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   Chapter 43 Asher POV

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Updated: 2017-11-20 15:57

She was so beautiful, I couldn't stop looking at her. I was getting so distracted, it was almost nauseating.

I was currently in a board meeting with my fellow members, and Natalia was sitting in taking notes as my personal assistant.

However, it was so hard to even concentrate on what I was saying because every time I looked up I saw her at the end of the table.

She looked really good today. She was wearing a dark royal sleek dress that reached just below her knees with matching high heels.

Her hair was left down curly up to her shoulder with a straight bang slipping out now and then when she took notes.

She will then look up with her sparkling brown eyes, smiling at me. It was killing me.

"Alright, that is it for now. If there are any further changes to the company. My personal assistant will notify you about another meeting. But, for now you are dismissed."

They all got up at the same time nodding their head and walking out the door with papers in their hand. When the last one left and closed the door. I looked back at Natalia and she was still writing.

I got up from my chair and stood up and walked right in front of her. I thought she would feel me hovering over her but she didn't because the pen kept on moving on the notepad.

I finally took my hand tucking her loose hair behind her ear and pulled her face to meet mine.

"What must be so important that you can't look at me?" I said asking.

She chuckled a little at this but still responded. "I'm sorry I was just trying to get everything down. And besides there's much more important things to look at then you." She said snickering a little bit.

I pulled her by her face and gave her a peck on her lips, and pulled back. I saw her open her eyes slowly from the kiss and breathed out a breath.

"Oh, really?" I asked smirking.

"Yes, really."

Shaking my head, I let go of her face and stood taller still looking at her. I was simply admiring her features.

We have been dating for a few months now. She has met my parents, she still hasn't met my sister but we're actually doing that today.

My sister and I are really close, so I would say it's getting pretty serious. She's an important person in my life.

"Are you ready for later on tonight?" Natalia asked moving her head down and jotting some notes.

"Yeah, I mean there my family I have nothing to worry about." I said chuckling a little bit.

Natalia scoffed at this statement shaking her head. "Well I know that, but I was just asking because it's important, I mean I'm meeting your sister finally." She said shrugging.

I leaned my body on the table facing her crossing my arms looking down at her talk still.

"It's a pretty big deal. To me anyway isn't it to you? She's the closest person to you. Or am I just rambling, and putting too much into-"

"Well you are definitely rambling." I said cutting her off.

She rolled her eyes at this comment not even giving me a glance.

"However, yes you are right it is a big deal, especially to me." I said smiling at her, trying to put her at ease.

"Good." She said nodding.

It was kind of crazy to me, that I have her. For these couple of months, we have been meeting my parents nonstop for dinners, lunches, breakfasts you name it.

They even met Miya, and they like her a lot. To my understanding they like them both and so do I.

Every day I just fa

t you slept and played with a lot of women. I also know that those women you didn't want to show off to everyone. Or even show affection in front of people and now you can't help it feeling the same way they did just because I let go of your hand really? You're not used to this feeling of not being pampered. This is not a game Asher-"

"I know it's not a game Natalia. You're not like them! You are more important to me than anything. And I want to show you off. Yes, I admit I'm not use to being hidden. That still doesn't change the fact that I told you how I felt about you even though you knew it was hard for me to do that, and then to keep this relationship a secret. Even though it was hard for me to get into the first place that's like a slap in the face!" I said yelling at her.

She looked at me hard, and tried to search for answers, but she finally sighed and looked down.

"I know that it was hard for you to admit your feelings. I mean I almost left because of it. However, have you ever thought that maybe I don't want to tell everyone now, because I don't need too. You're enough me Asher you are."

She said placing her hand on my face looking in my eyes.

"I mean were enough just the two of us. I'm not scared to show that were in a relationship, and you're probably used to the lights, and the cameras and everyone knowing. But not I. The two of us together in this bubble is all I need. I just don't that you respect that. And to be honest, I don't think that you're upset about me not telling everyone". She said dropping her hand to my face, and looking down at the grass under her feet.

"I think you're scared at the fact that you are putting yourself out there for the first time, and that someone possibly rejecting your feelings or making you feel unwanted makes you vulnerable. A feeling that you're not familiar with. Like I said Asher from the beginning it's okay to have feelings for me, and still be the person you want to be."

"But the real question is, are you?" She finally looked up at me with her brown eyes and gave me a sad smile.

She stared at me for a second longer then turned around entering the house shutting the door.

Leaving me outside with roaming thoughts, and the sinking realization of denial.

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