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   Chapter 21 Natalia POV

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I was putting clothes in my basket. I just finished about two loads of dirty clothes.

I was at the bottom floor of my apartment washing them after months. They had a dryer and washer that came with the apartment when I got it.

Which was weird, because my apartment complex was far from fancy. It looked like it was going to fall apart any second now.

You're probably wondering why I'm washing my clothes after two months? Well I didn't have any money.

Until I looked in my couch which was like the jack pot. I already found $10 dollars of change.

I should of went their sooner. I usedt$4 to do my clothes and that's was all I used out of the 10. So, I had $6 left. Yay for me.

After I finished putting the clothes in my basket. I closed the dryer door. I turned around looking at Miya.

She was sitting on a washer, swinging her legs back and forth chewing on a blue sucker.

"Come on baby girl let's go."

She reached her hands out towards me to pick her up. I sat her down on the ground.

I picked up the basket heading up the stairs to my door. My clothes kept on falling out because there was so much.

I turned around ready to pick them up. However, I stopped when I saw my baby girl picking them up while trailing behind me.

She was so cute. I walked up the stairs a bit more until I got to the front of my door. I opened it up letting us in.

"Here Mama"

She said handing me the clothes.

"Thanks baby girl"

She didn't say anything, but just smiled at me. I walked into my room and started on folding the laundry.

I folded all my clothes putting them in separate piles. I also put Miyas clothes on the side as well.

I was bending down opening my drawers. Miya took the clothes out of the piles giving them to me in my hand.

Wow she was being so helpful today. Probably because I have been correcting her all week.

She's been having tantrums, and crying out of nowhere. Until yesterday I had a long talk... well tried to at least. However,

to see him as much as she can."

"Oh, how long have they been together?"

"Well, I don't even think there together. I think they just sleep around. He barely takes her out in public, and never speaks to her at work. She's just his play toy."

For some odd reason that kind of made me happy inside. They weren't together. She was his play toy, BUT they weren't official.

"Tracey, how do you even know all this?" I asked her in disbelief.

"I have my ways."

"I guess so"

We both laughed at this.

"How is he anyway?" I asked really concerned.

I know that guy treated me like crap, but I cant help being a little curious about how he was doing after I left.

"He's a mess... I mean he's like ten times rude. He literally yells at everyone now for the smallest things. He has hired two personal assistants since you been gone. But he fired them the next day."

"Sounds like him alright."

"Yeah, I guess... but it's just different."

Honestly, I thought it was weird too. He was still Asher, but I wondered why his rudeness was 10x worse.

What are you thinking Natalia? You know Asher and his bipolar ways. He's probably in more of a crappy mood just because it was Asher.

"Well, enough of talking about him. Lets have some coffee, shall we?" She chirped.

"Yeah, sure." I said with a light smile.

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