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   Chapter 47 Natalia POV

Mr. Ceo & I By dreannaxoxo16 Characters: 20273

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I kept on fiddling with my fingers, and looking at the numbers count down, while bouncing my eyes to the doors and then back at the numbers again.

It was my first time back in a few weeks. I was nervous and it felt like I needed to throw up everything I ate this morning.

And 1% of it was because I was kind of worried and anxious to catch up on the work that I missed, and getting back to the flow of my job.

The other 99% of it was because of one person. The man that let alone his name gives me chills, and the slight glimpse of him makes my heart beat faster every minute.


I went over to his house a few days ago, thinking he was still at work but nope he wasn't. HE was there.

In all his beautiful glory.

He asked if we could talk which ended up in an argument like always. However, he finally opened up to me, and told me the reason that he was gone that night. With Pots flying and broken vases included.

I was so devastated when I heard about his past with Victoria. I can't believe she threw him away like he was nothing, and then broke him.

Leaving him scorned, and hurt, and forced him to feel like he was nothing and that he doesn't deserve everything in the world.

Which he does, and it makes me feel sad that he actually feels that way about himself. I also felt...


All this time I thought he had an ego, and just being a heartless person sometimes, and that he didn't care.

But, the thing is he didn't know how to care or love again. Believe me, I'm not making excuses for him, but when something like that, a traumatic event like what Asher went through.

It causes the person to create defense mechanisms. Which pushes people away, and to base future relationships on his past one.

I don't blame him, because many of us do it. I mean after Julian left me I felt like I could never find someone. That every guy I ran across will hurt me just like him.

Finally, I got over it and moved on to be a healthy individual and mom for myself and my daughter.

Asher just needs to forgive and let go when he's ready. It just sucks because I want him, but I just don't want a portion of him, I want all of him.

So, until he can tell me that he can give me that. Then I can't be with him.

And that's what hurts me the most.

The frightening fact that I can't be with him.

It's crazy how much damage and pain people can inflict on us, and cause us to be broken, and cripple from living a full life.

I know a lot of us say that words can't hurt, or situations, and comments don't bother us but it's a lie.

I mean somehow, someway, we all get hurt by words, or hard situations whether it's big or small. Yes, there just words, but their powerful, hurtful, words that can effect us on our daily life, and the prime example of that is Asher.

The elevator finally dinged and opened. I stepped out, and the first thing I seen was Tracey running to me with open arms.

She finally engulfed me in a hug, and squeezed me tightly. To the point where it was hard to breath.

"Tracey, I really like you and you're really nice, but can you please let me go so I can actually inhale and exhale." I said grasping for air.

She let go of me quickly, and put her hands on her side smiling at me big.

"Sorry!" She said practically screaming.

"Haha it's okay." I said laughing a little.

We instantly got back into talking, while walking to the break room. She asked me millions of questions most of them concerning Asher.

I did admit to her that we were together, but we're not anymore.

"So where do you guys stand?" She asked me.

I know you're probably thinking why she's asking personal questions, but Tracey and I have gotten close over the couple months.

Especially since Hawaii, I can actually call her a good friend of mine. She's always bubbly, understanding, and plus she dishes out all her drama with Jason without expecting me to tell her anything.

"Honestly, I don't know. All I know is that I want a for sure and forever thing with him, and I don't think he can give me that right now you know?"

"Yeah, do you think he will ever?" She asked me to scrunch her eyebrows.

"I hope so, but I definitely think that he's capable of doing so." I said shrugging my shoulders and finishing up his coffee.

"Well, I hope everything goes well for you guys. I mean I wouldn't imagine anyone better for him and vice versa." She said smiling.

I returned the smile, and nodded my head. We stepped out of the work space together.

"Hold on, does he know that you are here today for your first day back?" She said stopping me from walking.

I totally forgot, I don't know how I can space something that important. Or maybe I just didn't want to call him, and tell him?

"I guess it slipped my mind?" I said in more of a question then a statement.

She chuckled at my response, turned around to her desk, sat in her chair, and looked up at me.

"Well, tell me the details when you come back for lunch. I do not want to miss this drama." She said

"It's not that big of deal." I said rolling my eyes in a playful manner.

"We're talking about Asher, the same person that got mad the first couple days you worked here because you were simply getting lunch?" She said looking at me like I was crazy.

It finally did settled in.

"Yup, never mind then I guess I will be telling you all the 'drama'. Only if you spill about your one and only Jason!" I yelled to her while walking backwards.

She looked around and gave me a sssh sound with her finger to her lips in a shocked face because I said that out loud.

There was no one even close to us, and no one would even care. Everyone is to focus on making the boss happy then to care for anything else.

I shook my head laughing looking at her one last time before I entered the hall heading towards Asher’s office.

I finally came in front of his doors but before I could knock. The door swing wide open showing Asher's face.

We connected eyes for a minute. His in pure shock, and mine in confusion. Wh

ways she'll never understand. It just concludes that she was nothing but a conniving, manipulative, heartless woman from the beginning." He said shrugging his shoulders.

"I felt embarrassed and humiliated that she took advantage of the loss of our baby to do the things she did and not apologize for it, leaving me looking stupid that I even considered her to be my wife and carry my child in the first place."

After he sobered up and finished talking, while I looked out the window, and realized it was dark outside.

I looked back at him but already caught him staring at me. I gave him a smile reached out and grabbed his hand.

"Thank you, Asher." I said to him

He looked at me for a whole full minute thinking about something, before he nodded his head and grabbed my hand getting me up from the table.

We walked out got into the limo. Sitting in the same positions that we were in before we got out hours ago.

The ride was silent before he spoke up.

"You believe me, right? That I didn't sleep with her?" He asked with concerning eyes.

I looked at him and realized that he was changing.

He was actually starting to care of what I thought.

He was opening up finally.

I decided to ruin the moment like always.

"Oh, Asher the big, bad, mysterious man caring what I think? I'm starting to think that you are actually-

"There you go again-"

"Ruining it" We said at the same time laughing a little bit.

The limo stopped at National Elect Industries. We both walked out, him walking me to the car.

Before I got in I stopped turned around and looked at him.

"Thank you again for telling me, and for lunch, you are changing, and opening up and that's all I asked for." I said looking down.

"And Yes, I do believe you." I said looking up at him and putting my hand to his face.

He gave me a big smile, and planted a kiss on my lips. I pulled him tighter to me craving more.

He pushed me against my car lightly kissing me harder while touching my sides. After a while it was getting very heated so I decided to separate myself a little bit catching my breath.

"Not so fast, I'm not letting you in that quickly." I said looking at him fully tracing his lips with my thumb.


"You're going to chase me a little while longer." I leaned forward whispering his ear.

I pulled back and saw him biting on his lip, and looking at me in the eyes.

On that note, I opened up the door fully and quickly and got in. Setting my purse and files down. However, I heard a small tap on my window.

I looked up and seen him standing there still pushing his finger down signaling for me to roll down the window so I did.

Once the window was down he leaned forward on the vehicle with his arms separated on each side. where he was inches apart from me.

"You must have forgot who I am, I always love a good chase." He said smirking at me.

"Then there should be no problem" I said shrugging my shoulders and looking at him with a tense stare.

"Yeah but just so you know my love I am driven by many things. So, I plan to win."

My love, man those words still get my heart racing from the first time and second time he said that to me I thought to myself.

We continued to stare at each other in the eyes, while he spoke up again.

"Because one day I'm going to marry you Natalia." He said bending his face down the window frame getting a closer look at me.

"One day I plan on adopting Miya to be officially my daughter." He continued titling his head looking at me with his piercing blue eyes.

"And finally, I'm going to fight for you to be mine again. I refuse to let you slip through my fingers." He said leaning down to my forehead giving me a lingering kiss with his hair falling in his eyes tickling my face in the process.

He backed away, got off the car before he looked to my lips, and then back to my eyes again.

He walked away backwards with his hands in his pockets still looking at me, but this time with an evil smirk.

"So let the games begin." He stated.

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