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   Chapter 7 Natalia POV

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"Bye, Natalia thanks for joining me for lunch."

"Yeah, anytime." I smiled at her

We parted our ways. She went back to her desk. While I headed to my office. I was walking down the hallway about to open my door until I heard Mr. Beacons voice.

I turned around looking at him, but once I did I was met with blue eyes full of fury. He walked outside of his door. He took a few angry steps towards me and spoke.

"Where were you Miss. Wake?!" He yelled

"Sir, I was just getting lunch."

"I called your phone in your office, and you didn't pick up. You need to take this job seriously!"

His veins were popping out of neck, and his face was slightly red. well he was mad.

"Well, excuse me I didn't know that being hungry was a crime." I stated angrily.

"I can't afford people slacking off, got it?" he barked at me

I nodded my head, not wanting to say anything. I knew that If I did I would say something disrespectful. However, he pushed my patience once again.

"Last time I checked you had a mouth and a tongue. I suggest you use it talking to me!" 3

He quirked an eyebrow waiting for a verbal response from me. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath calming myself down. I opened my eyes meeting his.

"Yes, Sir I got it" I responded emphasizing the 'got it part'

He must have realized the snarky remark because he gave me a nasty look. I crossed my arms challenging him.

"Will that be all Sir?" I asked annoyed

"Next time let me know about your whereabouts Miss Wake including lunch. Now that will be all."

He said his final words and walked away trailing in his office and closing the door.

Who gets mad about another person going to lunch. I mean I wasn't going to starve to death. Well maybe that's too dramatic, but still. He blew a little thing out of proportion. Saying that I was slacking off on my work. More than anything I have to put in more work dealing with him.

Oh, and

ped into the elevator. I made a mental note of that. I responded with a simple Yes, Sir.

I closed my phone putting it back into my purse and walked to my car. I headed straight home. I arrived at my apartment and was greeted with Jane rushing out the door.

"Sorry, Natalia I have to rush home, I'll be back tomorrow morning bye!"

"Bye Jane!" I yelled so she could hear me

I went inside my apartment and I heard my little Miya.

"Mommy, Mommy you're here!" She said.

She ran up to me with her little legs. I scooped her up in my arms.

"I missed you mommy." She stared up at me with her gleaming eyes.

"I missed you too baby girl!"

She wrapped her arms around my neck giving me hug.

"Were you a good girl for Jane?


Her voice was muffled because she had her head buried in my neck. She always did this when she told a fib. So, I pulled her back so I could look at her face and ask her again?

"Tell me the truth Miya were you a good girl?"

She didn't respond, she just frowned and a wrapped her arms around me again hiding her face. I sighed giving up knowing I wasn't going to get the truth. No wonder why Jane was probably rushing out of here I thought.

"Okay, come on baby girl lets give you a bath"

I felt her nod her head under my hair.

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