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   Chapter 28 Natalia POV

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I stepped into the house opening the door. The first thing I saw was Jane playing a hand game with Miya.

I closed the door to get their attention. Both turned their heads smiling.

"Hey, Mommy!" Miya came running to me with arms opened wide.

I scooped her up in my arms smiling at her. "Hey baby girl!"

"Hey Natalia!" Jane said smiling at me waving.

"Hey, Jane was everything okay with Miya? Was she good?"

"Yeah she was good like always." She said smiling.


"Well bye Natalia see you tomorrow!" She said walking off towards the door.

"Hold on wait, Jane."

She turned around looking at me in concern.

"Is everything okay Natalia?"

"Oh, yeah I just wanted to say thank you for adjusting to my moving predicament and to still babysit Miya. A lot of people would have just left."

"Oh, Natalia you don't have to say thank you, I will always be there for Miya and you"

She gave me a bright smile, and gave me a hug.

"We love you Jane, thank you again" I pulled back from the hug still smiling.

"Love you guys too" She said.

We said our goodbyes and she left. I looked at Miya still in my arms.

"Let's get you in the bath"

I towered up the stairs stopping to her room. I knew why Asher picked this room for her.

It was all pink I mean everything to the floor all the way to the window frame. I was a little creeped out at first of why a grown man will have a pink bedroom. However, he probably noticed that was her favorite color from looking at her room from my old place.

It was only a little smaller then my room next door. It was still pretty huge. She also had her own bathroom attached.

Her bathroom was also a little smaller than mine, it just had a bath not a shower, but it was still a nice bathroom.

I sat her down on the floor and picked out some pajamas for her. A red long sleeve pajama shirt with an apple in the middle.

I than picked out some zebra patterned pajama pants for her. I walked her to the bathroom and stripped off her clothes putting her in the bath.

After I was done giving her a bath, and dressing her up. I told her to go down to the living room and pick out a movie for us to watch.

She excitedly nodded her head and ran downstairs. I went into my room and took a shower myself.

I washed my hair with vanilla shampoo and body. I got out of the bathroom wrapping myself with a towel.

I got dressed in checkered pajamas pants and a black loose shirt. I left my hair down and curly letting it air dry. and lathered my


"They give out awards, dine, converse, dance. You know what normal people do at these things."

"I guess...?" I mumbled to my self


He cut me off by clapping his hands and looking at me.

"Okay, you're 2 minutes are up."

"Wait, I have one more question." I said whining.

"I gave you too much time anyway."

I sighed and looked down. I mean it wouldn't be that bad. I know that if I called Jane she wouldnt have a problem babysitting Miya. It will also be good getting out the house. I mean all I do is work, take care of Miya, and occasionally go out for coffee with Tracey.

"Fine, I'll go" I groaned looking at him.

He placed his glass in the sink, then looked up at me again.

"It was never a choice my love, you were going either way." He said with a bored tone.

I rolled my eyes at him. Wait what about my hair and dress what was I going to do.

"I already know what youre thinking. I already have the appointment set up for tomorrow morning to get you ready."

"Well what about I don't want to go. What about I want to do my own hair and pick out what I -"

"Nope, if youre with the best. you got to look the best." He winked at me and walked away towards Miya.

I was trying to get upset, but I couldn't because I just realized that he called me love and winked at me.

I felt a tingling sensation in my body when I repeated the words in my head.

Oh, stop it Natalia, stop acting like youre in high school it's just a word, nothing to get worked up about.

There was nothing behind it and there will never be nothing behind it. I tried to accept the thought in my head, but I couldn't.

It wasn't just a word, well not to me anyway.

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