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   Chapter 15 Natalia POV

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Mr. Ford and two other men stepped through the door immediately. I already knew what he looked like, and was kind of familiar with him, just by the few phone calls that we had about the meeting.

I mean Mr. Beacon told me to look up all of his personal information. From his business, all the way up to his contact information.

He really wanted to know everything about him, and how his character was when working in business. Especially having this big of a meeting I suppose.

He went directly to Mr. Beacon shaking his hand.

"Mr. Beacon." He nodded

"Mr. Ford."

Wow, this was serious. I mean they were talking like robots. It was too formal for my liking.

"Well let's get to business." Mr. Ford said while seating himself down on the chair across from us.

Suddenly the two men that were with Mr. Ford took out two big brief cases. They opened them up and started taking out papers.

After they were done, they sat the cases down under the table, and at the same exact time.

They were like creepy twin dolls that you see in scary movies like The Shining. But instead of dresses they had suits, and instead of being young girls they were two grown men.

Which made it even more creepy.

The thought of it actually made me laugh inside. I think that Mr. Beacon notice how ridiculous they looked as well.

Because in the corner of my eye. I saw him roll his eyes. At this a little snip of body language from him a laugh came from my mouth.

Immediately everyone snapped their heads at me. All eyes were trained on me like daggers.

I looked down embarrassed, and muttered a sorry. I looked up to see if they were still looking at me.

However, they weren't they were talking amongst each other.

Alrighty then...

The meeting was so boring. All I heard was Mr. Beacon talk about things. Well I'm guessing important things.

However, I didn't even know half of the things they were saying. So, they were just things to me.

Every now and then he will tell me to past him stuff or give me a nod if I needed to write something down.

I really kind of wante

Wow, he had a beautiful smile. I thought to myself while gazing at his features.

"Twhree!!" She said while holding up three fingers up in the air.

"Wow so you're a big girl huh?” He said tickling her stomach a little.

She started laughing but she finally yelled out a yes.

"Well big girls listen to their Mom, don't they?" He said giving her a blank look.

She mumbled a shy Yes.

"Good, well let's take you to Mommy okay?" He said while walking over to me slowly.

“Otay" She responded.

Asher walked over to me placing Miya in my hands. Miya immediately wrapped her arms around me. Now she wanted to act like a good girl.

"Be good for Mommy okay?" He said to her

She nodded her head in response.

"Mr. Beacon I'm sorry, but she's sick and I really need to take her to the emergency room. Is there-"

"It’s fine, you’re dismissed for the day. I'll just email you the work." He said with no emotion.

It was so weird because he was like happy just 5 seconds ago with my daughter. Unless he was pretending.

"Okay, thank you Mr. Beacon."

I turned around and called Jane to come over interrupting her conversation with Tracey. We walked into the elevator, but before we went down Miya spoke up.

"Bye Ashwer!!" She said waving her hand.

"Bye Miya" He said giving her a smile.

He looked at me one last time and gave me a simple nod before the doors closed.

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