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   Chapter 40 Natalia POV

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"Are you almost ready Natalia?!" Tracey screamed from the other side of the door.

"Yeah just give me a minute." I said back to her.

"Okay well I'll be waiting in the car. Jason and Asher are already down the beach."

"Okay" I yelled back.

I heard her footsteps descended down the hall. I looked up at the mirror and looked at my neon pink bikini in the mirror.

It was our last day in Hawaii and all of us decided to go to the beach. Well... not really.

Tracey and Jason both brought it up earlier today. I was not really up for it at first, but Tracey kept on begging me to go.

So, I finally said yes, but we all turned to Asher and he shrugged saying 'I guess there's nothing better to do'

Leave it to him to be rude, when someone invites him too something. He was so annoying sometimes.

I put on some shorts and sunglasses on top of my head. My hair was in a ponytail, and I didn't even bother putting make up on.

I put on my flip flops, grabbed my handbag and walked out of the door closing it behind me. I walked towards the elevator and entered in.

I arrived in the lobby, and I saw Tracey there standing waiting. I walked up to her and spoke.

"What are you waiting for?" I asked her.

She looked up at me, smiling.

"I was waiting for you."

"Oh, um... thanks?"

We both walked towards the door outside. We walked to the parking lot when we spotted them.

Jason was talking to Asher. He was wearing a black shirt with matching black shorts.

Tracey ran up to Jason, saying something to him. Then all of a sudden, they broke out arguing.

I swear they argue more than Asher and I do.

I felt Asher looking at me on the side. I looked up quickly catching his gaze and outfit quickly then I looked back at the scene.

However, Tracey finally pulled Jason aside, arguing more leaving Asher and I alone. I still felt his gaze on me. So, I finally decided to look up at Him.


He was all I can think about for the last few days and nights, since that night that he apologized. We have been doing great.

Almost too great.

It's almost like I'm waiting for something bad or another argument around the corner, so it can blow up in my face.

But it hasn't yet, and I'm hopeful that there won't be anything. Because I have concluded that I have feelings for him.

I don't know how deep they go, but it's there. Just sitting and taunting me. His blue eyes kept my brown one’s captive.

I breathed a deep sigh, that must have got his attention because he cleared his throat and went on the other side of his car.

He jumped into the driver’s seat. While I jumped into the passenger one. He put the keys into the ignition and drove on the road.

We finally arrived at the beach, and parked. We got out of the car at the same time. I pulled out my handbag from the seat and close

"What do you mean?" He asked scrunching his eyebrows.

" I think that sometimes you forget how carefree you can be, because you're stressed, or something is always on your shoulders."

He kind of looked shocked that I said that but he looked down and was deep in thought. So, I felt like I needed to continue.

"You know I think today was the first time that I ever seen you normal." I said.


"Yeah, like actually relaxing, taking-"

"I wasn't relaxing, I was just doing normal things that normal people do." He said a little rudely.

"Okay, there's nothing to catch an attitude about Asher. I was-"

"Just what? Thinking I was slacking off?!" At this point he was raising his voice.

"No just because you're relaxing doesn't mean your slacking off. I didn't mean to offen-"

"Good, because slacking off isn't in my era like some people-"

"If you interrupt me one more time, or throw your typical insults. I swear Asher, you are pushing the wrong buttons. Learn to not get offended from nothing. Learn to control your anger and rudeness. You're how old? And your acting like a child. Grow up please for the sake of both of us!" I yelled in his face, and stood there for him to say something.

He clenched his jaw, and looked away until he finally walked off. It was probably best considering how we were right now.

I watched him walk away until I saw him disappear. I looked up at the stars and breathed out a sigh I was holding.

He was so difficult it was literally an off and on again struggle with him. It was just so hard for him to not be the arrogant, and rude person I seen and dealt with the first time I stepped into his office.

I just wish he would make an effort, I feel like he doesn't even try anymore. I know I may be dramatic about the whole thing but...

I wish that life, Or the people in it Can be like the stars Somewhat perfect.

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