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   Chapter 46 Asher POV

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I've been calling, and texting her for weeks now. She can't be found, I don't know where she is. She's gone, and it's driving me crazy.

When I look up from my meeting I don't see her there.

When I go home she isn’t there to greet me with a smile.

When I walked through the door and I didn't see Miyas cute giggle cut through the room because she was laughing at something funny on TV.

She just wasn't there, both of them weren't, and I couldn't do anything about it.

I mean I tried to track her down, with a private investigator. But I had to stop myself because I know that will make me look creepy.

Also, the last thing that I need was the Woman that I was trying to get back to hold even more bitterness towards me then she already has.

The fact that she was gone, and not knowing if Miya and her were safe worried me.

I mean she couldn't have gone far?

Where was she even staying at? She has no place. I know she doesn't have no family.

Unless she was with her brother. However, her brother was in another state.

Hold on, I hope she didn't move! Maybe she was with her brother. I need to book a ticket to-

I stopped, and realized what I was doing! I'm literally driving myself mad. I couldn't stand being like this.

I heard the door click signaling someone was opening it. I looked up and was already going to yell at the person, but It was just Jason.

"What's up man." Jason said closing the door.


"What are you doing tonight?"

"The same thing I’ve been doing for years, work!" I said snapping.

"Woah, calm down there's no need to be on the edge." Jason said frowning.

I rolled my eyes but responded. "I'm not on the edge-"

"Dude yes you are. You've been tense for weeks now. I don't know what's going on, but I'm pretty sure I have an idea of what it is."

"Like I said I'm not on edge, or tense. It's just been work, that I actually have to get back to so if-"

"It's Natalia, isn't it?" He said asking, cutting me off again.

I stayed silent and didn't say anything. I think he knew that I wasn't budging so he sighed and put his hands in his pockets.

"Man, I know you don't like to talk about these things and I get it. I mean you were always like that even when we were younger." He said

I scoffed at his comment, while he chuckled a little bit because of it.

"However, you’re in this funk. It's either you’re snapping at everyone or distant and don't want to talk. I mean you stay in your office all day working."

I just stared at him, and let him continue talking.

"I know that Natalia and you have been seeing each other. I also know that for these past weeks she hasn't come to work. It's none of my business of what happen, but whatever it was fix it."

I actually sat up from my chair listening to him carefully.

"Dude she makes you happy, Especially with your past relationship with Victoria. You seemed like a different, and happier person with Natalia then you were with her. I mean whoever could do that deserves a gold medal." He said looking up and smiling lightly.

"Plus, she's hot!" He said chuckling a little and giving me a smirk.

That comment was supposed to offend me but I threw my head back and laughed a little. After our laughs subsided I finally spoke up.

"How did you know about Natalia and I?" I asked genuinely interested.

"Bro, are you serious right now. You guys look like love sick puppies when y'all were together. She couldn't keep her eyes off you, and you couldn't keep your eyes off her. I mean it was pretty stupid, and-"

"Okay, I get it!" I said rolling my eyes.

"Oh, and I forgive you for not telling me about it. You know me being your best friend and all." Jason said sarcastically.

"I looked up at him and thought of something. I gave him a big smirk before I responded.

"Oh, who's the one to talk? You still haven't told me about you and Tracey?" I said smiling evilly at him.

He looked shocked for a second, and then recomposed himself like he never gave it away. He was always bad at lying and covering up.

"Okay, nice talk man, I'll see you later." He said fast before going to the door, but before he could open it up I spoke up.

"Thanks Jason." I said giving him a tight smile.

"Sure." He was on his way out when this time he spoke up.

"Fight for her dude."

"Same goes for you." I responded.

He looked at me, and then looked down like he was in deep thought. He looked up at me again and responded

ine and then she looked all over my face before landing on my eyes again while caressing my cheek.

"It pains me to no end to see you broken. I'm sorry that you even experienced that in the first place. I don't know why anyone would treat you badly or throw you away like trash." She said while her eyes got watery.

"But I do know that I'm not Victoria. I’m far from it. You were vulnerable, and in love, and you got hurt from it." She said dropping her hands from my chest, and scrunching her eyebrows.

She then looked up with at me with a determined face, with strands of her hair falling in her eyes.

"I will never hurt you Asher. You are not worthless, or a screw up. You deserve to be loved, wanted and kept like any other human being."

She grabbed my face again and said the last words that she's been saying for months, that had finally clicked in my mind.

"You may not be enough for anyone, but you are enough for me." She said looking in my eyes and giving me a slight smile.

I engulfed her in tight hug, grabbing her hair in my hands while doing so. I sunk my face into her neck overwhelming my nose with her vanilla scent.

She wrapped her arms around my back also tightening her hold on me. After a minute, I finally let go and kissed her on her forehead leaning against it. I backed up a little bit so I could look at her fully.

I cupped her face in my hands, and looked at her. "Come back Natalia be with me." I said to her desperately.

I want her with me, I can't take it without her being here. I need her. I can't lose her.

She looked up at me thinking for a long time before she unraveled her arms from me and stepped away.

" I can't Asher, I care for you, but I still need my space to think. I know what I want-"

"And I do too, I want you." I said looking at her in the eyes.

"I know you do, but I want you to sit on it for a couple of days Asher if you want me, if you want Miya and I forever."

"You need to come to a point where the word forever, or a thought of us in the future doesn't scare you."

She said looking at me with her brown eyes.

I looked back at her, and thought for a minute. After a while I nodded my head in agreement.

She was right.

I did want her, but the thought of forever with someone is still unsettling. Natalia deserves so much better. She needs someone who is 100% in it, and doesn’t have a doubt in their mind about being with Miya and her forever.

She walked out of the kitchen calling for Miya upstairs for them to leave. Miya came down the stairs gave me a hug and said goodbye.

Miya ran to the door, while Natalia was going to follow her before I spoke up again.

"I'm not giving up on you, or on us my love" I said crossing my arms and looking at her with an intense gaze.

She looked down smiled at the ground, and then back up at me like she was reminiscing about something. She was so beautiful, it sometimes stopped me from actually thinking.

"I don't expect you too."

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