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   Chapter 8 Natalia POV

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I went into the bathroom and ran warm water in the tub. I poured bubble bath in the water. While that was going I put Miya down onto the floor, and stripped her out of her clothes.

I waited a few minutes until the bathtub was full to turn it off. I picked up Miya and placed her in. I grabbed a baby washcloth and dipped it into the bubbles and soap and started washing her.

I grabbed some bubbles from the water putting it in her hair, and blowing them in her face. Her wet hair was sticking to her face while she was clapping her hands and giggling at the tickling sensation that bubbles were giving her when they landed on her skin

She picked the up bubbles from the water by clasping her hands together. However, every time she would open her hands she would look for the bubble, but they would dissolve in her skin. She looked so cute with her scrunched up face showing that she was confused.

She tilted her head towards her hands curious of where they went. After a while of working too hard to find the lost bubbles a yawn came out her little mouth.

"Mommy I tired" Miya said rubbing her eyes, and not fully completing her sentence 8

"Okay, mommy's going to put you to bed, let me rinse you off first okay?"

"Okay." She responded in a whisper.

I rinsed her off a few times before I picked her up. I wrapped her in a towel that I sat on the sink earlier. I dried her wet body and hair off. I drained the water in the tub watching it go down the drain.

I walked her to her room setting her down on the bed. I went to the dresser and picked her out a blue pair of matching pajamas.

I unwrapped her towel from her body replacing it with her comfy pajamas. Once she was in them, I tucked her into bed and pulled the covers over her. I was going to read her a bed time story, but before I knew it she was asleep.


The next morning, I woke up pretty early to get ready. I walked into the bathroom and jumped into a quick shower. I got out and went to my closet. I

fine for his actions. He pushed the button that read the 1st floor to the lobby.

"A meeting?" I asked confused

"I think that's what I said, not even 5 seconds ago." He said with a harsh tone.

I looked at him with a nasty look. Good thing he wasn't looking at me or he would have said something sarcastic. He was such a moody person all the time.

I turned and faced the elevator door waiting for it to open. Once the lobby was in view, he quickly got out walking towards the exit.

I mean he was really fast walking, it was hard to keep up with him. He pushed the door open, not even holding it for me... rude

Once I reached outside. He was waiting for me at the sidewalk. He turned around rolling his eyes impatiently probably because I was going slow.

I looked in front of me, and in my sight, was a long, black limo. A man stepped out from the drivers seat and walked around meeting us on the other side.

He opened the door for us. He had on a black suit, and black glasses. He was bald and very skinny.

"Good Morning Mr. Beacon" He greeted

Mr. Beacon responded with a slight nod and entered the limo. However, when the guy turned towards me, he gave me a wide smile, before I entered the limo. When I was fully seated and settled inside he closed the door shut behind me.

Leaving just me and Mr. Beacon.

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