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(adj.) a defect in physical structure or form.


"OH SHIT, oh shit, " Bleu cursed under her breath as she drove home. What did I get myself into?

Bleu looked at her Rolex watch to check the time. She had enough time to clean her room before Paris arrived. Wait what time is she coming? God! Why do I care? She accelerated and her porsche 911 growled in response. "It's just a sleepover, " she said to herself, taking a deep breath. "We're old friends trying to reconnect for old times' sake." She convinced herself.

An image of the stunning brunette appeared on her mind, that perfect smile making her stomach twist, knowing she'd see it in less than three hours. She ground her teeth and tried to imagine Paris as the old one. Obese, pimpled, and with braces on. It didn't work. She knew deep down even back then she had admired her friend, not for her looks, but because she had the most attractive personalities to ever exist. And now she had the most attractive body to ever exist.

"We're just friends, " she told herself again. "Trying to reconnect over a sleepover. She's a good friend."

So what am I so damn nervous about?


"Hello Bleu, " her mother greeted, kissing her on her cheek as soon as she walked in their door. "Dinner is in an hour." Blue eyes identical to her daughter's twinkled. "I'm cooking tonight."

"Actually mom, " Bleu stopped her mother before she could head into their rather large kitchen. "Can we hold dinner for about thirty minutes? I've, uh, invited someone for a sleepover."

The dark-haired woman raised an impeccable brow. "If that Collins boy is spending the night I've already told you-"

"No, mom, " Bleu laughed, loving her mother's protective side. "She's an old friend."

Mrs. Ivy sighed in mock-relief. "Thank God. I'm not ready to be a grandma yet." It made Bleu giggle and she lightly smacked her mother on the arm. "What's her name?" The older woman asked, heading to the kitchen to start prepping with her daughter close behind her.

Hearing the question, Bleu stopped. Cleared her throat.


"Paris?" Her mother turned to her daughter, eyebrows shot up. "Paris Carter? Your best friend who moved away without telling you?"

"Of course you'd know right away, " Bleu muttered under her breath. "She's the only Paris you know."

"Hey, hey, why the dislike?" her mother's beautiful features broke into concern, taking her daughter's face in her warm hands and smoothing out the frowns. "I know she hurt you, " she told Bleu softly after seeing the hurt and slight distate on her daughter's features at the mention of her old friend. "But I think- I know- that this is a great opportunity to rebuild that wonderful friendship I've witnessed from the both of you." She kissed her daughter's forehead and softly added, "I'm proud of you for giving her a chance."

"Thanks mom, " Bleu smiled, truly wanting to believe every word her mother said. She just hoped it wouldn't get worse.

"Now go clean your room, " Her mother smacked her butt. "I didn't raise you to allow our guests to sleep on your discarded underwears."

"Mom!" Bleu's eyes widened. "I told you not to go into my room!" Nevertheless she laughed and headed up the stairs.

"I didn't!" her mother yelled after her. "So you confirmed it!"


Two hours later, Bleu's room was spotless, the theater room ready with popcorns and other snacks for after dinner. The smell of her mother's cooking wafted through their bigger-than-average house and the blonde took a deep breath, inhaling to smell it and to calm her nerves at the same time. Why the fuck am I so nervous, she annoyingly wiped her sweaty palms on her shorts. It's just Paris

her head, and Bleu still had a tight hold on the brunette's waist. Their faces were inches apart.

"Say it, " Paris whispered, her thumb gently rubbing the inside of Bleu's wrist.

Bleu was heating up. She couldn't think straight (no pun intended). And it seemed as though their heads were only getting closer together. She swallowed.

"Milady, " She whispered, then licked her bottom lip, accidentally touching Paris' as well during the process.

Green eyes followed after the action, and Bleu could have sworn the hand holding her wrists captive had tightened.

Without warning at all, Paris ground her hips against Bleu's. And she gave a low moan, her eyes almost closing. That brought pressure to her clit and it felt so good.

Then just as soon as it had happened, she was gone. Bleu's hands were released and she lifted her head to see Paris on her side of the couch, eyes on the movie screen and hands digging into her popcorn.

What the fuck just happened?


Two hours later, the movie credits rolled down. They had watched a movie of Harry Potter. Bleu had no idea which movie they watched, because her mind kept on replaying the dry-hump they almost did right here on the sofa.

They both silently went up to Bleu's bedroom, where two mattresses were prepared. Bleu was relieved to find that her mom had taken her bed into consideration as having too little space for the both of them.

At least I won't have to touch her tonight. I don't think I'd be able to sleep. Bleu noted the fast pounding of her heart as a different, more inappropriate image popped in her mind.

"I'm going to go brush my teeth."

Paris said, digging in her bag to find her toiletries and walked into Bleu's bathroom, having been there since she was a kid.

She closed the door behind her and almost immediately, an ear-piercing scream shot through the room.

"Paris?" Bleu panicked. "What's going on? Are you ok?" she yelled through the bathroom door.

She was relieved when the door opened a crack.

And relief soon turned into apprehension and worry at the sight of Paris' grim face.

"Bleu, you have to promise not to call the police." Paris begged. "Please. I'll let you in, but promise me you won't call anyone. I trust you."

What the fuck is going on?

Bleu's eyes were still wide, alert, and her heart was pounding. "I promise."

Paris searched her eyes, as if confirming. Then took a deep breath and opened the door wider.

"Oh my fucking god."

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