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   Chapter 9 Natalia POV

Mr. Ceo & I By dreannaxoxo16 Characters: 6767

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It was pretty silent in the limo. Mr. Beacon was sitting so far away from me making business calls. I just sat there with my hands placed on my lap and my legs crossed.

I wondered who we were meeting with. I wished that he would of kind of told me a little in advanced so I could be prepared. Curiosity overwhelmed me so I decided to just ask him.

"Sir, who are we meeting with?"

"Were meeting with Mr. Ray of Shine Enterprises." He said quickly

I waited for him to go more in detail about the meeting, but he didn't he just stopped. So, I asked him if there was anything else I needed to be informed about.

"Is there anything else about the meeting I should know Sir?" I asked

He looked back at me with angry with intense eyes. I wondered what I did wrong this time.

"Are you getting smart with me?" He asked in a dark low voice.

I was shocked at his comment, but more than anything confused. I wasn't getting smart with him at all. I was honestly asking a genuine question with no hidden motive behind it?

"No Sir I-"

"If there was anything else you needed to know, I would've told you." He snapped.

I was going to respond, until the door opened. Mr. Beacon stepped out of the car, I did as well following his steps. I gave the limo driver a small smile before catching up to Mr. Beacon. Man, he was walking really fast today.

When I met his strides approaching the building. I looked up, and saw that it was pretty big. Not as big as National Elect Industries, but it wasn't far from it.

We finally entered, and walked towards the reception desk. There was a man sitting and typing away on his computer with concentrated eyes, he looked pretty young. He looked up when he saw us approaching the desk. Once Mr. Beacon came to a complete stop he asked the young boy a simple question.

"Mr. Rays office?"

The man eyed us suspiciously. I didn't know if he was doing that because he didn't know what Mr. Beacon meant by his question. Or he was maybe confused of why we were here in the first place.

However, with the

son, but talking to Mr. Beacon.

"Is that, right?" Mr. Beacon asked with a cocky smirk stretched onto his face

"Yes, let's step into my office."

We all begin to walk straight forward before we turned the corner to a white glass door. Mr. Ray opened it up for all of us to step in the room. I was the last to go in until Mr. Ray stopped me from stepping in further.

"And who must be this beautiful woman might be?" He said towards me with a charming smile.

I was going to respond, until Mr. Beacon beat me to it.

"That's my personal assistant, don't worry she won't be in tune in the conversation. She will only be taking notes."

" If I only knew how pretty they get I would have gotten myself a new personal assistant as well." He said chuckling at himself.

I laughed at his comment to and his strange attempt of trying to hit on me. But he didn't know that.

"What's your name my dear?"

"Natalia, Sir." I smiled offering a hand.

He took my hand in his own, and stared at me with his eyes. It was kind of getting borderline creepy. I tried to pull my hand away but he wouldn't let go.

Luckily someone cleared their throat. I turned around and saw Mr. Beacon glaring at Mr. Ray

"So, should we get started?" Mr. Ray asked letting go of my hand and walking towards Mr. Beacon

"Yeah, let's." He responded but giving me hard glare while doing so.

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