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(v.) a disturbance in the equilibrium or permanence of something


One year later

° ° °

"HEY SEXY, " a voice whispered in the blonde's ear as she worked to get her locker open. The tall blonde softly laughed, turning around to wrap her arms around the jock's neck.

"Sup, Dean, " she said in a mock-deep voice and giggled, tiptoeing to kiss him on the cheek. "I've missed you all summer, you know."

"Not as much as I have you, " Dean pouted, his hands resting on the stunning blonde's shapely hips. "Thailand was a bore since I stayed at the hotel the entire time. I thought of you to keep me sane."

"Awwww, " she replied, giving him an eskimo kiss, rubbing their noses. "You know what? I like you, Dean Collins."

"And I like you a lot, Bleu Ivy, " he replied as they gazed into each other's eyes.

A collective groan sounded around them and they rolled their eyes before pulling apart to address their friends.

"Get a room, " Olivia Andrews pretended to vomit. Beside the athletic blonde, her twin brother nodded his head, grimacing.

"You guys, it's senior year!" Brooke Chang was the only one in their group who physically hadn't grown at all since their sophomore year. However, she was this little ball of sunshine, and she had a big heart to compensate for her lack of height. "We gotta live while we're in high school. If they want to have sex in public, let them."

"Good god, Brooke, " Bleu pinched the bridge of her nose and shut her eyes. "I really, really don't need that image." She too, fake-vomitted.

"I don't know babe, " Collins purred, pulling her against him. "It might not be so bad."

"Disgusting, " Bleu shoved him away and he laughed.

"I'm kidding, babe, " he threw his arm around her shoulder to guide her to her first class.

Bleu half-heartedly laughed with him, knowing deep inside she meant what she said; the thought of having sex with Dean Collins was disgusting. It wasn't because he's been with numerous other girls since freshman year, nor was it because she was afraid to. She was completely fine with kissing him, holding his hand and such, but the thought of being completely naked and pressed together made her unsettled.

"Oh, by the way, my parents and I went to the mall yesterday, " Brooke chirped. "And I saw this really hot girl that made me go gay for a full minute."

"A hot girl, huh?" Owen snickered. "I thought you were the hottest?"

"Sweet, Owen, real sweet, " Brooke patted his cheek. "Anyway she looked super familiar though, and mom said she goes to the same school as we do. You think she's a senior too? She looks old enough to be."

"Or, " Olivia cut in, wiggling her eyebrows. "She's a teacher. Ooh! A lesbian affair. Scandalous."

"I'm not a lesbian, " Brooke grumbled, crossing her arms in front of her chest and looking adorable instead of intimidating. "And just because I said she was hot doesn't automatically mean I'm into girls."

"Whatever you say, sweet pea, " Olivia sighed, pinching the petite asian and making her squeal.

"A new girl, huh?" Collins mused beside Bleu. "Well then, let's make her feel welcome." He smiled and Bleu matched it with her own.

° ° °

Bleu's first class was AP Physics. And she was late.

"Sorry I'm late, Mr. Hopps, " she was slightly out of breath. "It won't happen again."

"Bah, it's your first day of senior year, " Mr. Hobbs waved a hand. "What's that word you young'ns use now? Chill. Let's chill." The classroom filled with laughs from everyone and 'aww's from the girls. Mr. Hopps was the nicest teacher they had, and everyone loved him. He was supposed to retire two years ago, but the students kept begging the school to take him back so here he i

s. Old, funny, and loved.

Bleu smiled and walked to sit down at her usual seat. Every year, she sat at this seat at every subject of everyday. Everybody knew it belonged to Bleu Ivy, and it was a silent agreement in their batch. Nobody else sat at the fifth seat at the very front row, save the beautiful blonde setting her bag down on it.

"Ok, now that Miss Ivy has seated her wonderful self down, let's begin this most dreaded subject." The class chuckled.

Suddenly, a knock sounded at the door, and Mr. Hobbs walked over to open it.

"Hi, " a soft voice greeted Bleu's ears and she froze.

No, it couldn't be.

The girl and Mr. Hobbs talked in low voices, while Bleu craned her neck to get a better look. She couldn't see anything since Mr. Hobbs and the door was blocking the way and she clenched her fists in frustration. She had to see.

"I'm sorry, class" Mr. Hobbs said apologetically. "I'll be right back."

He followed the girl out and closed the door. Bleu immediately walked to the door to look. All she could see was the tall, lanky form of Mr. Hobbs, and beside him, the girl Bleu suspected to be someone she's been waiting for. But it couldn't be her. This girl had long, wavy, brown hair that fell to her ass, and what a nice ass it was. Her slim, tall form was slightly facing Mr. Hobbs as they walked and talked. Bleu saw a glimps of a jawline and luscious lips, but not the girl's full face.

"That's the girl I was telling you about!" Bleu jumped at Brooke's voice and clutched her chest.

"Brooke! You fucking scared me!"

"Sorry, " she didn't look sorry at all. "Isn't she H-O-T?"

"Yeah, " Bleu mumbled distractedly, amazed at how round and perfect the new girl's ass was. "Did you hear her voice? It sounded familiar."

"Like I said, " Brooke shrugged. "She looks and sounds familiar."

Bleu had a feeling in her gut; she'd recognize her immediately once she saw her face.

° ° °

For the rest of the day, Bleu kept looking out for glimpses of the new girl, and Dean noticed.

"Who are you looking for?" he asked her while they sat down on a bench and he pulled his football gear on. "You've been craning your neck for the past hour. It's tempting me." He almost growled that last part and Bleu had that weird feeling in her stomach again. He's been pushing her to have sex with him lately, and she both ignored and rejected him every time. It just didn't feel right.

"Oh, nobody, " Bleu reassured her boyfriend, giving his lips a peck before standing up. "I'm going to go use the bathroom real quick. I'll be right back to watch your tryouts."

He nodded, his focus entirely on the field. He was reapplying for varsity so he was trying out today. Football was practically his life.

Bleu hummed as she walked past the field and into the school building. People greeted her as they passed by and she smiled and said hello in return.

"Oh!" something hard bumped against her and she stumbled back, her back hitting the wall of the restroom. "I'm so sorry I-" Bleu Ivy abruptly stopped as she beheld the sight before her.

A goddess stood in front of her. Her long, wavy brown locks fell perfectly around her, framing her impeccable face. Her collar bones, the hollow at the base of her throat, her jaw, her nose: carved by God himself when he decided to take his time. Her green eyes were framed with impossible long, dark lashes, accented by perfectly arched eyebrows. Her full lips were parted in surprise.

But it wasn't just her stunning beauty that caught Bleu Ivy's full attention. It was the fact that she knew this girl back in sophomore year. This was the fat girl everyone made fun of. This was the girl she always protected. Until one year ago.

"Paris Carter."

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