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   Chapter 10 Asher POV (Mr. Beacon)

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He was annoying... I mean he didn't need to flirt with her, and she didn't need to flirt with him back.

I'm actually surprise she didn't give him an attitude or corrected him like she tries to do with me.

He should keep it professional like I do myself. I don't mix business with pleasure. I keep it strictly formal. Its too messy when the two mixes together.

Mr. Ray led Natalia to a seat right next to him. I can tell she was a little uncomfortable about the whole thing.

Which surprisingly made me feel a little uneasy. But I quickly shook the thought out of my head.

After everyone was seated. Mr. Ray started talking immediately. I looked at Natalia nodding my head towards her notepad signaling for her to take notes.

She nodded her head in response and quickly got a pen out jotting down words.

"So, there is a proposition that I want to approach you about only if youre interested?" Mr. Ray asked.

I laid back, folding my hands on my stomach. I looked at him, raising my eyebrow for him to proceed.

"I want to join companies and be partnered with National Elect Industries."

I was pretty shocked of what he was proposing. I mean it was a big deal. But I didn't want to be partnered with anyone. I work alone, I succeed on my own, I build on my own, I come up with ideas of my own. And I wanted to keep it that way

So I was going to reject immediately. Until Mr. Ray jumped in probably aware of my response and hesitation. He continued to convince me.

"Before you say no just listen. It will be a great opportunity for companies to join looking at the business aspect of it. We can create new ideas, have more profit, and be set in numbers. Don't get me wrong Mr. Beacon everything is not peachy dory. Everything has its disadvantages. However, with this proposition the advantages overcome everything else."

The more he was speaking the more he made sense. The more I thought about it, it sounded like a good idea.

I know many companies who partnered together and there was a

here. So, I decided to say something to her.

"Next, time don't flirt with any of the people that I have meetings or talking business with. It's trashy, and as my personal assistant youre representing me and my company." I looked at her straight in the eye saying those words.

She had her mouth open in shock and her brown eyes looking at me like I was crazy.

"What are you crazy? I wasn't flirting with him, if anything I was trying to let him down easy without being rude!" She yelled clenching her fist on the seat.

I looked at her with a disapproving look for the way she was talking to me. However, she was right, for the most part she did look uncomfortable, but I was still fired up and irritated about the whole situation.

"You let me handle it, I-"

"No, I'm a big girl I can handle it or anything by myself. I don't need to tell you my problems like you're my dad!" She snapped

I could tell she was losing her patience. I didn't care though I was going to push as many buttons as I need until she understands my point.

I chuckled at her response making her more annoyed.

"So, I'm guessing the only way that you can 'handle' situations like that is by flirting back with a stranger thats giving you any type of attention? Wow, good job." I said sarcastically squinting my eyes at her.

At this point she was fuming.

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