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   Chapter 12 Natalia POV

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Once I walked into the lobby my phone beeped. I pulled out my purse and held the device in my hand and saw that I got an email.

"Leave the notes that you took in the meeting on my desk. Then you're dismissed."

It was kind of odd that he was dismissing me early. I usually get off work late. It was only 3:00 o'clock.

I wasn't quite sure, if it was a mistake or not. But I was just going to do what he said anyway. Now to think of it, it was probably a good idea for me to go home early. Just so we can get some space between us even if it was just for a few hours.

So, I went to the elevator going to the 15th floor. As soon as the doors opened. I saw Traceys face all up in my space.

It kind of took me by surprise. I backed up a little so I could see her more clearly.

Once I could see her features coming into focus. I saw that her face was written with concern. Before I could ask her what was wrong, she started talking.

"Are you okay Natalia?" She asked.

"Yeah, why wouldn't I be?" I asked a little confused.

"Well Mr. Beacon came in really mad, and he stormed straight into his office. I was just wondering if something happened between you two because you were with him last?"


"Yeah, so I was just wondering if you were alright?" She said.

"Yeah, I am thanks for asking Tracey." I smiled.

"Yeah, anytime. I'm glad you're okay."

"Yeah, well I got to go drop off these notes to Mr. Beacon."

"Oh, sorry don't let me hold you up." She said going back to her desk.

I walked towards the hallway where our offices were located. While I was walking a thought occurred to me.

Our offices are really close to each other and on top of that they were both isolated from everything else on the floor

I can see why though. Mr. Beacon was a man that didn't want to be bothered ever...

I walked to his office doors. I opened them without knocking, because usually he's not in his office whe

ly, finally sitting down.

I sighed in relief feeling my muscles relax beneath the clear liquid.

I felt like all my stress from today had been lifted off me. I rarely never relax.

I mean I'm always on the go rather it's my job, Miya, or something around the apartment.

Don't get me wrong Miya was my pride and joy. I don't regret nothing when it comes to her. I also dont want it to seem like Im complaining about working, or taking care of my kid because thats not where Im coming from at all.

I just wish I wouldve been more careful when it came to her dad.

But I was a fool in love, and I was blinded by his charm.

It just sucks that you have to wait until the bad side of people are exposed, to find that everything that you shared with that person for years was wrong all along. The only thing I'm grateful for in the relationship with her father Julian, is Miya.

I'm glad that I got her out of him.

After a while the water got cold. So, I washed and rinsed my body one more time before I stepped out.

I wrapped a towel around my body while walking into my bedroom. I pulled out underwear and a bra to wear to bed from my dresser.

I then picked out a night T-shirt, and sweatpants for pajamas. As I finished putting on my clothes.

I heard the door unlock.

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