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(n.) mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together.


"DON'T SCREAM, " Paris' tone was firm and dead steady. Whereas Bleu was almost hypervantilating, her eyes wide and hands gripping the edge of the door so tight the knuckles were white.

"I-is that a-a-" Bleu couldn't form a coherent sentence. She felt like fainting.

"It's a heart, yes, " Paris indicated to the bloody organ on the sink as if she was talking about her dog. "Do you have a plastic bag?" She knelt down to check under the sink's cabinets.

Bleu swallowed bile. "A human...?"

"God, no, " Paris said, no humor in her voice. "A pig's. At least I think it is. They wouldn't dare kill another person." When she said the last part, she sounded unsure.

"Wait. Wait a second, Paris - would you stop moving around and just freaking listen to me!" Bleu whispered yelled, almost fully yelling but remembering at the last moment that her parents were probably in the hallway. "What on earth is going on? Who's they? Fucking tell me Paris, or so help me I will scream and call the police."

She stood there, staring her friend down. Paris looked back helplessly, knowing she'd have to explain the bloody heart in her best friend's sink. What would she think of her?

"Ok, fine, " the brunette sighed hard. She pinched the bridge of her nose and shut her eyes. "Just help me clean this up first before your mom comes in here and I'll tell you everything." She hesitated, thinking of just telling Bleu the half-truth and keeping the rest hidden.

"Paris, you forget that before your stupid drama, we were best friends. I know that look. Don't you dare lie to me or leave a single detail out, " Bleu ground out, reaching down her sink cabinet to wrench a plastic bag away and shove it into Paris' hands. "I want a damn good explanation as to why there's a fucking bloody heart on my marble sink!"

She shut the bathroom door on Paris' grim face and heavily sat down on her bed, breathing hard. Her mind tried to connect pieces together, but none of it was making sense. She just checked and cleaned her room about four hours ago. No one had come or left their house. Her window had the standard security accessories. Whoever would dare climb would immediately be electrecuted and it had to be turned off from the inside. And how is it connected to Paris? Why is she behaving like she sees this all the time? Does she? It's almost like she's been expecting it.

She heard water running from inside the bathroom and figured the brunette was washing the evidence away. She didn't have to wait long before the door opened and there she stood with a plastic bag in one hand, no doubt with the heart in it.

"I need to bury this. I obviously can't just throw it in your trashbin."

Bleu nodded her head towards the corner of her room, where two large silver bins were sitting. "Throw it in the left one. It's a chute that goes straight down our furnace. It burns the trash immediately."

Paris nodded, and walked over to dump the bloody heart in. Bleu winced at the slight squish sound it made as Paris held it in one hand to open the latch and dump it in. Normally they separated the plastic from

londe in her own arms, giving her the only comfort she knew how. By being there.

Losing your parents twice was unimaginable.

And I've been such a bitch to her. Bleu bit her lip to keep from crying. Paris came back for comfort and I greeted her with a fucking slap. Bleu held her tighter. She begged to give our friendship a second chance because I'm all she has left.

"I'm sorry, " Bleu let go of all the pride in her heart, she stripped herself bare of any malice, selfishness, and hatred and focused on one thing: Paris. "God, I'm so sorry, Paris, " her voice cracked. "You deserved better from me." She squeezed her eyes shut, and the image of Paris' tear-filled eyes as she begged her to give her another chance made her lose it.

"Hate me, " Bleu said shakily, pulling back to wipe the tears from her best friend's eyes. "I don't deserve you. After all you've been through, I treated you like shit. Hell, I even made out with your fucking bully right in front of your eyes." Her tears wouldn't stop flowing. "And yet you came back anyway. A fucking princess, asking someone like me to give you another chance when I should have been the one to beg for you." She hugged her tight, burying her face in her blonde locks, crying. "Forgive me, Paris."

"I already have, " Paris whispered. "Just please, don't leave me."

"Never." Bleu replied. They cried until they fell asleep, still holding each other tight. What's going to happen in school the next day? Neither one cared at the moment. They relished their rekindled friendship and that was enough for tonight.

And outside, in the dead of the night, a deep voice chuckled as the scene of the two best friends reuniting unfolded before his eyes.

"It's going to hurt more when you lose her, princess."


A U T H O R ' S N O T E

Yes, that was a HUGE twist of events. But you really should have been expecting that since I put a #princess on this thing ?? And yes, Monaco is an actual place. It's near France. Wonderful little country, that place.

P. S, please don't forget to comment and vote! It encourages me to work faster on the next chapters. Love you guys! Be kind!

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