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   Chapter 38 Asher POV

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"Oooooh ahhh ohhh oooooh" Tracey was singing terribly in the microphone.

It was karaoke night at the bar, and it just so happened that Tracey was getting border line drunk.

And she was making a fool of herself. It was really weird to see my secretary acting like this let a lone Tracey acting like this.

However, I was just too lazy, and in tuned within my thoughts to even care.

I took a sip of my drink, and then sat it back on the table. I heard a giggle right beside me.

Natalia was smiling at Tracey's horrible attempt to sing. While she was laughing a piece of hair fell from her ear onto her face.

Her milky brown eyes sparkled with happiness, she was so beautiful. There wasn’t a doubt that came to my mind when it came to her and beauty.

I wasn't lying when I said that men are in awe of her. A few times when me and Natalia were together. Men would always stare at her.

Of course, I will give them dirty looks before they even came and try to speak to her.

After she was sobering up from laughing she looked my way. Her mouth dropped into a frown and then she rolled her eyes.

She actually has been doing that a lot tonight. I don't blame her though. I snapped at her in the car.

I was just mad with my parents, and other things were running through my mind.

And I just took it out on her. And it didn't feel right. I could be rude and not have a care in the world for anyone.

But with Natalia it was different. I was beginning to feel something for her. Which led me to the actions of kissing her on the cheek.

That will never happen again. It can't happen again. I'm not the relationship type of guy.

The last one I was in was hell, and that turned me off from taking anything seriously. And besides Natalia will be out of my house in a few months and everything will be back too normal.

I won't feel anything or do anything. It's not like I'm in love with her. It's just a phase, not even a phase.

It's just.... something.

With a few scattered claps around the audience. Tracey came off the stage with Jason trying to hold her up straight, and stop her from falling.

She came straight up to Natalia touching her hair and face.

"Oh, your soooooo beautif-ful Natalia!!" She slurred her words.

"Thank you, Tracey." Natalia said stiffing a giggle.

"You know ever guy would die to have you." Asher, Jason, Ray everyone I tell you, everyone!" She said sticking her hands up in the air in such a dramatic way. Natalia looked down laughing nervously.

"Huh Jason? You'll pick her over me any day." Tracey was pouting her lip, looking a little upset.

"Come on Tracey it's time to go." Jason said pushing her towards the door out the bar.

Natalia and I both stood up knowing it was time to go. We walked and got in my car silently.

I was looking straight ahead driving. But It was so quiet that I took a quick peek at Natalia.

She was looking at the sky breathing in the air. She looked like she was deep in thought. I wonder what was in that pretty head- I mean head of hers.

I turned back around quickly so we wouldn't get in a car accident. We finally arrived at the hotel.

Natalia got out quickly and walked ahead of me. We went in the elevator towards o

ile biting her lip.

"Oh, aren't you the charmer. Very nice one at that. Actually, you said sorry tonight and gave me a compliment. I was-"

"And here you go again-"

"Ruining it." She said finishing my sentence.

She gave me a teasing smile. I took a sip of my drink giving her a smirk back.

"Do you always use your charm with the ladies?" She asked curiously.

"How else will I get them?"

"Well you got Stacey, and that's a real gem. Got yourself a good relationship right their buddy.” She said sarcastically rolling her eyes.

She had a hint of jealously in her voice but I ignored it. I didn't want to mess up the conversation.

"She's hot." I said shrugging my shoulders.

She smacked her lips and squinted her eyes at me mumbling the word 'typical'

"What about you?"

"What about me?"

"What do look for in a man?" I could say I was just asking a random question but I was really curious.

"Anything?" She asked

"Anything." I repeated to her sipping my drink.

She ran her hands through her hair and then touched the beer that was in her hand. She was looking down at the table thinking of answer, she was still biting her lip as well.

I realized she did that a lot especially when she was in deep thought.

After a while she finally looked up and spoke.

"Safety. I look for one thing in a guy and that is safety. Safety for myself and Miya." She said shrugging her shoulders.

"That's it?"

"Yup." She said.

"Usually most girls would have a long list of what they are looking for you know?" I said taking a swig of my drink again.

"Well I'm not most girls." She said looking at my lips.

I looked at her in the eyes, "No you're not at all."

"Your strictly one of a kind my Natalia." I stood up and kissed her on her forehead letting my lips linger there for a second.

I walked off leaving her in her thoughts. I walked up to the bar asking for another drink.

I admit it, that I had something towards Natalia.

‘That I couldn't shake, and I don’t want to shake. She said all she wanted was safety.

With her or not. I was going to be that one thing that she was looking for.

Her safety.

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