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   Chapter 12 No.12

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(n). a sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past.


PARIS FELT the blood drain from her face. Not Kael.

Seeing the look of pure horror on the tall brunette's face, Cateline immediately followed it up.

"Oh god, no, she's not dead, " She quickly explained. "She's in the hospital. They say that she's had a few broken bones, but nothing that was threatening her life." Paris almost dropped to the floor in relief.

"Then why do you look so scared if you don't mind me asking?" Paris asked. She was already walking back inside the room to change. She was going to the hospital to see Kael right now. "Shouldn't you be relieved?"

"Sweetie, " Cateline's voice had a hint of worry. "A witness said that she saw ten big men beating her down in her house. That's when she called 911 and the police came before they could do anymore damage." She shakily sat on their bed. "Ten men."

Paris momentarily stopped, confusion filling up her mind once more.

Kael Maddox is a trained assassin. She could take down at least 15 people if she wanted to, even when they were armed. So why the hell is she beat up now by only ten?

Unless...Paris clenched the jeans she was putting on. She was ambushed.

She gently shook Bleu awake.

"Bleu, I have to go."

"Wait, I'll come with you, " was the groggy reply. And somehow in this tight situation, Paris found it adorable that Bleu didn't even stop to ask where they were going or what was happening. She just wanted to go with her. "I'm going."

Paris was about to retort and tell her to just stay home, but to her surprise, Cateline nodded.

"I'll get the car ready. Meet me downstairs in five minutes." Both girls looked at each other. Even when just woken up, Bleu expected her mother to keep them from going just to be safe due to everything that's happened. But perhaps, Cateline Ivy saw something in Paris' eyes that couldn't make her say no.

As soon as the door closed, Bleu got up quickly to take her shirt off to change. She had five minutes to get ready.

As she did, she remembered that she wasn't wearing a bra and that Paris was right in front of her.

She only realized this when the shirt was already halfway off her head. As soon as the shirt cleared her lips, soft ones pressed against them. Bleu didn't even think and kissed her back, momentarily forgetting to take the rest of the shirt off and leaving her blind for a while.

Paris helped her take the rest of the shirt off, her lips detaching for a moment and then locking with the blonde's again. She felt her bare breasts press against her clothed ones, and she reached down to squeeze her ass before pulling down her pajama shorts.

"We have five minutes, what are you doing?" Bleu said in between kisses.

"I'm helping you get changed, " Paris replied innocently. She only meant to give Bleu a peck on the lips since she looked so adorable, but the sight of those tits exposed to the cold air distracted her and she didn't pull away as quick as she wanted to.

"Where are we going again?"

Bleu's question made Paris remember Kael again and she sobered up quickly, pulling away and helping Bleu find her clothes. "God, I totally forgot." She ran a veined hand through her hair.

"Kael's in the hospital. I have to get to her." She quickly explained, taking her phone.

Bleu frowned, then nodded, quickly putting on her clothes. This clearly wasn't the right time to be making out, but she just couldn't resist the stunning brunette.

God, what is wrong with me?

On the other side

d been assigned to her for only a year, they had grown a deep bond over the time. So seeing her friend in this condition made Paris very angry. That bastard of an uncle is going to fucking pay for this.

"I will be, " Kael replied. "I'm Kael Maddox, I'm not that easy to-"

Suddenly, the door opened and a stunning red head wearing tight leather barged in. The nurse who took Paris in here a little while ago was behind her.

"Ma'am, I'm going to have to ask you to step outside. You're not allowed in here!"

The red head sighed impatiently, pushed her out and locked the door, muffling whatever else the nurse was saying.

What the fuck?

Paris was shocked about the sudden intrusion and felt a bit of pity for the nurse. She was just doing her job. Paris knew it was only a matter of time before security came up to escort the newcomer out.

"Espèce d'idiot." The woman walked to Kael and kissed her, pressing her mouth so sensually against the dark-haired woman it made Paris' jaw drop. When she pulled away, Kael had a dazed look on her face as she stared up at the beautiful redhead.

"I missed you too, " Kael smirked. And this was the most playful Paris had ever seen her usually stoic and serious bodyguard in.

"Princess, " Kael regarded her. "This is Natasja Armand, and she will be keeping an eye on the both of you while I heal. Nat, this is Princess Paris Grimaldi."

The red-head flashed her stunning white pearls, her canines coming into view. She did a slight bow, kissing Paris' hand.

"The pleasure is all mine, " Natasja replied in a sexy french accent.

"U-uh n-nice to meet you, " Paris stuttered. Very un-princesslike.

"You rode your bike all the way here, didn't you?" Kael referred to Natasja's tight leather-bound perfect body.

"But of course, " the redhead winked. "You know I don't resist sexy rides."

Just then the door opened and security walked in.

Before they could even talk, however, the redhead flashed them a stunning smile and waved a hand. "Don't worry, boys. I was just on my way out." She blew Kael a kiss and added, "Ma cheriè, you're lucky you're not in a bad condition as I expected."

Then turning to Paris, she purred, "I'll see you downstairs, milady."

Then she sauntered out, the security guards' eyes watching her every move, unable to speak. Even the nurse was staring.

So that's Kael Maddox's french lover.

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