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   Chapter 20 Natalia POV

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2 months...

It has been about 2 months since I quit. And I'm running out of money. I can't afford anything.

I'm counting at my last dollar. I paid for rent, Jane's back up babysitting money, food, and other bills.

But now I don't know where I'm going to get the money. I'm honestly at my last.

I've been looking for months for a job. However, I still haven't got one, not even a phone call. I have even been applying at fast food or waitressing jobs just so I can get some type of income coming in.

Whatever I need to do to pay the bills and have a stable home I will do. I was currently calculating everything that needed to get paid this month.

Jane: $100

Rent: $458

Phone Bill: $75

Utilities: $60

Toiletries: $30


"Mama can you rwead me a swory?"

"Yeah, give Mama a minute okay?"

"No, now!"

"Come on baby girl give Mama a min-"

"No!" She said whining, while climbing on my lap.

She started banging her head on my chest crying.

"Okay, Miya go in your room and wait for me okay?"

She chirped up and smiled at me.

"Otay" She said and ran into her room. she acted like she didn't even cry or threw a fit just a few minutes ago.

She was probably fake crying. She's been doing that a lot lately. I pushed the paper and pen to the side of the table.

I walked into her bedroom looking at her crouching down picking out a book.

She pulled it out and shoved it in front of my face.

"This one Mama, this one!" She squealed.

She pulled out a princess book. It didn't have any words just pictures of Disney Princesses.

"Okay Baby girl."

We sat on the bed getting comfortable. I opened the book going through the pages.

Occasionally Miya will scream at the princess that she lik

dn't take it anymore.

I don't know any human who acts that way towards another. However, I kind of knew how he was like before I got the job.

But I was desperate and I really needed the money. The exact same way I'm feeling now still.

I got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around me. I turned off the lights and walked to my bedroom.

I picked out some under garments and an oversized T-shirt for bed. I sat on the bed just staring at the wall.

I finally accepted it. I was going to get evicted and there was nothing I could do about it.

I felt a tear roll down my eye. Then a lot came after that. I put my hands in my head sobbing.


I heard the door creek open. There was Miya looking at me with a sad face. She ran to me climbing on my lap with her little legs.

"Why you cry Mama?"

I wiped the tears from my face. Looking at her with a smile.

"Oh no I'm not crying baby girl it's just water."

"No" she said

She gave me a big hug, with her arms not fully wrapping around me.

"Love you" She said not really completing her sentence.

"I love you too, and everything's going to be alright." I said while kissing her forehead.

I hope.

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