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   Chapter 24 Natalia POV

Mr. Ceo & I By dreannaxoxo16 Characters: 6417

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I was done.

I was finally done packing. All my belongings were in boxes. My furniture was even wrapped up.

The walls were cleared, and so were the counters. There was so much space now, that my voice could echo through the rooms.

I also cleaned everything, making sure that it was spotless. I took a shower, and gave Miya a bath as well.

We changed out of our clothes getting into new ones. It took me like all day to get this apartment done.

I started earlier today and now it was 10:00 at night. I was sitting on the floor with Miya on my lap waiting for a knock at the door.

I didn't want to sit on the couch because I didn’t want to mess up the neat wrap. He should be coming soon anyway I thought.

Well I don't really know if he was coming soon. I mean he did leave work to come earlier today.

So, I know when he left, he probably had to go back. So, we just sat there waiting for him.

After a while I looked at the time on my phone. An hour passed, and I was kind of getting anxious.

I mean what could he be doing so late. It doesn't take that long to leave from work to get here.

I was going to call him, but I remember that I didn't even have his phone number.

I always got a call from Tracey, or the office but never personally from him. So, I was going to call Tracey to see if he left yet.

I was looking for the contact, when I heard a knock from the door. I took Miya from my lap holding her.

I walked to the door seeing who it was. I was hoping it was Asher. But maybe it was Mace to come bother me again.

It better not be him, I thought. I opened it up and saw Asher. He had on a button down white-collar shirt. And the pants and shoes he had on earlier

He only took off his suit. He had tired eyes, and ruffled hair falling in his face. You could tell he was tired.

He turned to the side and put two fingers in his mouth blowing a whistle. I didn't know who h

g his hands for Miya.

Oh, heck no! I smacked his hands away from her, and stepped back from him.

"Keep your hands off the child!" Asher yelled at Mace from behind.

He stepped forward guarding Miya and I from him. Mace looked like a pea compared to him.

Asher was at least a foot taller than him, and his muscular figure was dominating Mace’s lanky one.

Mace gave Asher a challenging face. But as soon as it was there it disappeared.

He soon recognizes that he wasn't a match for him. So, he retracted back and looked past him to me.

"Just get your stuff and leave." He said harshly.

He held out his hand for the key to the apartment. I dug in my pocket for it. I reached my arm around Asher to place the key in his palm.

“Gladly” I said with a little devious smirk.

He turned around and walked away from where ever he came from.

Asher waited till he was gone until he turned around and looked at me. I was going to say thanks but he spoke up first.

"Wait in the limo."

"What, why?" I asked

"Because I told you so." He stated.

"Just becau-"

"I don't have time to argue get in the car now!" He yelled

"Alright I'm going!" I snapped at him.

I walked down the stairs heading to the limo in the parking lot.

Man, he was so bossy.

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