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(adj.) able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions.


"SHIT, MAN I'm so relieved you guys are alright, " Olivia shamelessly enveloped Bleu and Paris in a hug. "We've tried calling and messaging you guys and all we've been getting are these vague-ass answers that are lame as hell. Explain." She frowned.

"Yeah, " Owen crossed his arms in front of his chest. "Why is Paris staying here? And what-"

"Pardon, " Kael's lover interrupted by walking in to grab her phone that she had forgotten at the lobby area where the teens were gathered. "Lunch is ready."

Both twins and small asian girl gawked. Natasja, unaware of the attention she was drawing in her yoga pants and muscle tee, simply took another bite of the cucumber in her hand while checking her phone. She didn't seem to have noticed the newcomers; she was so engrossed in something on her sleek device. She then practically sashayed back into the dining room, and soon they could hear her volunteering to help Rosa (their maid) with setting up.

"Good god, " Paris laughed slighty at the unhinged jaw of her three friends. "You've never seen another human being before?"

"That's a human being?" Brooke fanned herself. "I was thinking something more along the lines of goddess."

The twins numbly nodded, extending their hands for Brooke to high-five lamely while still staring after the gorgeous tall redhead.

"Now about that explanation..." Olivia was the first to break from their stare to look at Bleu.

"Let's talk after lunch, " Bleu smiled, somewhat nervously. She wasn't sure if she would want to tell the truth to her friends, so she was going to let Paris take this one.

"No, " Owen held up his hands. "You've been avoiding for too long. We want the full explanation now. There's something weird going on, and we can all sense it."

Olivia agreed with her brother. "You can trust us, you know. Whatever you have to say, we can keep it a secret."

Bleu shook her head. "No, seriously -"

"She's right. It's not fair to keep them waiting longer, " Paris gently placed a hand on Bleu's arm to still her. "I'll tell Mrs. Ivy we'll be having our lunch later. I'll explain everything downstairs now." Paris took a deep breath and Bleu just about smacked her forehead.

She sighed. She didn't know who to trust anymore at this point. Then almost immediately she felt a slight guilt for not trusting their friends.

"Come on, then, " Bleu waved them towards the elevator. "To the gaming room."

"Right, the elevator, " Olivia raised a brow. "I forgot how rich Bleu Ivy was."

"Um, excuse me?" Brooke raised her hand tentatively like a pre-schooler asking a question. "I get the explaining part, but we're not totally skipping lunch, right? They'll bring some food downstairs...?"

"All you think about is food, " Owen poked her ribs. "No wonder you're gaining weight."

"I will eat you if you don't shut up, Andrews." Brooke hissed, and Owen quickly went behind his sister.

"Angry asians are the worst."

"Pfft, " Olivia flipped her hair. "Nothing scares me. I'm the queen of calm."


"YOU'RE A PRINCESS?! Wait a minute, If you're a princess, why don't you just announce that you're alive to the people now rather than wait for your 18th birthday and get killed or something before then?" Olivia was rambling, pacing the floor and running her hands through her hair, shock still evident in her features after Paris' quick confession.

Even knowing that their friends would never tell another soul of something like this, Bleu and Paris made them swear not to anyway (they even bribed the twins with chocolate just to be sure) they reacted a lot differently than how Bleu's parents did. I guess it's true that adults are more level-headed about things like these. Teens are just plain drama queens.

"Because, Olivia, this entire time I've been afraid of what my uncle would do to me. And now another problem would be getting the people of Monaco to believe that I'm their princess." Paris laid back against the couch. "I can't just walk up and be like, 'Hey guys by the way I'm the princess you thought had died eighteen years ago and I'm here to rule again!'" She mocked herself whilst burying her face in her hands. "I never wanted this. But I have a duty to my parents. Shit, I just don't know what to do anymore."

"So what happens when you turn eighteen? Is it any different?" a wide-eyed Brooke had a bag of chips and was eating away. The twins looked at her with slight disgust. Junk foods were never their thing. "God, I can't believe I'm actually buying this story."

"Whether you

ind of money. Literally.

So no matter how calm Kael wanted them to stay, there is still that inevitable fact that a psycho murderer is on the loose and has his target on Paris and quite possibly Bleu.

Paris sat on the bed after changing into an oversized t-shirt, softly sniffling. Her tears soon accumulated, until her grey shirt had turned dark and more sniffles could be heard. Bleu sighed, walking to her. She too, was dressed in just her underwear and an oversized shirt, so her bare skin brushed against the brunette's when she stood between her legs.

When she cradled Paris' head against her chest, the brunette let out her tears freely, clutching at Bleu. The blonde didn't say a word, and the sound of Paris' soft sobs in the still silence held a grip on her heart. She was overwhelmed with the need to comfort. She tilted her head and softly brought her lips against her own, tasting her tears.

"We're gonna be ok, " she said against her lips. "We'll get through this."

"What if we don't?"

"We will. We've found our will to fight just a few moments ago." She kissed her nose, her tear-stained cheeks, her eyebrows, and her eyelids. "No matter what that bastard throws at us, we'll get through it."

She looked down at Paris, and her soft smile just about formed a sun in Bleu's head. It brightened her.

She lowered Paris on the bed, making her shirt slide up in the process and revealing Paris' lacy panties and button ring. She softly kissed her navel, then her belly button ring. She slowly peppered open-mouthed kisses up Paris' lean body, sliding her shirt up as she did so she could reach the bare skin. When she got to her chest area, she stopped and moved her head to kiss Paris on the lips deeply.

Then she pulled away to get the blanket over them both, enclosing Paris in her arms and laying her head down to sleep.

"You're not gonna... Uh..."

With her eyes still closed, Bleu softly kissed Paris' arm. "Nah. Let's just sleep tonight. You're emotionally tired."

"Ok, " Paris laughed softly. "You owe me, though."

Bleu couldn't help blushing.

They dozed off then.

However, in just what seemed like moments, the door opened and a tall figure quietly rushed to their bedside, nudging the two girls awake.

"Get up, " she whispered in a rush. "Get dressed and meet Natasja downstairs quickly."

"What? What's going on?" Bleu was wide awake now, the urgency in Kael's voice could do that. She checked her bedside digital clock; 3:05 am. Why do they keep getting woken up?!

"Your house is surrounded. They killed your father's security outside. We have to go, now."

Bleu's heart quickened. Oh, god.

"Where are we going?" Paris asked while quickly putting on her clothes.

"You Americans say, 'You can't get fired if you quit first', yes?" Kael unholstered her handgun from her belt, making both girls gulp. "Well, you can't get caught unless you go to them first." Kael led both girls out and down the stairs.

Bleu stopped, Kael's last sentence ringing in her ears.

"What are you doing? Come on!" Paris tugged on her.


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