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   Chapter 42 Natalia POV

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"Asher st-stop" I said giggling coming down the stairs.

Asher was currently tickling me to persuade me to come back to bed, and continue what we started last night.

However it was in the morning, Jane was here with Miya, and we were both dressed for work.

He stopped me in the middle of the stairs turned me around and planted a kiss on my lips, where I couldn't breathe. I kissed him back quickly but then separated from his lips.

"Asher I have to go to work, before I'm late." I said looking at him.

He scoffed hugging me tighter to him.

"Please be late, I'm the boss and I promise you won't get in trouble." He said kissing up my neck.

He stopped then looked at me "besides no one cares."

He leaned again towards my lips, but I stopped him putting my finger on his lips and titling my head up so I can see him more clearly.

"I care Asher, and I want to be treated the same. I'm no different then any employee o-"

"Yeah, you are still my personal assistant. but you are different in every way. I mean you're mine." He said staring in my eyes.

I couldn't help but smile at those words. However my smile faltered when I recognized something.

"Asher I will never be yours until you tell Stacey that it's over." I said unwrapping his arms from my waist.

He looked at me with a confused face, but I didn't stay long for him to say something, because I walked down the stairs leaving him at the steps.

I walked towards the living room heading towards Jane and Miya. Jane was holding her hand walking her through the shelf to pick out a movie to watch.

It was actually adorable because everything that Jane was putting In front of her she was shaking her head no.

And the ones that she might consider she just stayed silent. It was weird, but cute at the same time.

I walked right behind them, and watched her, until she finally picked Monster Inc.

I laughed a little because it was always a long process with Miya when it came to movies.

She takes her Disney too seriously. I bent down to Miya and kissed her cheek. She looked behind her to see who it was.

She looked up a little and smiled her big happy one. She climbed on my lap and gave me a hug.

"Good morning baby girl"

"Gwood Morning Mama! She said squealing in my ear.

She was still in her checkered pajamas, and messed up bed hair. However she looked even cuter.

"Mama has to go to work now, be good f-"

"No pwease stay!" Miya screamed holding me tighter.

"Miya you know Mama has to go to work." I said soothing her crazy hair.

"No don't go stay!" She screamed again holding my neck even tighter then before. At this point she was literally going to choke me out.

"Awe babygirl what will make you feel better?" I asked her.

She didn't respond in a while, but she was holding me for a long time clinging onto my neck.

I was going to ask her again until I felt her hand retract from my neck and reach out to something behind me.

Before I can turn around I felt her being lifted from my arms. I turned around and saw Asher holding her in his arms soothing her.

"Awe sweetheart it's okay, Mama will be back."

She just kept on holding onto him. I think she was mostly stalling so we couldn't leave.

"How about your Mommy, me and you watch all the princess movies you want tonight."

She raise her head up to this, and smiled a little.

"Do you Pwromise?" She asked in her little voice.

He gave her a big smile and said "absolutely."

"Now go say bye to your Mom so she can go to work okay?"


Asher put Miya down on floor. She ran to me hugging my legs with her little arms.

"Bye Mama love you!" She screamed in my legs.

I bend

house and saw Miya sitting on Asher's lap watching a Disney movie.

I didn't even look at the TV. But I heard Miya singing, and cartoon voices in the back.

I dropped my purse, and took off my coat, and left my heels in front of the door, and walked towards them.

He was holding her hands from behind rasing them in the sky singing along with the words on the screen.

I think he noticed me there because he turned my way and gave me breath taking smile, that made my own breath hitched.

He was so handsome, and just woohoo...

I actually took this time to look at him. His hair was kind of disheveled, and his blue eyes were sparkling with excitement.

His tie was loose, and his white shirt was not as tight like it was untucked. Probably because of trying to keep up with Miya.

I think he recognized me staring at him too long because he gave me his classic smirk.

I rolled my eyes, but continued to walk to the couch. I sat down and stared at them, but Miya was to busy to even notice me.

"I saw that you started movie night without me" I said in a teasing manner.

"Yeah, well this one right here wanted to start. And I can never say no to her so..." He said shrugging his shoulders beckoning to Miya.

He was so good with Miya. It already kind of sting knowing this wouldn't last long. Even though it did for a day.

"Did you break it off with her?" I asked directly with a flat face.

Asher turned around quickly in my direction, putting Miya down between us so he could respond.

"What did I say earlier today?" He asked me


He cutt me off by answering his own question. He put his elbow on the bar behind the couch to raise his head while facing me.

"I said that I will do it didn't I?," He asked more seriously this time.

"Yes." I said breathing out a sigh.

"So I did Natalia. Stop worrying about nothing important okay?"

I nodded my head in response. Asher took his hand off of his head reached out and brushed my hair back behind my ear.

He trailed his hand all the way up to my chin raising it up so he can look at me in the eye.

"Like I said, I don't have everything...

He came a little closer, kissing my forehead, and spoked again.

"Absolutely nothing."

I felt him mumble those words, into my head until he broke the kiss from my skin, and leaned his forhead onto mine. And grabbed my face with his large soft hands and finished his sentence.

"If I don't have my Natalia."

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