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   Chapter 27 Natalia POV

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"Hey Tracey!"

"Hey Natalia, how are you?"

"Good, and you?" I asked smiling at her.


I was just entering the workspace. It has only been a few weeks that I've went back to working.

I've got back to the swing of things rather quickly. Well at first it was a little rocky... especially with Asher.

We kept on arguing, fighting and yelling at each other until the other night when we made a deal to act at least respectful towards one another.

That doesn't mean he doesn't gets on my nerves, and that probably goes the same for him when it came to me as well.

And the house situation is not that bad. Miya loves it there, and more importantly she's seemed to warm up to Asher, they were getting close.

It's unbelievable... how attach they are to one another. I only see Asher late at night or early mornings. And that's only if I don't get to sleep early or wake up late.

However, when I do see him hes always with Miya

Jane still babysits Miya when were both at work. I'm surprised that Asher even let it happen.

At first, he was against having someone at his house that he didnt know. When I first brought it up to him the first thing he said was:

"No, of course not! I already have two people in my house. Why would I let someone that I barely know step in the door? Especially when I'm not there?"

But I think the realization of leaving a toddler in his house alone for hours without a babysitter probably wasn't the best idea...

"I never got to ask you, how has it been since being back?" Tracey asked

"It's been good actually." I said nodding my head.



"Well I got to go Tracey." I said pointing at Ashers coffee that I was supposed to be giving to him.

I walked through the doors to the hallway. I was in front of his office now. I don't even bother to knock anymore because I would usually come in before he did.

I would just put his coffee on his desk and then leave to go to my office.

I opened the door and stepped in.

As I looked up and saw him there, for the first time.


But wouldn't it be a conflict of interest to accept Mr. Ray's offer to be partnered with the company?

Well I know that Asher won't base his decision by being with Stacey, and accepting his offer. But at the same time, I didn't really know how deep their relationship was.

I wondered how they even met? Asher and Stacey. I mean from Tracey they were just a fling, but looking at them especially at the Ice cream shop. That one time that I saw them they kind of looked together as a couple.

Even though he was annoyed by her. I mean he had to know, right? Of course, he does I thought to myself.

Once I was finally done with the files. I grabbed my purse and jacket, and walked towards his door knocking.

"Come in" I heard him say.

"Hello Sir, I just wanted to give you the completed files."

I walked over the desk and gave the folder to him. He grabbed it and gave me a simple nod.

"Is there anything else that you need Sir?"

"No, you're dismissed for tonight"

"Alright bye Sir."

He didn't respond back so I walked out of the door saying bye to Tracey and stepping onto the elevator.

It was weird to say bye, and to act 'normal' at work. Knowing that I will be heading to his house, opening his door, and sleeping in one of his rooms.

And more importantly that I will be seeing him at least every day until I get my own place.


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