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   Chapter 13 Natalia POV

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I walked out of my bedroom into the living room. Jane and Miya were entering the apartment at the same time.

I was right, they got Ice Cream. Miya looked up in my direction and ran to me showing her own personal heaven that she was holding in her hand.

"Look Mama I got Ice Creawm!"

She yelled almost shoving the Ice Cream in my face. Her face was smeared with pink cream, and colorful sprinkles sticking to her face.

Pieces of hair were also glued to her skin. Which led her to having it coated in ice cream as well.

She was really messy when she ate. I mean it was all over. But if she was happy so be it.

"I see, what flavor is it baby girl?" I asked.

She looked at it for a long time. Turning and examining it closely. She was probably coming up with an extravagant name for it like she always did when it came to the creamy goodness.

Vanilla Worm (Vanilla Ice cream with worms)

Chocolate Cup {Chocolate Ice cream with peanut butter cups)

Gross (For pistachio Ice cream)

I guess you can say she didnt like that one very much.

And now I was waiting for the name for this one. Even though it was just simply strawberry flavor. She always had to be extra...

Her eyebrows shot up signaling that she had one in her mind.

"Strawberry Sprinkwles!" She said raising up her Ice Cream like it was trophy.

I chuckled at her seriousness, and her so called 'flavor' of it. She was too funny sometimes.

I guess well add that name to the ice cream list. I thought to myself.

Well it sounds very yummy baby girl." I said while pushing her hair back.

"Hey, Natalia."


"Did something happen at work or...?" She trailed off looking awkward.

"Oh, right I'm sorry I shouldve called you. He dismissed me from work early." I smiled waving a hand off.

"Oh no worries! So, do you want me to come back same time tomorrow?"

Yes, please. Oh, and tomorrow I'll pay you for back up money, and your recent babysitting.

"No, Natalia you-"

"Jane, now stop it of course I do. It's the least I ca

ead feeling her temperature. She was a little too warm.

"I don't feel so good Mama" she pouted.

"I know you don't honey." I kept on feeling her head.

Jane was beside me observing the whole thing. So, I turned to her and told her some instructions of what to do while I was gone.

"Place a cold towel on her head, and keep the blankets off her. There's some Children's Tylenol in the bathroom mirror. Give her one droplet every 4-6 hours. Also, there's some chicken noodle soup in the kitchen cabinet." I said while walking everywhere and pointing to every specific thing that I named off.

She nodded at everything I said. She already knew where most things were so she shouldn't have too much of a problem.

"Oh, and call me If you have any questions or something happens. Text me every 2 hours about her cold."

"Alright, I will."

I bend down to Miya and gave her kiss on the forehead.

"Mommy has to go to work now, but if you feel worse tell Jane okay?"

"Otay, bye mama love you."

"Love you too sweetheart"

I stood up and said bye to Jane and walked out of the door.

I was a little worried about Miya, but I'm sure she'll be fine. It's just a cold that will past.

I wish I could stay, but we had that important meeting with Mr. Ford today.

If anything, I will be notified by Jane if something goes wrong with my baby girl.

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