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   Chapter 49 Asher POV

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They were everything that I could ask for and more.

I have her and Miya.

After all this time they're finally mine, and I plan on keeping it that way. She was everything to me, and I wouldn't trade what we have for anything.

"Asher are you almost done getting her ready!? " Natalia screamed from the bathroom

I was currently putting on Miya's outfit that her mom picked out for her. However, I was having trouble with it.

"Ashwer, Mama is mad!" Miya said with a muffled voice.

Her hands were sticking out of her cute red jumper, she was struggling to get it on with my little help.

Her head couldn't seem to fit, so I couldn't even see her face because the clothing was blocking it.

But she was right if I didn't hurry up, Natalia was going to be mad. Her daughter shouldn't be late to her own birthday party.


"Yeah, everything is under control." I said a little shaky.

I heard her drop her straightener from the bathroom, and steps coming from the other room.

"Asher are you sure? You don't seem so confident in your-

She stopped at the bedroom door, and looked at the scene before her while finishing her sentence.

answer. "

"Alright clothing duty is not for you, you're off the clock." She said stomping in and taking my place.

She bends down looking a little grumpy, she finally managed to put on Miya's jumper on correctly popping her head through the hole.

Mya looked up at me shaking her head a little.

"Told you mama was mad" She whispered so I can only hear.

"Asher can you go downstairs and call Chuck E cheese and make sure the appointment for the birthday party is still set up please? "

I nodded my head even though she couldn't see me and headed downstairs. I picked up my cell phone and called the place.

After I got off the phone with them, Natalia and Miya came down the stairs.

Natalia was in a long flowy shirt with slits at the shoulders. It was the same color as Miya's jumper. She had red scandals on with white jean shorts. It was like a matching daughter and mom duo thing.

"Are you ready?" I asked Natalia.

She nodded her head frantically looking for something it looked like.

"Yeah, I just have to find my purse. Have you seen it I-"

"just had it" I responded by finishing her sentence and raising her purse up in the air.

She turned around and smiled at me lightly while walking towards me. She grabbed the purse from my hand but before I let go completely. I yanked the purse back so it brought her body close to mine.

"You look beautiful" I whispered in her ear, and kissed her quickly before I pulled back.

"Thank you" She said smiling at me.

I nodded my head and ran towards Miya scooping her in a hug, and kissing her on the forehead.

"But no one looks as beautiful as my birthday girl. " I said squeezing her cheeks.

She giggled at this reaction, throwing her arms around me. I hugged her even closer.

I looked up and saw Natalia looking at us... Just blankly staring. Until I spoke up cutting off her blank stare 3

"Are you ready love? " I asked her with the keys in my hand and Miya in the other.

She looked shocked at first but the she nodded her head and walked past us.

Okay...? I thought to myself. After she walked past us I closed the door. I put Miya in her car seat and we both got settled in the car.

10 minutes later we arrived at Chuck E Cheese. I got out of the vehicle with Natalia and a jumping Miya.

We entered the place and we immediately spotted my family. My dad and mom were sitting down, while Julie was across from them sitting as well.

With presents and decorations surrounding the table in different colors. When we finally came up to the table we said our hello's

"Hey Natalia, what time did you order the pizzas hun?” My mom asked her.

Natalia looked at the table with a confused a face.

"There not here yet? They should be I ordered them hours ago." She said looking at the counter or someone in sight to talk too.

She was going to walk up to the counter but I grabbed her hand before she could make a move.

"What's wrong? " She looked at me weirdly.

"I'll talk to them go sit down."

"Are you sure? "She asked

I just nodded my head and let go of her hand and headed towards the counter.

There was a guy there reading a magazine 'maintaining' the prize/toy section.

"Excuse me, we ordered a few pizzas to table 13 a few hours ago for a birthday party and they don't seem to be there."

He looked at me with lazy eyes for a second and then looked back down readin

u helped me with a home, a job, and experiencing new things in my life that I would've never experience if I haven't met you."

I looked at her in disbelief.

"What was the one thing I told you last time we were in this same room together?" I asked her

She thought about it for a little bit before she responded.

"That everybody was in awe of me, and I didn't realize it."

"Yeah, I did and it's sad that you still don't realize how I'm still in awe of you Natalia. I'm the one that should say thank you. You're the one that didn't give up on me, you saw that I was worth it, and you never took advantage of me. You saw me for who I was rather than what I am. You taught me how to love, forgive, and let myself care for someone other than myself. "

I wrapped my hands around her tighter before I continued.

"You gave me a family, one that I lost and thought I could never have. You are the one person that gave me everything, because I wouldn't have anything if I didn't have my Natalia."

I kissed her forehead and backed away a little until I seen her face.

"Yeah with your arrogance, rudeness, and hurting ego. I'm glad you finally came around." she said chuckling a little bit with her perfect smile.

She sniffled a little, while wiping her stained cheeks.

" Oh, really what about your stubbornness, and sarcastic remarks I guess that had nothing to do with it? " I said wiping her tears.

We both laughed at our accusations towards one another. She held onto my neck still giggling. "Okay, okay you got me there, but it wouldn't be us right if we never bickered?" She asked tilting her head.

I looked down at her tucking a piece of hair behind her ear before I spoke up. "Yeah, it wouldn't be us. "

She put her head down to my chest, and rubbed her hands up and down my back while she gave me a warm hug.

I leaned my head in her hair, while giving a sigh of relief. I have her and Miya back finally.

They showed me what a loving, and close family and relationship is supposed to look like."

She walked into my life, by being my personal assistant. Telling me off, and being the independent, strong woman that I fell for.

She never gave up on me, and my struggling battles that I had with my past and my Father.

She's the love of my life, her, my Natalia.

She was the only reason why there was an us.

"A personal assistant and a CEO"

An us.

************************************ So there you guys go the END.

I want to thank my cousin Alexia for prompting me to write this story last summer. I didn't know that it would blow up like this.

Most of all I want to thank you guys all the way to the funny comments, messages, support, and of course love.

My job was to inspire people to write their heart out, and I have done that. So, my job is done.

However, I'm planning on publishing this book when it hits a million. I also want to know if you guys are interested in an epilogue? So, let me know your thoughts on that!

Lastly, from the bottom of my heart..

Thank you?

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