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   Chapter 32 Natalia POV

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He was scrambling in the bathroom mirror trying to find something.

His hands kept shaking from anger that everything he touched in a rush will just fall down.

Bothered by seeing the sight. I barged in the bathroom and tried to help.

"What are you looking for?" I asked concern.

He didn't respond he just kept on searching. I finally saw him pull the first aid kit out.

However, he just dropped it on the ground, scattering the items on the floor.

"Asher, calm down!"

"Don't tell me to calm down Natalia!"

"Sit down!" I screamed at him.

"Don't tell me-"

"No, you're going to sit down on that chair and let me take care of your hands because you obviously can't!" I yelled at him cutting him off.

He hesitated at first but he sighed when he looked at my face. He leaned on the sink, not even sitting in the chair, while not following all my instructions.

However, he did wait for me to get stuff together to help him. I got some bandages, wiping cloth, and peroxide to clean it.

I stood in front of him grabbed his hands and cleaned them in the sink. While I was doing this his face was set in a frown.

He probably thought that I was treating him like a baby. But so, what?

I dried off his hands gently. I then took a wiping cloth, wiping the blood of his hands and knuckles.

I then opened the peroxide pouring it on his skin. He flinches a little and hisses.

He looked up from his hands. His eyes landed on my exposed skin, and ripped dress. He looked at me up and down in anger.

I dropped the stuff on the sink and tried to cover myself up with my dress as best I could. I was embarrassed and for some reason I felt bad.

"Sorry" I muttered.

He didn't say anything for a while, but continued to stare at my dress.

" Don’t be sorry, it wasn’t your fault. You should of took someone with you."

"Huh?" I asked confused.

"You should of took someone with you to the bathroom." He repeated.

"Who was I going to take, Jason? Let alone in the bathroom?" I asked chuckling a little.

"No not Jason!" He said irritated.

"Then who?"

"Me, you could of took me." He said.

I looked up and met his gaze which was set on my face already. I decided to use that little slip up as an advantage.

"You would

then he looked confused wondering what I was talking about.

I pointed to his hands. He looked down and then back at me.

"Um... I'm feeling well?"

"Are you sure you’re well. You seem like you’re asking more than telling." I said.

He rolled his eyes. "I'm fine, and you know I'm working on my rudeness. You should do the same with being sarcastic." He stated firmly.

"Oh, right sorry." I said shrugging.

I took the papers from his hand that he was talking about before I interrupted him.

We exited his office together. Before I walked into my own. He called my name.

"Oh, and Miss Wake?"

"Yes Sir?"

“I need to explain some meetings and projects that we have coming up after this private meeting. So, meet me at La Vinci after work."

"La Vinci the nice restaurant down the street?" I asked.

He nodded his head in response.

"Yeah, but I'm going to have to get Miya because Jane is leaving early tonight."

"Of course, where else was she going to go?" He asked if I was stupid.

"Yeah alright I’ll try to make it happen Sir." I smiled.

"Well you can’t try to make it happen. You’re going to have to come. So, you’re going to "have" to make it happen either way." He said smirking and walking off.

"So, it's a date!" I said teasingly. I love getting under his skin.

"If you recall a baby, two business partners having dinner, and three people a date then so be it!" He yelled back chuckling.

I smiled at him walking off and went into my office.

So, it's a date.

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