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   Chapter 30 Asher POV

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Stacey and I were waiting outside of the enormous palace where the ball was held every year.

I knew I could go in, but I wanted to wait for Jason and Natalia because... I wanted too?

They should be arriving any minute because Jason just texted saying that they were on his way.

I wanted him to keep her company tonight and to watch over her. Sometimes business men can get a little frisky when they had too much to drink.

Stacey was my date, just like last year. However, she was honestly getting on my nerves already and the ball just began.

There was so many people filling in. Like groups of them. I wasn't worried about seats though because they were already assigned and my table had the best seating.

"Asher why do we have to stay out here in the cold?" she wined beside me.

"For the millionth time, I'm waiting for Jason!" I snapped at her.

"Jason will be fine! You already got him a date with that women N-"

"It's not a date!" I yelled interrupting her sentence.

She kind of looked shock of how defensive I got, So I just turned around looking at the road so I didn't have to be bothered with her.

But she was wrong it wasn't a date, I wouldn't allow it to be. I thought to myself. Because it was unprofessional especially him being my business partner,

As soon as I turned I seen my limo pull up into the roundabout that they had. It stopped dead in the center.

A few moments later Edward my limo guy went towards the back door and opened it. Jason came out first, and then he stopped holding out his hand for someone.

I saw a hand hold onto his, and then she stepped out... Natalia. She was so beautiful.

She was smiling and looking around. While her hair was blowing in the wind. Her dress fitted her perfectly in all the right places.

And her skin tone brought the color of the dress out also. She was breath taking. I didn't realize that they approached us until Jason came up and gave me a bro hug.

"Hey, man"

"Hey" I said returning his hug.

He went to Stacey giving her a kiss on the cheek. I took this time to look at Natalia.

She returned my gaze and smiled a little.

"Natalia" I said nodding my head in formal greeting.

"Asher" She responded with the same greeting.

We had to act like this, no one knew she lived with me not even Jason. So, we had to do it for everyone else.

Natalia turned her gaze towards Stacey who was giving her a disgusted look already.

However, Natalia gave her the same look as well. They were staring at each other with pure hatred.

While me and Jason stepped back just looking at them not getting involved. Jason turned to me speaking.

"My money's on Natalia!" He whispered excitedly.

I rolled my eyes at his comment. Leave it to him to make a joke about something like this.

Jason cleared his throat which snapped them both out of it.

"Should we go in?" He asked Natalia

However, he didn't really get to say anything else until Natalia stomped in the ball with him trailing behind.

Well she was mad. I grabbed Stacey with my hand and walked behind

d myself

"What's wrong with you!" I raised my voice a little.


"Stop lying to me." I stated firmly.

"I'm not." She muttered.

"Yes, you are."






"Fine forget it I'm not going to argue with you." I said.

After a while we fell into an awkward silence until I caught her smiling. She was just in a grumpy mood five seconds ago.

"Why are you smiling?"

She finally looked up into my eyes, with the smile still place onto her lips.

"Nothing, it's just that arguing is the only thing that were good at when it comes to us.." She said laughing a little.

I also chuckled a little seeing that she was right about that.

"No, I think there's. another person that you’re good with arguing with also." I said looking down at her.

"Who?" She asked confused.

"Stacey" I said shrugging.

She rolled her eyes at this comment.

"I don't have the time to argue with her" she said irritated.

"Why don't you like her?" I asked genuinely.

"The same reason why no one else does. She's rude, throws insults, and always has an attitude"

"Well, I sometimes act the same way" I said flatly.

"I know how can I forget." She muttered sarcastically.

"But you like me"

"And how do you know I like you?" She said challengingly.

"Well you haven't said otherwise" I said smirking at her.

She chuckled and breath in looking up at me with her milky brown eyes.

"It's different with you, it’s like I can never get enough of our back and forth" She said.

That sentence stirred something up in me. I kept on gazing in her eyes trying to read what she meant by it. However, I just kept on staring at her features and getting lost in them.

The clapping of others around us when the song ended interrupted our gaze, and we pulled away immediately clapping with them.

I was going to turn to her and say something but she walked away. I looked at her body retreat into the big crowd, where eventually I couldn’t see her anymore leaving me on the ballroom dance floor.


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