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   Chapter 33 Natalia POV

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Natalia POV

After finishing the work that Asher gave me earlier. I sat it on his desk and exit towards the hallway.

But before I stepped onto the elevator, I decide to talk too Tracey for a little. I felt like I haven't talked to her in a while.

"Hey, Tracey how are you?"

"I'm good, you?"

"Great! did you want to go for coffee?" I asked smiling.

She looked around her desk and looked behind me towards the elevator.

"He's not going to be back for a while. He's in a private meeting if you're wondering." I said to her.

"Oh, whoo well that calms my nerves." She said breathing a sigh of relief.

She gathered her purse and stood up from her desk walking towards the elevator.

"I don't want him screaming down my throat by not attending the desk. The last thing I want is for Mr. Beacon to be angry at me you know?" She said rambling on.

"Ha! You're telling me." I said chuckling a little.

We finally arrived at the lobby going into the Cafe.

"Coffee is on me this time." I smiled and walked off getting our order.

I sat down the cups of coffee on the table, and sat down across from her.

"So, how's your living situation?" Tracey asked sipping her coffee.

"It's actually going good I found myself a new place." I said unsurely think about my living situation currently.

"Yeah but it's only temporary." I said without thinking.

She put down her coffee and gave me a confused face.

"Why is it only temporary?"

"Um... I just want to find somewhere better?" Not really.

"Oh, well I hope everything works out for you." She said smiling.

"Yeah, me too."

"So how was the ball!" She asked excitedly.

"It was okay. There was just one thing that wasn't really my favorite thing of that night."

"What?" She asked curious.

I told her everything to Stacey planting kisses on Asher every 5 seconds to Mr. Ray almost practically raping me in front of the bathroom. And finally, how Asher came to my defense.

"What! I can't believe it!" She gushed out.

"I know right she's so annoying. I mean every time he won an award sh-"

"No not that, the way that he fought for you." She said with her eyes lighting up.

"Oh... why do you not believe it?" I asked tilting my head.

"Well there was this one time where I guess Stacey and he were taking a break. So, she decided to bring a guy in the work place. She was literally jumping on him making sexual nois

ter came around asking for our orders. Asher ordered a salad and Miya a drink.

I didn't order anything, because I wasn't that hungry.

"How did the meeting go?" I asked

"Good" he said simply not going further.

Alright then.

"So, this week I'm having a meeting with other branches of mine in the other states. I need you to call all of them and let them know this Friday at 12:00 P.M they should be present at the building."

I didn't even know he had other companies in other states. I'm actually kind of surprised about everything when it came to money with Asher.

I knew that I was working for a CEO at a big company when I was applying for the job. But, I guess I wasn't expecting him to be this rich...

"Oh, and here are a few projects that I'm working on." He said handing me papers.

"I need you to send this to my other branches so we can get the ball rolling."

He finally gave me a few more instructions on what to do for the week, and breaking down future Information I would need to know.

"Alright is there anything else?" I asked hesitantly and taking it all in at the same time.

"Yeah there actually is." He said smirking.

"What is it?"

"There's something that I'm starting on this week, but I would need to go out of state."


"And you're my assistant." He said irritated because I wasn't getting what he was saying.

"And?" I asked confused.

He rolled his eyes, and looked up at me giving me a hard glare.

"Obviously you're not getting it." He said firmly.

"Getting what?"

"We're going to Hawaii." He said flatly.

Hawaii what!?

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