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   Chapter 48 Natalia POV

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He worked for me.

I mean he literally had done everything under the sun. He has pampered me for about a month.

All the way to sending me flowers at my hotel to taking me out to dinner every other night.

From showering me with compliments to checking up on me every hour.

Setting appointments for my nails and hair getting done to driving me everywhere in his limo.

And did I mention It's all in a month. And quite frankly I'm loving it!

Yes, I'm maybe getting fat, and my head is getting to big, but I never was treated like a queen before.

I haven't dated or had a relationship since Julian.

Which ended me getting pregnant at a young age.

Getting held back, and falling behind my senior year because I was pregnant.

I was already age 19 when I was a senior, then I became pregnant with Miya and had to deal with so much including my parent’s death.

So, I dropped out senior year, then once I turned 20 I had Miya, and went back to school online to graduate.

It was easier that way, and when I had to work. Jane was there to babysit and tend to Miya.

You're probably wondering why Miya is only 3 years old while she should be 4.

Which she will be in a few days actually. Which I want Asher to spend with us.

I looked at the time, and waited for Asher to give me a call or text me when he was here.

He was taking Miya and I out to lunch. So, he should be here any minute.

Speaking of the devil...

Asher: Hey I'm outside

Me: Okay I'm coming out now.

I sent out the text and grabbed Miya by the hand.

She looked so cute she had on white shorts with a cute shirt and shoes that had yellow ribbons.

Her hair was in two puffy buns tied with yellow hair ties to match. While I had a pink dressy long shirt and black pants with hot pink sandals to match.

My hair was in fluffy curls just above my back, with eyeliner and mascara for makeup. It wasn't over top but we looked presentable.

I grabbed my purse and walked out the hotel room with Miya tagging along.

We entered the elevator, and once the elevator closed I press the lobby button.

Once the elevator stopped and opened up, we walked past the lobby to outside.

Right when we stepped outside Miya let go of my hand running. In that spilt second, I was scared for my life.

Until I saw her safe and sound on the other side of the road running towards a black haired blue-eyed man.

Asher picked up Miya in his arms kissing her on her forehead. He looked up and we connected eyes, and he gave me his breathtaking smile.

He was wearing a fitted black shirt, blue jeans, and black sneakers to wear.

I smiled back lightly, and walked forward. I came to stop in front of them. Asher opened the door for Miya putting her in her 'personal car seat' that he got for her.

Once he placed her in the seat, he closed the door facing me, not saying anything.

just staring

I was kind of getting self-conscious so I asked him what he was staring at?

He shrugged, smiling a little bit more.

Now I was really worried, and was touching my face to see if there was anything on it.

At this action, he was actually laughing.

"Asher stop it, what is it? " I asked getting frustrated.

"Nothing, can't I just stare at my beautiful Natalia. " He said giving me a smirk.

I quickly smiled at the ground, and then rolled my eyes. I looked up and caught him staring at me even more.

"Come on, let's go were going to be late for our reservation" I said opening the door and closing it before he can say a word.

A little while after we pulled up at a little café. We stepped out of his vehicle, and entered in the restaurant.

Once we entered the cafe. Asher walked up to the counter holding Miyas hand. She looked so cute and little compared to his muscular, and tall body.

The host led us to a private table in the back. I wa

his voice a little.

Once the words came out his mouth my breath hitched, and I couldn't feel anything.

He was in love with me? I should feel something, but I don't think I was prepared for those words especially from him.

It was complete silence, and we just kept on staring at each other in the eyes until I felt like he was burning holes in my own.

I looked down into the ground, and ignored his gaze. I couldn't look at him. I felt his hand released from my face down to his sides in defeat.

I watched his feet stay in the same spot for a while until he gave up, and opened the car door and slammed it close

**** The elevator ride was awkward, with Miya in the middle of us, and three pair of eyes staring at the numbers counting down.

Once the elevator opened Miya ran down the hall to our room with the key card sliding it in the key lock and running in the room.

Not even saying bye to Asher, or even acknowledging me. Asher and I were walking side by side coming up to the door.

I couldn't even say anything, before I heard Asher say a low goodnight and walk off.

I looked at his figure walking down the hallway. I was going to turn around and go in my room, when I realized what I was doing.

He was right I asked him countless times to fight for our relationship, and to actually feel something for me, and to be okay with it.

And now that he has done that. I don't know what to do. I don't think I expected that, maybe deep inside I felt like I couldn't handle something real.

No one has ever fought for me the way that Asher has, and now it's my time to fight for him.

I turned around quickly and ran down the hallway hoping I can catch him. I finally came upon the elevator, when it was going to close.

I put my hand out between the doors from closing, and there I saw Ashers beautiful face

"I'm in love with you too." I said breathing heavily.

"You're right we deserve to be together, happy and in love.

"You, Miya and I."

He looked at me for a while with, a blank stare. Oh no it's too late I thought to myself.

However, he beamed with a bright smile the one where the eyes crease and the smile touches all the way to the cheeks.

He ran up to me engulfing me in a warm hug lifting me in the air. He pulled back and kissed me on the lips with his soft ones. We pulled apart and looked at each other with big smiles.

"Let's go home" I said looking in his eyes.

Home such a simple word, with a big meaning. I was finally where I was supposed to be, where I belonged.

With him...

He was my home.

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