen, but the important people could be clearly seen.

Cateline Ivy's slim form was unmistakable as she spoke with Dante. The only other person in the room was a bearded man that was standing guard at the door.

"I've heard rumors that my niece is alive, " Dante said lowly, his voice quite static in the video. "I need you to keep a lookout at your little town. The Duchess was laughably fond of your town, so the princess will most likely be there."

"I already have my suspicions, Your Highness, " Mrs. Ivy's silky voice filled the quiet room. "I'll let you know when I'm sure."

"For the sake of your family, Mrs. Ivy, I hope so, " Dante Grimaldi straightened his tie. "I didn't kill my brother and his wife just for their child to walk away free. If she is indeed alive and I find out your family has associated with her in any way, there will be consequences. And we don't want that, do we?"

"No, Your Highness." Mrs. Ivy's voice slightly trembled. Then the video suddenly cut off right there. It was but a few seconds worth of footage, but the impact it had on everyone that heard could last a lifetime.

Bleu's chest constricted as realization dawned on her. Your family has associated with her... there will be consequences. At the sleepover, while they were watching a movie, her own mother had slipped the pig's heart on her sink to scare her and to keep her away from Paris. She was also the one who drove Kael back to their house to pick up their things. She probably kept Kael in the car a few extra minutes longer, just enough time for the ambush to set in place. After the shooting at school, she was the first one on the scene, unscathed. It took at least a twenty-minute drive from their house to school. No way could she have been there in five minutes. She must have known about the shooting. They weren't supposed to shoot at Bleu, even. Because she was her daughter. That was a mistake and Dean had been hurt because of it. Her own mother had told them to stay at their house. Because she knew that in a few days they would get abducted from there. All of the puzzle pieces came into place in Bleu's mind and her knees weakened at the weight of it all.

Paris stared at her own uncle with hatred. Her fingers itched to clutch the mic and stab it into his eye. Kael watched her tense up and tightened her grip on his throat, making him claw at her arm. She gave her a look, reminding her that she was on television and millions were watching.

"You...killed my parents, " Paris' voice and tone had never been this dark, this low. It was low enough so that only he could hear, and the mic couldn't pick it up. "You'll spend the rest of your life regretting that. You shouldn't have touched me." And everyone I hold dear.

The crowd were murmuring once more, this time in anger and horror at what their temporary leader had done. The cameras were clicking and flashing like crazy, still going live on record.

Dante let out a yell of anger and slammed his head against Kael's nose, stunning her and weakening her grip on him. "Get them you useless fucktards!" He yelled at his guards from across the room.

They charged at the stage, but they forgot that the celebrities were not only paid to look good, but to be physically fit as well. They blocked them easily, grabbing their guns and keeping them from getting close to the Crown Princess. Actors that did blockbuster movies, stuntmen, and even some women joined in the block, not letting a single one pass through.

Seeing his plan fail, Dante grabbed Paris before Kael could recover and took out a handgun from behind his shirt. He gripped her tight across her throat, the barrel of the gun pressed against her temple.

"I'll fucking shoot her, " he looked like a madman. Dean took a step towards him and he pressed the gun harder against her head, making Paris cry out. Dean stopped, his hands splayed out to try and calm down his dad. Bleu was beside him, adreneline coursing through her veins.

"I am your king!" He screamed. "This bitch can't rule you because she doesn't know shit about Monaco. She deserves to die."

"What are you talking about? We all know you're in this for the money, " Dean growled. "I know you. You never cared about this country. You want power and wealth. Just like any other greedy bastard."

"True, " Dante contemplated. Then he cocked his gun, making Paris gasp. "But this bitch still deserves to die. Game's done."

"Stop, dad!" Dean shouted. "Listen to yourself! Is this what mom would've wanted?"

For a moment, Dante's features softened at the mention of his wife. "Your mother wasn't happy here. I did her a favor."

"You fucking psychopath, " Dean growled and quickly lunged at his father's leg, pulling it and making him lose his balance. A gun shot rang out and Paris screamed. Bleu yelled and ran forward, not caring about her own safety anymore.

"Bleu, don't!" Her mother screamed. Her husband held her back, his arms linked through hers behind her back.

"Haven't you done enough damage? Stop it!" He coldly told his wife. Tears ran down her face as she sobbed, watching Bleu run towards the stage.

The bullet had gone through Paris' thigh, and the blood was quickly seeping through her dress. The uncle kicked Dean at his head and scrambled for the gun, intending to shoot Bleu.

And if necessary, his own son.

Paris quickly swiped the gun farther away, allowing it to slide across the stage. "You bitch, " Dan

e princess couldn't believe what had happened, and she vaguely recalled Bleu yelling at the twins to call the police. Nurses and doctors came rushing in, immediately checking for Dante's pulse or sign of life. A doctor pronounced him dead.

It was over. Truly, over.

And so Bleu was right. Everything was going to turn out fine.


Bleu and Paris decided to finish the rest of high school. They flew back to their town, and got back into the flow of school and assignments for their senior year.

"I don't think I'll ever get used to the stares, " Paris muttered, as they walked past another group of gawkers. The world knew about the princess that came back to life, about how she was hid in this town by her birth parents. And how her uncle had his suspicions and sent his own son to the same town, not expecting the princess to be right in the same school. They didn't recognize her either, because of the added weight. The world knew of her transformation. They knew of her wealth. They knew of her fame.

In just a few days of being back into school, there was never a moment when a flock of students weren't gathered around Paris and Bleu, asking for pictures and autographs. The very same people who looked at Paris with such disgust now stood in line to have a picture with the miracle princess.

Paris sighed, then smiled as another high schooler took a selfie with her. It didn't help either that Natasja and Kael were always right at their tails, their beauties and auras attracting more people. Brooke had taken it upon herself to be their agent, setting up schedules for their "interviews" and such. The twins couldn't care less. Olivia and Owen still owned every sport, and had their own fan clubs. Dean, on the other hand, had gone to explore the rest of the world. The last they heard of him, he had fallen in love with a girl from South Korea. He never blamed Paris for his father's death, he simply grieved, and moved on.

"Brooke, " Paris asked, the night before their graduation day. "That day at the hospital, how did you know he was my uncle? You hit him like a rocket."

"Oh, " Brooke waved a hand. "While you were out, everyone was already referring to you as 'Your Highness'. So when he said 'Miss Grimaldi' instead of that, I knew something was up."

"You're a pretty smart cookie, " Bleu patted Brooke's head. "One smart fortune cookie."

"Oy." Brooke rolled her eyes.

They were seated around a campfire in Bleu's backyard, looking up at the stars. Mrs. Ivy had prepared dinner for them, and as much as Bleu wanted to stay angry at her mother, she couldn't. She knew she had to do what she thought was best for her family as a mother, and she couldn't blame her for being placed in a situation Dante had forced her in. Paris had dropped the charges against Mrs. Ivy after hearing that from Bleu.

Bleu walked over to where Paris sat, looking breathtaking in a blue sweater and a simple bun. When she leaned over to kiss her, applause and wolf whistles sounded around them from their friends. The twins and Brooke cackled when they pulled apart, blushing. Natasja and Kael were wrapped in each other in one seat, softly smiling and observing the not-so-average teenagers.

"What time does our flight leave tomorrow?" Bleu nuzzled Paris affectionately.

"Right after we get our diplomas, " Paris grinned. "And then we're off to go shopping."

"In preparation for your coronation!" Brooke squealed, clapping her hands together like a retarded seal.

"Are you ready?" Bleu asked her girlfriend seriously. She left the 'to rule a country' hanging in the air unsaid. She was going to stay by her side, for as long as she would let her. Paris took her hand in her own.

"With you, always, " Paris whispered against Bleu's knuckle. "Milady."

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