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   Chapter 25 Natalia POV

Mr. Ceo & I By dreannaxoxo16 Characters: 7400

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I looked at Asher outside of the window from the limo. I watched the men put the last few boxes in the U-HAUL truck.

Asher gave a few more instructions to the men then he headed towards the limo.

He opened up the door taking a seat on the other side. He told the man that was up front driving where we were going then we headed off.

“What about my car?” I asked

“I’ll get it later tonight.” He said while shrugging.

I nodded my head, while looking down at Miya watching her sleep. I can't believe that she was still knocked out after all this commotion.

I looked up at Asher and saw him tapping away on his phone, and looking through papers.

He was always working, I never seen him actually have a time to relax or even go anywhere outside of work.

Well only that one time when he was with Stacey. But even then, he looked annoyed and he didn't even get Ice cream that time.

I guess I never really saw him outside of his work? I kept on staring at him. But I think he knew because he snapped his head towards me, and caught my eyes with his.

I looked down quickly. However, I kept on seeing him stare at me in the corner of my eye.

I was going to ignore it but I wondered if he was looking at me because I had something on my face.

So, I clapped my hands around my face, and met his gaze with my own eyes and asked.


"It feels uncomfortable, doesn't it?"

"What does?" I asked confused.

"Getting stared at." He said

I nodded in response looking down.

"So, don't do it to me" He said firmly.

"Sorry" I mumbled under my breath. My face started heating up in embarrassment. Good thing I was dark.

I thought he was angry, so I looked up at his face but surprisingly he had a smirk on his lips and his eyes held amusement.

I rolled my eyes, and looked straight forward towards the window. A few minutes later I think we arrived at his place.

Once the limo stopped the same guy that greeted us last time opened the door for us.

As usual Asher didn't say thank you while stepping out. I however smiled at him and gave him a polite Thank-you.

"You’re Welcome, Miss Wake." He said returning the smile. He closed the door, and he stepped into the lim

also a walk-in closet that could be a single room itself.

The room was finally finished off with an extravagant bathroom that was attached to my room with 2 sinks, a shower, separate bath tub, and a huge gigantic glass mirror.

"There is also a room next to yours for Miya" Asher spoke up.

I declined the offer right away. I didn't want to take too much of his house.

"No, it's fine Miya can share a room with me. I don't want to take too much space."

"No, I already had that room picked out for her." He said.


"I already said No." He said getting frustrated with me, while cutting me off.

I gave up and nodded, he was about to leave out the door, until I called his name.

"Hold on Asher"

"What?" He said uninterested

"Um... I just wanted to say thanks... for everything." I said looking up at him.

"You can unpack the boxes tomorrow, I know that she needs to go to bed, and get sleep." He said moving his eyes to a sleeping Miya.

"Did you hear what I said?" I asked getting annoyed that he was ignoring me.

"Yeah" he shrugged

"Well are-" I was about to respond but he cut me off again.

I realized that he does that a lot, I don't even think he notices it. However, I did and it was annoying and rude.

"There's no need to respond, and there's no reason to say thank you. You're only staying for a little so it's not a big deal." He frowned when he said that statement and walked out of the door closing it.

Alright then.

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