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   Chapter 31 Natalia POV

Mr. Ceo & I By dreannaxoxo16 Characters: 6090

Updated: 2017-11-20 15:33

I had to get away from him.

He was causing my mind to jumble, and my insides to clenched with want. Everything he was doing tonight was just right.

I mean he barely even paid attention to Stacey and was trying to get mine instead. I did not like her at all, she was so snobby, and clingy to him.

It was really sick to watch. However, Jason was keeping me entertained. He was really funny.

He told me all about him and Asher. They know each other since they were teenagers in high school. Both going to rich private schools of course.

He also told me how their parents knew each other so well that they were practically family.

It was actually nice to hear about Asher in a friendly way. I mean a lot of people will say the total opposite about him.

Including me at first... but the more I get to know Asher he's not that bad.

Even though he wasn't bad. Our situation had trouble written all over it.

I had to get away from him on the dance floor. He was making me feel like a school girl again.

With the butterflies in my stomach, and the shyness of holding a gaze. And it didn't help that he was handsome.

I mean every time he looked at me a piece of hair will fall in his blue eyes, or even the embrace and warmth that interrupted through my body from being held by him.

And then when I said that line to him the air shifted and It was too much. So, I left before he could respond.

I splashed water on my neck and arms to cool down. I took a paper towel and dried off.

I looked at my reflection in the mirror looking at myself. I was in the bathroom getting away from everyone.

Even though I was a hot mess inside. I still looked good in the outside. I threw the paper towel in the trash walking out.

Before I even came out the hallway. I saw Mr. Ray a few ways from me standin

s bra was showing and my skin was revealed.

I covered up quickly avoiding Ashers gaze. I then heard glass slam on the side of the car. Which made me jump out my seat almost.

Asher was staring out the window with his hand bleeding from slamming a glass down in anger.

We finally arrived home and he practically ran out of the limo inside the house. I slowly walked behind him into the house.

I walked and seen a confused and worried face on Jane holding Miya in her hands.

She finally looked at me giving me a shaky smile.

"Is everything okay Natalia?"

"Yeah, why won't you get home it's getting pretty late." I said to her putting on a half-smile.

"Yeah, okay" she said unsure.

She sat Miya down on the ground giving her a hug and saying her goodbyes.

I turned around to Miya and bent down to her height.

"Hey baby girl watch a movie down here while I take care of something upstairs alright? I said giving her a smile.

She nodded her head and ran towards the couch. I on the other hand walked up stairs.

I came to the hallway and saw the light of the bathroom on and the door opened.

I walked in and saw Asher hunched over the sink.

Trying to cater to his bloody knuckles.

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