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(v), to restore from a depressed, inactive, or unused state : bring back


"LISTEN, I GET that you're mad at me, but give me five minutes to explain." Paris implored, an almost desperate look on her face.

"You left to lose weight, " Bleu deadpanned. "Without telling me. There's nothing to explain." She moved to shut the door but the taller brunette blocked it with a foot.

"Are you seriously going to throw away years of friendship for that one mistake?" Paris' voice was exasperated, her hand against the door. "I didn't tell you because I didn't know how!"

Bleu opened the door wider, her stance angry now. "Oh really? How about, 'hey Bleu, I'm moving away for a bit to lose weight, '" She hissed. "Have you tried that?"

Suddenly, Paris shoved her back inside her house, shutting the door behind her and got up close to her space.

"Paris get the fuck out-"

"Shut up and listen to me, " she growled, clutching her robe. "That was exactly what I was gonna fucking tell you, " she was shaking, her voice trembled with barely controlled anger. Her chest heaved. "But you kissed me."

She whispered the last part, almost regretfully. She could see that Bleu's face was unreadable, passive, and she was afraid she had perhaps revealed too much of herself with the way she sounded when she said that statement. Her green eyes skittered down for a second in embarrassment then immediately back up to the ceiling, a red blush climbing up her neck and cheeks.


Bleu glanced down and saw that during the short argument, her robe had fallen open, revealing the edge of a boob and half of a pink nipple. She quickly tied it up to make herself more presentable and cleared her throat. Paris was avoiding her eyes.

Bleu shook her head. "It was just a kiss for fuck's sake, " she tried to get back on topic, to ignore how cute the attractive brunette was when she blushed and how it turned her on a bit that the latter had seen her nipple. "We were best friends. Why would that stop you?"

"It got awkward, ok?" Paris ran her hand through her hair. "I'm g-getting uncomfortable around people and that kind of triggered it."

Bleu stared at her in disbelief. What kind of bullshit was she hearing?

"I was your fucking best friend!" she wanted to shake her but she knew touching her might fog up her mind. "And you mean to tell me you were too uncomfortable with me to tell me? We've seen each other naked before for god's sakes!"

"Look, I'm sorry, ok?" Paris ran a slender hand through her hair, pushing it back and allowing it to flow back to frame her angular features. "I made a mistake. I know that. But I don't wanna lose you over it."

"What if you already have?"

"Then I'll fight for you, " Paris's green orbs burned as she looked at Bleu and the latter's chest constricted at how beautiful the brunette looked at the moment. Her jaw was set in a determined way, emphasizing her jawline. Her perfect brows were slightly furrowed and her full lips trembled. "I'll win your friendship back, somehow."

Then as if talking exhausted her, she allowed her hands to drop to her sides, unclenching her fists. She dropped her head and her perfect posture fell away to slumped shoulders.

"A thousand sorry's won't turn back time or what I did to you this past year, " she said softly. "But with all I have left in me, I won't give you up. You're my best friend."

Bleu was shocked to find something wet dripping from her chin, realizing she had been crying. She wiped it away quickly to put her icy mask back on before the brunette could lift her head.

"Fine, " she said finally, pleased to hear that her own voice was stronger than she felt.

Paris' head snapped up. "Fine? So you're giving me a second chance?" her face held a hint of apprehensiveness but Bleu could see a smile begin to form.

"Don't mess this up, " Bleu replied, tightening her robe around her body defensively. "Seriously this past year has been-"

She was cut short when she was wrapped by athletic arms and pulled against a tight body. Surprise held her tongue.

"Thank you, " a breath whispered near her cheek and she almost shuddered at the heat. "You won't regret this."

Then when they pulled back, she added softly, "You swear more now. It's weird to hear."

"Yeah, well, a lot can happen in a year."


It's been a week since the day Bleu decided to give Paris a second chance, to allow her in again. Since then they've been more friendly towards each other, occasionally talking and even sitting together for lunch. The rest of the gang were thrilled to know they were giving their friendship a second chance, saying they shipped their friendship a lot more than they shipped Owen with Brooke, making the latter blush.

But being just Paris' friend was proving harder and harder as each day went by. The blonde noticed things about her friend she had never even looked at before.

Like how a dimple would pop up adorably when she was pursing her lips and concentrating on a problem. Or how she bit her lip when she found something intriguing. Or how her long tapered fingers would carress her knuckles while she listened during Physics. She had amazingly attractive hands. Just imagine them sliding into-

Woah. Back the fuck up. What?

Bleu had a mini panic then. At the moment she was sitting in the library doing her physics assignment when the thought occured to her. Did she actually find her friend attractive? Did she want them to be more than just friends? Yeah, she's certainly physically attractive, she argued with herself. But that's just what this is. A physical attraction.

She forced her mind to move to a shirtless Dean Collins, with all his abs and defined physique. However, almost immediately, the thought was replaced by Paris' face blushing when she saw her naked tit.

Fuck, I need a distr


Just as she turned her head, she saw Dean enter the room and she stood up quickly to walk to him.

"Hey babe wha-"

She shoved him to the back of the library in the oldest books section so no one could walk in on them. Before he could ask her what was going on, she slammed her lips to his to silence him.

And to silence what her heart was telling her.

Dean made no objections, immediately kissing his girlfriend back and pressing his hands at the small of her back, groaning. He loved it when she got in the mood.

"Excuse me- OH!" The voice broke the lovers apart and they looked at the intruder, breathless from their make-out. And out of the thousands of people attending and walking about in their school, the one person Bleu didn't want to see at all right now was standing there, shocked and flustered. It was Paris.

Bleu quickly righted herself. She smoothed her shirt down and ran her fingers through her blonde locks absentmindedly. Dean cleared his throat.

"Oh sorry I shouldn't have- um I should just- yeah, I'm gonna go." The tall slender girl stammered, clutching the armfull of books and turning her head to head back out the door.

"Paris wait!" Bleu called out, coming out from the aisle and moving to stand in front of her. She had no idea what made her call the taller brunette, but somehow she was uncomfortable with the thought of Paris seeing her previous bully making out with her best friend from kindergarten. She jammed her hands in her front jean pockets and slightly moved out of the way when she felt Dean try to slip his hands around her waist. Down dude. Isn't it awkward enough she caught us kissing? In the library?

You started it, A voice said in her head. And let's be honest: who were you thinking of when you were kissing your boyfriend?

Bleu bit her lip and released it, sighing.

"Look, Par, I'm sorry about this, " she rubbed the back of her neck, flinching when she remembered it probably showed the hickey Dean had gotten her a few days ago. She quickly took her hand back and shook her blonde locks to cover it.

Paris' brows furrowed while she smiled, "Why are you apologizing?" Yeah, Bleu why are you apologizing you idiot. "I should be the one saying sorry. I had no idea. I promise it won't happen again." She smiled timidly, once again balancing the books in her arms.

"Oh it's fine, " Bleu replied, blushing and not knowing what else to say.

Sensing the awkward tension, Paris touched the blonde's bare arm briefly, chuckling softly. "I promise I won't tell the librarian, " she winked playfully. "Now if you'll excuse me, I'll just grab my copy of the exciting Shakespeare and I'll be on my way."

"Oh, yeah, yeah of course, " Bleu took a step to the side, allowing the brunette to pass. Her arm still burned from when she touched her.

"Thanks, " the taller girl whispered, disappearing inside.

God, those green eyes are stunning.

She felt a kiss at the side of her neck and winced, suddenly remembering Dean was there. "Hey, wanna study back at my place? My parents are out." He whispered in her ear and she fought the urge to roll her eyes. All he could think of was sex.

"Not tonight babe, " she quickly thought of an excuse, suddenly not in the mood. "You need rest for your game tomorrow and I promised mom I'd be home early today. Maybe next time."

"Yeah you're right, " Bleu didn't miss the tone of disappointment in the football player's voice. "Ok, well do you need me to drive you home?"

"Nope, " she kissed him on the cheek to lessen the guilt in her. "My dad's picking me up." She lied.

"Ok then, I'll see you tomorrow, beautiful, " Dean gave her a peck on the lips and sauntered out, leaving Bleu to stand there with a crazy idea in her head.

Paris emerged seconds later, that dimple popping out again as she read from a page in the book in her hand while holding the others under her other arm. Her brown locks were tied up in a bun, small wisps falling out to frame her face once more. Her full lips moved as she silently read the book.

She's so beautiful, Bleu what are you thinking? Don't do this, bitch, you won't last.

"Hey, " she stepped in front of her, making the other jump slightly and those green eyes once again fixing on hers. When Paris saw that it was Bleu, her shoulders visibly relaxed and she tilted her head a bit to the side, smiling.


It took Bleu a moment to gather her thoughts, feeling infinitely ridiculous for standing there like the most awkward thing on the planet. She felt like her mind had been wiped clean, now that she had just admitted to herself that she has a crush on the attractive brunette. Because that's what happens, apparently, when you're talking to your crush.

"I was wondering if you'd like to... " Bleu you fucking idiot this is a bad idea. "...have a sleepover at my place tonight." she asked in a normal tone, immediately mentally hitting herself when the brunette only looked confused, tilting her head adorably to the side some more.

"A sleepover?"

"Yeah, for old times' sake, you know, " Bleu smiled. She was relieved to find that how she acted the entire time was chill and calm, unlike the awkward tornado happening in her brain at the moment. Wait, this is a bad idea. I should back out. I'm sure she'll say no so I can jusy say it's fine because my dad just texted and I'm not allowed to have anyone over. This is-

"Sure, I'd love to, " Paris grinned at her. "I'll just pick up some stuff from my place and I'll be at your house by about 7 tonight, is that ok?"

"Perfect, " Bleu showed off her pearly whites. "I'll see you there."

"Yep, see you later." Paris matched her grin and walked away, her hips swaying in those blue jeans and making Bleu forget she had a boyfriend.

Then it hit her of what she had just done.


"Wow, I actually do swear a lot more now."

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