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   Chapter 45 Natalia POV

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I had so many thoughts running through my mind.

I was so confused and lost...

I just kept on replaying the vivid images that has happened in the last hours.

"Asher, what's wrong-?"

"Get in the car, and go to the house." He said firmly still looking at the woman that was standing there.


"Asher no, I'm not going to leave-"

"Natalia get in the car and leave now!" He said turning to me finally.

I was going to respond to him, but the pleading in his eyes made me shut my mouth, and just give a shaky nod. He gave me the keys and put them in my hand before he looked back at Victoria.

I turned also to the woman before me, she just looked at me with a blank stare. Looking at Miya, and then to me, back at Asher. Her eyes kept on doing this, until I moved so she had nothing to look at anymore.

I walked outside, finding Asher's family nowhere in sight. After I looked, I walked to the car opening it, and sitting Miya in the back.

I buckled her up and closed the door, and headed to the driver’s seat. I put the keys into the ignition, and drove to the house.

In no time, we ended up at the house. I'm not surprised considering I was speeding down the road because I couldn't get my mind right.

I parked, turned off the car and sat there forever it seemed. I just sat and stared, not thinking of anything.

And letting the silence fill the air in the car. I closed my eyes, and breathed slowly. I was relaxed, and calm just for the moment.

Until I heard Miya call my name and interrupt the silence.

"Mama you otay?" She said with not pronouncing the words fully. She is so smart, she knew something was off just by my actions.

I turned around and gave her a fake, bright smile. "Yeah Baby Girl Mamas okay."

She nodded her head, and looked out the window. I turned around in my seat again, and looked at the big house I was living in.

I let out a big breath before I stepped out the car and got Miya out.

I walked to the door, and opened it. I put Miya down and she looked up at me. She grasped my hand tightly, not letting go.

I smiled down at her, and took her hand and lead her up the stairs. We walked into her room first.

I stripped her of her clothes, and changed her into her zebra pajamas.

I picked her up in my arms, and went down stairs. I told her to go pick out a movie.

She picked out The Little Mermaid, I pulled out the DVD and put it in the DVD player, and sat down and watched the movie.

Which I was still currently still doing. I was watching the movie, well watching the rolling of the credits now with Miya right beside me snoring.

I was just staring at that little writing that was plastered on the TV screen. With my silky dress, still on from earlier on today.

I didn't even want to go change, because I was afraid I was going to miss Asher coming through that door.

I looked at the clock and it was 1 in the morning. I was exhausted, mad, sad, upset...? 4

The most craziest, and realistic thoughts ran through my mind for hours. It was to the point that I didn't know the difference.

I was worried, I didn't know where he was? I don't know who that Woman was? I don't know why he decided to tell me to leave? I don't know if he's with her? I didn't know what type of past they had, especially because of what Julie said?

Most of all I don't know why Asher will leave me here staring at the clock for hours waiting for him to enter the house?

I didn't know nothing, and that alone tortured me to no end.

When I realized that it was in the morning and I was driving myself mad. I needed some sleep and so did my daughter.

I'm so glad that I didn't have work tomorrow. I got up from the couch, picking up Miya going towards the stairs.

On top of the stairs I turned to her room, tucked her in her covers and kissed her goodnight. Once I closed the door I looked to my right and saw my room, and then I looked

se tell me what's so funny Asher? because I surely can't see it." I said my voice cracking.

Asher just stared at me blankly. We just stared at each other letting our eyes show everything we were feeling.

While mine was on display, his emotions were like a wall that can't be broken. A wall that grows and grows like overwhelming harmful weeds in a garden.

"You don't know a single thing about me, so don't even open your mouth-" he said but not finishing his own sentence by closing his own and sucking in a breath and looking up at the wall fuming.

"You're right I don’t, and that's the reason why it should be easy for me to say those things." I said looking down.

"But, it's not. It's hard to say those things to you, to the person I care most about. Even, the way you treat me. I still think it's wrong for me to say or feel those things. They're true yes, but I count myself wrong even though I should be right because of it." I said looking up.

He finally looked down to my face from the wall and showed an emotion after I said those words. It was the first time I actually seen a feeling from him that I never seen before.


"I'm not good enough for you, Natalia, and I think I never will be and don't expect me to be." He said looking in my eyes. He raised his hand to my stained cheek and caressed it softly, wiping a tear away.

"That's the thing Asher, you believe that, while I never did you were always going to be enough for me." I said shaking my head in disappointment.

"I can't fight for this relationship, not anymore. I'm drained from the arguing and bickering about the same topic from the beginning which is your feelings for me."

"I can't fight for you Asher, if you don't even want to fight for yourself." I said taking his hand away from my cheek holding it tightly before I put it down to his side.

I turned around and was heading out of the kitchen to go upstairs to begin packing my clothes, when I heard Asher speak up again.

"You're the one leaving this relationship Natalia not me." I heard him say in a strain voice.

"How can I stay somewhere when I'm not wanted? Or try to break down a door when it's hammered in with bolts, screws, boards, and locked all at once?" I asked him genuinely.

He looked at me the whole time with a blank face but still listened to what I was saying.

I breathed out and looked everywhere in the kitchen expect at him for a minute. Before I connected eyes with him again and concluded the words I've been trying to say for months.

"You didn’t just push me out Asher. You kept me out."

"At your own free will."

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