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   Chapter 44 Natalia POV

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I was hurt.

I was so hurt that he could even possibly think that I don't want him, that I don't want to be seen with him.

After I battled in my mind countless of times about the feelings I have for him after a couple of weeks working for him. Knowing that it was wrong because I was his personal assistant, and he was my boss.

After I would stay up nights tossing and turning because I was wondering what he was doing with Stacey, and calling myself stupid because I knew it was nothing to stressed over.

Finally, the way I accepted him in my life and Miya, I mean I moved in with the guy with only knowing him for only a few, and he still thinks I don't want him?

So, it hurts when I go through all that over him, and he doesn't see that. I know this is new to him, and I know that he's scared because he doesn't want to get hurt.

However, he is so stubborn, and prideful that it hurts his ego to admit that he's afraid. Which is fine, but it's not okay when he's taking his anger out on me because of his personal mixed feelings.

I would never use him, how could I ever? Especially the situation with Julian Miyas father. He used me, and he didn't have a care in the world for Miya and I and that was painful.

So why would I inflict that pain onto someone else?

I was doing some last touches to my outfit, looking in the mirror before we left. I was placing diamond earrings? in my ears, with a matching necklace

I looked in the mirror satisfied with what I was wearing. I had settled on a lavender dress, that flowed just below my feet, the back was shown, and so were my shoulders and a little of my chest. However, it wasn't too inappropriate.

My hair was in big curls falling around my shoulders, and face. I had light purple eyeshadow, with eyeliner on the bottom and my wing on the top with mascara that made my brown eyes pop.

I took a shower in my bedroom, and was getting ready in my bathroom. Usually I'll be with Asher in his room, but obviously that's not going to work because we just got in an argument so...

Besides I wanted a break from him before we went to dinner with his family. I also stay in my room most of time anyway just because Asher works late nights so he's only here like 3 times a week.

However, when he is here I stay the night in his bed with him which were my favorite nights of the week anyway.

I looked myself over again in the bathroom smoothing my hands over my dress turning every direction to get good views from all sides.

When I turned to my right and looked on the upper corner of the mirror I saw Asher there leaning on the bathroom door, staring at me.

He we dress in a black suit, with a dressy white under shirt. He had a black bow tie clipped to his suit. His hair was slicked back with a few hair strands falling on either side of his eyes like always. And he looked painfully good like always.

I broke eye contact with him, and tried to look for something to put away, but nothing was left out because when I get ready I usually clean as I go.

Dang it Natalia you couldn't just be messy this one time? I thought to myself. So, I just looked down.

"How long have you been standing there?" I asked quietly

"Not long"

I snapped my head up when I heard shuffling from his feet. He walked towards me and leaned on the sink beside me, putting his hands behind him while placing his palms on the counter.

However, I just looked down and nodded. It was silent for a while, but I felt his eyes on me still. He finally broke the silence.


"I don't want to argue, so if that's what you're trying to do then please leave." I said whining to him.

"I'm not asking you to argue." He said firmly.

I rolled my eyes at this comment and looked down.

"And I'm not leaving because I want to stay here and talk

him that happy, only when he was with Miya honestly. He put her down, and they got started talking.

We finally all sat down and begin to eat and talk. ****** After about two hours. When everyone was stuffed, and talked out we got up from the table ready to leave.

It was amazing Julie and we talked, however Asher and her literally couldn't stop talking to each other. They acted so cute together. It was like they were in their own little bubble.

You can't tell they were really close, they acted like kids during the whole dinner, not even acting like their age. They were playing around, and doing the normal brother and sister fighting, just like I did with my brother when we were younger.

"It was nice seeing you again darling, we need to do this soon." William said giving me a kiss on the cheek as his wife did as well.

I smiled at them agreeing and said our goodbyes. Julie came up to me last, speaking to me.

"I would go over the whole thing about you better not break my brother's heart before I break your face." She said.

After an awkward silence, we both started busted out laughing for the longest time. When we finally sobered up she looked at me and spoke up once again.

"But really I never seen him this happy, I know that you won’t break his heart not like Victoria did." She said looking at Asher playing with Miya.

"Victoria?" I questioned her.

She teared her eyes away from them for a second and looked up at me shocked. She probably realized that she wasn't supposed to say anything or the fact that Asher hasn't told me yet.

"Oh, I shouldn't have said that I'm sorry. I just thought-"

"No, it's okay it's kind of hard for him to open up so.." I said letting my words linger in the air.

"Yeah, tell me about it" she said laughing a little bit.

After that we didn't say much so we said our last goodbyes and walked out together.

"That was nice" I said looking at Asher while holding Miya in my arms.

"Yeah, it was." He said smiling a little.

He turned from me and looked up, but he stopped walking and was frozen in spot.

I turned around and was going to say something but he was looking past me towards somebody.

I looked where he was looking at and there stood a beautiful women. She had red/brown hair, bright green eyes, and a heavenly figure to match.

She had a lovely face, that would definitely put mine to shame. Her eyes looked past me as well looking at Asher.

I heard the name that I just heard a second ago coming from Julie from his own mouth


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