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(n), a state in which people are not involved with or friendly toward each other


PARIS WALKED over to where Bleu sat, her bare arms brushing against hers when she sat down next to her. The blonde's heart skipped a beat and she chastised herself. She's just another hot girl now. Not your best friend. She repeated in her head and kept her eyes trained on the Physics teacher.

"Ok, now I want you to take out a piece of paper, write down both of your names, and let's head on out to the open gym. We'll do our experiment there."

A rustle of paper was heard and out of the corner of her eye, Bleu watched Paris rip out a piece of paper from her plain black notebook.

"Do you want to write the names, or...?" Paris inquired, and Bleu ignored her. "Ok then, " she sighed. "I'll write." She scribbled something and Bleu stole a quick glance.

She doesn't write a small heart over the 'i' in her name anymore. For some reason that bothered Bleu, because it was one of the little things Paris always did that drove her insane. She would put little drawings on her words and Bleu always found them distracting. It became their thing, however, and she missed it; she wouldn't admit it.

Without another word, Bleu stood up to her full height of 5"9, grabbed her handbag, and walked out. What the fuck is wrong with me? She was a jumbling mess around Paris, she realized, and was grateful to the heavens she didn't do or say anything that would have made her look like an idiot.

Paris quietly followed.

Out on the open gym, Mr. Hobbs was already giving instructions.

" try to see if the momentum would be greater if they want faster, or if their travel time was longer, " he demonstrated by having a student stand on a moving platform and giving it a push. "Your partners will catch you."

Bleu watched as the platform abruptly stopped and the skinny guy flew into his partner. She heard a grunt at the contact and a round of applause and calls from their classmates surrounded her.

Her palms were getting sweaty. Why are you nervous? Good gracious, just get over this weird experiment and go home.

The problem is that she was going to be having her ex-best friend's hot body pressed against hers numerous times for the next hour. Great.

"Come on, " Paris motioned to an empty rolling platform and started walking there. Bleu followed, and so did her eyes.

Damn, that ass.

It was round, perky, and perfect. I bet her boobs are the same.

The blonde stopped and mentally slapped herself for the nth time today. She had a boyfriend for God's sake. I'm straight. I'm straight. I'm straight. I'm str-

"I think one of the wheels is stuck, " the leggy brunette bent down and Bleu's chrome blue orbs widened.

Oh my God, that ass.

She wanted to smack it. She wanted to see it bent over with herself over it.

This time, Bleu physically slapped herself.

"Hey you ok, girl?" Brookie walked by, smirking. "Try to keep your hands to yourself yeah? We wouldn't want this to end in a catASStrophe." She emphasized the 'ass' part and smacked Bleu's, making her glare at her.

"Hi Brooke, " Paris had stood back up and shyly greeted the petite Asian.

Brooke squealed and wrapped her arms around the taller girl's neck, tiptoeing.

"I thought you'd never recognize me. We haven't said a proper hello!" She squeezed her old friend tight, making it a bit harder for Paris to breathe.

"Of... course... I'd.... recognize.... you, " the new girl wheezed as she hugged her back. "You haven't changed much."

"Well, I'm insulted, " Brooke pulled back and frowned. "I grew taller this year!"

Paris raised a perfect brow. "A few millimeters doesn't count." Then she laughed, and it sounded melodious to Bleu's ears.

She has a nice laugh.

"Hey!" Brooke playfully shoved her. "It was an inch." The

n she leaned back to give the brunette a once-over and whistled. "But damn girl. You give a new definition to 'change'. Hottie."

Mr. Hobbs suddenly clapped to get their attention. "Girls, I know how excited you are about whatever it is you're talking about, but it's physics time right now." He smiled.

"Sorry Mr. Hobbs, " they replied in unison and got back into the experiment.

"Ready?" Paris asked, standing on the platform, legs bent and her hand on the lever for release.

"Yeah, " Bleu replied and she steadied her stance. Just catch her arms. You don't have to touch any other part of her.

The moment she finished that thought, a hard body collided with hers and she grunted as she absorbed the impact. Oh shit.

She always knew her ex-best friend had big boobs, but she always thought that was because of all the fats. And yet here they are, pressed against hers. She naturally had a nice rack.

Good god, Bleu, a brief thought crossed her mind. You sound like a pervert.

Chest to chest, hip to hip, Bleu's hands on her waist, and her arms around her neck. She was pretty sure the brunnette could feel her fast-beating heart.

She hastily drew back as if touching fire. She glared at her and walked away, managing to avoid her the rest of the class period. Paris merely fixed her top, tightened her pony tail, and jotted down notes as if nothing had happened.

Heck, maybe it really was nothing to her and Bleu was just overreacting over everything. Either way, she had to stay away.


Bleu trudged into her house that night, exhausted from swimming training and mentally distracted by a certain brunette. Dean had dropped her off, like he always did if he got off football training early. He really was the sweetest.

"Hargrove?" She called for their house butler out of habit. She always called for the gentle middle-aged man, and not even her mom. Then she remembered both Hargrove and Rosa, their maid, weren't home today. Her parents had given them the two days off due to Rosa's twin giving birth. In other words, Hargrove's wife was going to have a baby.

Her phone vibrated and she lazily reached into her pocket for it. It was from Dean.

Did u get home safe?

She rolled her eyes and hit a reply while walking up the stairs to her bedroom.

You literally watched me walk in. So yes I did.

She put in an eye-rolling emoji for emphasis. It was sweet of him to ask, but this was just cheesy.

K good.

She didn't bother replying to that and tossed her phone on her bed in order to take a shower. Her parents were out tonight and so were their butler and maid. It was perfectly fine to walk around naked. And eat pizza. Bleu dialed for pizza and ordered her favorite: Hawaiian. For a brief second, she remembered how much her best friend had hated having pineapples on top of pizza. Paris didn't want to see a single yellow particle on her slice and so it was Bleu's job to pick at and eat them.

That girl was long gone.

She hummed as she undressed and by the time the hot water was cascading down her smooth, bare body, she was full-on singing.

She was just getting into it at the chorus when she heard the doorbell ring. She continued on rinsing her blonde locks, knowing her mom would-

Oh, right. They were out.

With an annoyed sigh, Bleu turned off the shower and grabbed a pink silk robe, wrapping it around herself.

"Pizza is hereee, " she sang to herself in a random tune as she descended down their grand staircase, clutching the opening to her robe and not bothering to tie it since it was a quick mission.

She opened the door and felt her jaw drop slightly in surprise.

"Hi, Bleu, " the gorgeous brunette shyly swept a lock of hair behind her ear as she regarded the stunned host with forest-green eyes. "Can we talk?"

What happened to staying away from Paris Carter, you idiot?

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