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   Chapter 50 Epilogue

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I looked at myself over and over. I was searching for anything that looked off or wrong.

I couldn't stop tracing my fingers over the fabric of my dress. I probably looked it over 100 times, and tried to readjust it just as much because I was a frantic mess.

The brightness of my dress was not helping, as well. Don't get me wrong it was a beautiful white lacy dress that flowed to the bottom of my body, and laid onto the floor behind me.

It sculpted my body perfect, clinging to my hips, chest, and waist. It was also long sleeved as well. The sleeves were covered in white elegant designs, that were found throughout the whole piece

My hair was in beautiful body curls that framed my face well, and reached just below my back, and my makeup was done to perfection matching my jewelry, and silver high heel shoes.

I was perfect, nothing was wrong of how I looked, but on the inside, I felt like I was crumbling. And the brightness of this dress was just adding on to my stress because of the headache it gave me.

I peeled my eyes away from the mirror and turned around. There were bodies everywhere in my dressing room.

People searching for things, organizing things, yelling over things, and just loud and distracting, and I didn’t even know half of them.

Asher’s mom hired so many people to make sure that this wedding will be perfect, and I'm thankful for that. I just feel like it's too much, and it's not helping just seeing them scatter around in the room where I very well should have privacy in.

"Natalia, you okay?" I heard a voice in front of me.

I looked at the person and it was Julia. However, I felt like I couldn't speak.


I looked around frantically, with my mouth still close.

"Okay, everyone out please. Give the bride some privacy!" I heard Julia shout over the busy people.

I looked over and saw the pause for a second before they quickly walked out of the room.

When I saw the door closed, I collapsed in the chair near me, and released a breath that I've been holding for a while.

I felt like I couldn't breathe.

I kept breathing in and out and clenching my chest trying to find a decent rhythm. I felt Julia's hand on my arm rubbing it soothingly.

"Deep breaths Hun in and out." She said breathing with me.

I breathed with her for a minute before I found my own rhythm. She gave me a glass of water that was on stand near us.

I took a long sip, and felt the water down my throat cooling me down a little.

She grabbed the half empty glass from my hand setting it down on the table.

"Wedding jitters?" Julia asked chuckling a little bit.

"Yes, I guess." I said finally speaking with shaky words.

"That's normal Natalia, but there's nothing to worry about." She said while holding my hand, and giving me a bright smile along with it.

She was a beautiful bride’s maid, and a supportive one at that. Julia and we have gotten so close over the years.

She was like a sister to me, right next to Tracey. I was so close with them both.

We spent so much time together these past few years. They have been there for me through so much. They are the few people that I can really count on.

"I know I just-" I said cutting myself off.

"You just what?" She questioned.

"I'm just nervous about the whole thing. I'm actually getting married to someone that I love and adore. I just feel like I'm going to mess it up. Or something bad is going to take place."

"Natalia don't you worry about that-"

Julie was cut off mid-sentence by the door being opened.

"Oh, no what happened while I was gone?" Tracey asked while closing the door.

"Can you please talk to her Tracey. Give her at least some comforting words." Julie asked with pleading eyes.

That was thing with Julie she was kind of like her brother and she wasn't good when it came to words really.

Tracey was the one that was so sensitive, caring, and comforting when it came to the two of them.

We all balanced each other out from our personalities all the way to who we were as individuals. I loved it though. I wouldn't change my friendships for the world.

"Oh, Natalia you really don't have to worry. Julie is write nothing is going to happen. You deserve happiness. You are finally getting your happily ever after. " 1

She grabbed my hand from my lap and held it tightly.

I smiled at her a little reassuring myself that I will be fine until...

"And besides if he tries to run off, I'll shoot him myself." She said chuckling a little bit.

At this comment I was a mess all over again. He's going to run off just like Julian. I can't go through the wedding.

I stood up with wide eyes, and ran behind the dressing curtain.

"Oh, Natalia I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to say that or make it worse-"

"I can't go through with the wedding. I'm calling it off!" I yelled behind the curtain.

"Look what you done, now we have a frantic bride, and a doomed wedding!" Julie angrily whispered.

"Well, how was I supposed to know she was going to call off the wedding. I was just trying to comfort her like you told me too!" Tracey whispered back.

"Yes, I did because you’re the one who’s good with words, and knows what to do when it comes to this stuff, but apparently not!"

"Well then you-"

"What's going on?"

I froze behind the curtain, and the bickering between my maid of honor and bridesmaid stopped when he spoke up.

The only person that causes me to

n he stopped kissing me on my neck and sat up in alert.

"What's wrong?"

"I forgot some papers that I needed for tomorrow for a meeting. "

"Asher, really that's on your mind right now?"

"I know I'm-

"No, it's fine, we can go and get it." I said with a light smile.

"No, babe you go home, and I'll get the papers tonight."

"Asher it's fine I'll go with you it's not a big deal. Miya’s with Jane, and you'll be done in a little bit and then we can head home together."

"Edward can you take us to National Elect Industries please?" I asked our limo driver.

"Yes, mam."

I nodded my head and looked towards Asher, but he was already staring at me.


"Have I ever told you I loved you."

"Mmmh… maybe once or twice." I said with a smirk on my face.

He shook his head with a little chuckle.

************************************************************************ We were now in his office, and I was waiting for him to be done with some papers.

I was sitting on the same chair that I have been in over two years now.

The same chair that I actually took the interview at.

The same chair that I have looked at the same man that is now my husband.

"You ready?" Asher asked while gathering some papers from the desk.

"You know I never thought I would be here." I said while looking around.

"What do you mean?” He titled his head a little, while looking at me.

"I mean everything. Having this job here, meeting you, living with you, and being with you."

I said looking down at the floor. However, the last thing I said I looked up into his eyes.

"Let alone fall in love with you."

He looked at me with intensity in his eyes. He put his papers down and walked towards me.

Once he stopped in front of me, he bent down his body where he was a little below eye level.

He put his hands on my knees and looked me in the eyes.

Oh lord. I couldn't breathe

It was such a weird scene. I was still in my wedding dress, and Asher was in his tux.

"Well, I'm beyond happy that all those things happen, even if it wasn't the most exciting or appropriate situations. I don't regret anything, not for a second. "

He took his hands from my knees and grabbed my hands in his, and looked me straight in the eyes.

"Because I wouldn't be right here with you in this moment as your husband."

He gave me a lingering kiss on my forehead before he said the words that made my insides twist in knots, and butterflies explode in my stomach.

A feeling that I felt since the begging of time when I’m with him.

“I will love you forever and always."

"Mrs. Beacon" *************** There you guys go, thank you to all the fans who have been supporting me from the beginning.

You guys finally have closure for the Asher and Natalia story.

However I want to say some things before I finally wrap it up.

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