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   Chapter 9 No.9

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(n.) a state of hostility, conflict, or antagonism.


"YOU BITCH, " the voice growled in her ear. "You thought you could hide from me and we'd never find you, huh?"

Paris' eyes widened. The room was pitch black and she couldn't see a thing, but she knew that voice. Is it Dean?

"Don't worry, " the voice sounded like it was smiling almost. "I won't kill you. We want you to suffer first. Three months we looked for you, princess, and he doesn't like waiting. Death would be too merciful."

She tried to wrench herself away when she felt something cold and metallic press against her arm and her scream was once again muffled. She tried kicking the door to gain attention outside but the man immediately held her legs and brought her to the floor, making her moan in pain at the impact. Paris could feel adreneline rushing through her veins and her heart pound against the hard concrete floor. The man was heavy, and had his whole weight on top of her.

Oh God, she cried silently. I'm not gonna make it.

Suddenly, the door was kicked down. Paris almost screamed in relief at the sight of the light passing through the opened door. Just as quickly, the man was wrenched away and she took a deep breath, gasping for air. She quickly looked to see her hero slamming the man against the side of the door, banging his head on the edge. The man got dizzy, but swung an attempt of a punch at the direction of the newcomer. He failed when the latter blocked it easily and kneed him on the stomach before elbowing the back of his head to knock him unconcious. A thud sounded when the man fell to the floor and Paris sighed in relief.

"Are you ok?" The voice went over to where Paris was, gently helping her sit up. She was disoriented, and tried to see his face clearer.


"Yeah Paris, " he was busy looking at her body for bruises or cuts, a look of concern on his face. "Are you hurt anywhere? I'm calling the police."

She immediately grabbed his jack sleeve and winced when she felt a sharp pain shoot through her ribs. "No, " she said sternly. "The police can't get involved in this. Trust me, it's only going to get worse."

He stopped then, looking at her and frowning. "What? Why the fuck not?"

"Dean, please, " Paris pleaded. "Do me a favor and don't tell anyone. I'm begging you. I'll explain soon. Can you dump his body somewhere? I need no one to know about this. If they find the body in here and your fingerprints you'll get involved with the police."

She looked so desperate and so battered up he reluctantly nodded his head, still looking confused. "O-okay right, " she knew about his drug problem. If the police questioned him and searched him, it's the end of his perfect life. "I'll be back."

He took a peek out the hallway. Seeing no one there, he bent down to pick up the man's legs to drag him.

"Wait, " Paris stopped him. "What about the cameras?"

"No cameras, " Dean grunted with the man's weight. "Damn security guard doesn't even look at it. Look. No red lights. Not turned on."

He nodded his head over to the black device facing them across the hall. Dean grunted again and hurriedly dragged the body down the hall and out the back of the school. Where people would just assume he was a stranger that got drunk the night before and decided to crash there.

He came back immediately to help Paris up, slinging her arm over his shoulder to walk out the back. They passed by the unconcious man who threatened Paris and she got a good look on his face.

It was one of her uncle's henchmen.

She ground her teeth in anger and pain as she allowed Dean to help her across the parking lot and into his car. Were there more of them? If they knew where she was, she's in grave danger and so are the people around her. She needed to disappear.

"I'm taking you to the hospital, " Dean said as he started his car. "Don't move."

Paris shook her head. "No. No hospital. I'm fine. I didn't break anything. Just drive me home." She told

to the white house, Bleu all but bolted out of the car, slamming the door and telling her boyfriend to stay in the car.

She walked up the door and pounded, not caring if Paris was asleep or if she was disturbing.

When the door opened and confused green eyes met her blue ones, Bleu snapped.

"Bleu, wha-"

Suddenly Paris was shoved inside and pressed against the door, closing it and creating a barrier between Bleu's best friend and her boyfriend right outside. She was overwhelmed with emotions.

She kissed her.

She took her face in a hand and slammed her lips to hers, tasting heaven. Paris' lips were soft and she smelled amazing. The latter was so shocked she stood still for a full two seconds, before giving in and kissing the blonde beauty back. Their tongues probed and tasted each other gently, their lips connected and hands roaming. Bleu tilted her head to access her mouth better and pulled back slightly to bite her bottom lip.

The princess moaned at the slight pinch and wrapped her arms around Bleu's neck.

"Why didn't you tell me, " Bleu said between kisses. "Do you have any fucking idea how worried I was?" Her hand slipped inside Paris' robe and found a nipple.

"I... Was... Busy, " Paris moaned, throwing her head back. Bleu immediately trailed her mouth down the side of her jaw and her neck, gently sucking. Her hand moved down and passed her rib.

Pain shot up from the pressure and Paris yelped, pushing Bleu back.

"Fractured... Rib, " she panted, her hands on her knees and her robe falling open. She winced again at the intense pain.

Bleu was shot from her euphoria and she snapped back into reality. What did she just do?

"Shit, " she pulled Paris's robe back to find that indeed there were blue and purple-ish marks scattered across her ribs and chest. "I'm so sorry I wasn't thinking. I didn't mean to-" I lost control.

"No, " Paris placed her hand on Bleu's. "It's fine." She smiled at her and Bleu couldn't believe how stunning she looked even with her bun falling apart.

Bleu immediately stood up, frowning. What was she doing? Her boyfriend was right outside and her best friend almost got raped and here she was practically doing the same thing. She was ashamed of herself.

"I-I gotta go, " she muttered, going past Paris to open the door. "I just came to check on you. Get well soon."

Ignoring Paris's confused and pained look, she walked outside, a heavy weight on her heart as she opened the door to Dean's car and sat inside.

"You ok, babe?" Dean looked at her in concern as he drove away.

"I'm fine, " Bleu replied in a daze. "Just a bit scared." Terrified.

I liked the kiss way too much.

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