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   Chapter 36 Natalia POV

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"Natalia wake up, were here." I heard someone say in my ear.

I opened my eyes and looked around. I finally looked up and seen Tracey smiling down at me.

"Hey" I croaked out.

I stood up and walked down the hall, heading towards the steps outside.

We were in a huge parking lot. It looked like we were isolated. From where I was standing it didn't look like Hawaii.

I landed my eyes on two men talking. Jason and Asher seemed like they were in a deep conversation about something.

During the conversation, he seemed to look up at me a few times. It kind of made me nervous. It seemed like they were talking about me.

So, I turned around towards Tracey, and started talking to her.

"So, does he do this often?" I asked Tracey.

"Who does what often?" She asked confused

"Asher, does he fly out of state for business frequently?"

"Um, yeah actually he does. But, it's only like 5 to 7 times a year." She said shrugging.

"Is it just for business, or does he fly out for personal reasons?" I don't know why I was asking that. but I was just curious.

"Well he really doesn't tell me much about it well not anyone to be exact. But I do know that he visits his parents in California a few times a year."

"Oh, nice..."

I actually didn't really know much about Asher’s parents. I mean it's not like I was supposed to, especially when Asher doesn't open up about his personal life in general.

But I never saw them around, and no one ever mentioned them. Unlike Tracey just now.

I looked back up towards the men and saw Jason jumping in the car, waiting for something it seemed.

"I don't know why you’re waiting I'm not getting in the car." Tracey said yelling to Jason while crossing her arms in front of her chest.

"Oh, please not now Tracey." Jason said rubbing his face in frustration

"I'm not getting-"

"Tracey get in the car right now I don't have time for this!" He said raising his voice.

She stormed towards him even more mad then before. "Who do you think you're talking too?!" 10

I chuckled looking at them bicker leaving my view. I lo


On this trip, she was basically the personal assistant. When Asher was in search for a personal assistant for years.

Tracey filled in that gap. So, she's knows all the history, and changes that were made in this company that were standing in right now.

So, he directed her to come to give her the documents, explain, etc., because she was here from the beginning.

He also wanted me to have this as training and only taking notes. So right now, I was kind of bummed out.

I mean I was supposed to be his only personal assistant. It sounds childish but that's how I felt.

We heard a clink at the door, and a few men scattered in immediately and last but not least Asher came in.

He strolled the room with dominance until he was in front.

"So, let's not waste any time gentlemen let's get started." He said firmly. **** A hour later he was finishing up, and talking to a few men about improvements that they could make.

Tracey would give him papers, and talk about the company with the men.

It made me a little angry inside. That was my job. That's what I was supposed to do.

"Alright any questions or comments?" He asked looking around.

A man in the front was going to open his mouth until the door jingled and a man stepped through the room.

He looked kind of familiar, like really familiar. In fact, he looked just like-

"Dad?" Asher said looking in his direction.

Well that explains it.

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