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   Chapter 16 Natalia POV

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Shortly after we left, we arrived at urgent care. I took my car with Miya, she seated in the back strapped in her car seat, while Jane was following behind.

Once we parked I rushed to the door not even thinking of Jane. Luckily there was no line. So, we went straight to the front desk.

There was a middle age lady typing on a computer. She looked up at me smiling.

"What can I help you with Miss?"

"Hi, my daughter is coughing, sniffing, and seems to have an aching throat and she also has a temperature."

"Okay, we can get her in shortly. I just need some information from you?"

After I gave her all the information about Miya she got me checked into the system. Right away she told me that they had a room ready.

We walked in the back and was greeted by a nurse. She walked us through some doors and a hallway until she finally stopped at the room.

She walked us in and told us to take a seat. Before she closed the door, she spoke up.

"Doctor Linda will be with you shortly." She said smiling.

"Okay, Thank you." I responded.

We waited for about seven minutes until the Doctor walked in. She shook my hand and looked down at Miya.

Wow well that was fast, usually it takes 40 minutes to an hour for them to even come and look at you.

Right away she had a concerned look on her face while asking questions about the symptoms that Miya was experiencing.

After I explained the symptoms that she has been having she started inspecting Miya.

"Can you open up your mouth for me sweetheart?" She asked Miya.

Miya opened her mouth wide. The doctor took a stick and patted down her tongue so she can look at the back of her throat.

"Say ahhh for me sweetheart."

Miya opened her mouth as wide as she could this time.

She then took an ear thermometer and stuck it in her ear. She also examined her eyes, and heart rate.

"So, Miss. Wake Miya here has nothing too serious but just a cold, but I will say that its a little more severe than normal especially in such a short p

ling her and lifting her up.

She didn't even open her eyes. She was so tired and her body was probably worn out fighting the cold.

Oh, poor thing.

I walked up the stairs while getting my key out. I unlocked the door and walked in.

I went straight to my bedroom laying her down on the bed. I stripped off my clothes putting on something more comfortable.

I went to the bathroom, and looked in the cabinet that was behind the mirror. I looked around and spotted the medicine. I took it out of cabinet and sat it down on the sink.

Luckily, I didn't have to go to the store and buy it because, I already had it.

I read the instructions in the back for children dosage and poured it in the cup. I turned off the light and walked back into the bedroom

I woke up Miya encouraging her to take the medicine. At first, she resisted but then she finally took it obviously complaining at the taste.

"Good girl" I said cooing to her after she drank it all without spitting it out.

I stripped her out of her clothes, and just let her lay bare on the bed, so she wouldnt run a fever.

Before I knew it, she went back to sleep. I plugged up a fan turning it on facing Miya to cool her down. I wanted to lower her temperature much as possible.

I walked on the other side of the bed, and curled up right behind her falling asleep.

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