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   Chapter 23 Natalia POV

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"What?" I asked by in disbelief

"Live with me." He said again

"No, I heard what you said, but I just can’t believe that you said it."

"Why?" He asked confused.

He really thought there was nothing wrong with what he just asked.

"Why? Are you serious right now. I barely know you. We don’t get a long, and it's a crazy idea to begin with." I said while giving him a ridiculous look.

"I-" He was about to respond until Miya came running into the living room calling his name.

"Ashwer!!!" She said putting her arms out towards him to pick her up.

He scooped her up in his arms, and started talking to her smiling a little.

"Hey pumpkin, how are you?"

"Gwood" she said shyly.

"Good" He kissed her forehead and she smiled at that action.

I can't believe he was that comfortable with her, and same goes for her as well. I never saw Miya warm up to anyone that fast.

Not even Jane... really. And she was practically there when she was born.

He finally looked up at me speaking.

"Come on Natalia where are you going to go? You don’t have money, food, a place to live, and you don’t even have a pillow to lay your he-"

"I can see that!" I snapped.

He didn't have to list of all the things I didn't have. I mean I get it.

"Well there not my words, but yours. If you get kicked out right now. Would you even have a place to go?" He asked

I looked at him and shook my head.

"Exactly, if you leave now, you will be on the street with Miya. And I don't think that you would do that to Miya" He said.

"Of course not." I said a little defensive.

"So, just come live with me. At least till you get on your feet."

I looked at him and smiled, he was actually going to do this, wow maybe he is nice...

"Believe me I don't want

es at me." He said leaning on my counter in the kitchen.

"And I don't appreciate you throwing things where they don't belong." I said turning around crossing my arms.

"You know, you blow things out of proportion." He said.

I laughed out loud throwing my head back. Laughing at what he just said.

"Ha! Coming from the person who got mad that I went to lunch without telling him." I said narrowing my eyes.

He shook his head and chuckled.

"Man, you do not go down easy huh?"

He said to me with amusement in his eyes. He picked up his jacket that he took off like an hour ago.

He put it on, but while he did his muscles flexed under his shirt. Once he put it on fully. I turned around quickly and continued to pack.

"Nope, not at all" I said.

I did not want him to see me checking him out. 'Calm down Natalia'

I heard him walk to door about to open it. I was wondering where he was going.

"Where are you going?" I asked.

"It's none of your concern of where I'm going. Just continue to pack. I'll be back later tonight with a U-Haul truck." He said firmly.

He shut my door, before I could say anything else.

I guess I'll see him tonight then.

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