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   Chapter 6 Natalia POV

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I stepped out of the elevator entering th.5th floor. It was my second day on the job. The first thing I saw was Tracey on the phone. I decided to go up to her and say Hello. I mean I had at leas.0 minutes to spare before I needed to be in my office.

"Good Morning, Tracey!" I beamed.

"Good Morning Natalia, how are you?"

"I'm good, and you?" I asked in return.

"Great, how was it yesterday being your first day and all?"

"It was pretty good. I mean the work and the job itself isn't the problem. It's just Mr. Beacon."

"Yeah, don't worry he acts like that towards everyone."

"Really?" I responded astonished.

"Pretty much, it’s very rare for him to act any different."

"Is there any reason why he's like that?" I asked

"Nope, everyone just got used it."

"Oh, okay well I have to go to the break room. See you later Tracey!" I said.

"See you around Natalia."

I entered the break room making his coffee. I then headed towards his office. I opened the doors, and sat his coffee down on his desk.

I walked to my office sitting down in my chair. Waiting for… I really didn't know what I was waiting for exactly. I didn't understand how he could give me orders with-

"Riiiinnnnggg, rrrrriiiiinnngg"

My thoughts were interrupted by a phone ringing beside me on my desk. I didn't even recognize it until now when it rung for the third time I picked it up and finally answered it.


"Miss. Wake I need you to set up an interview this Friday with Mr. Ford. Schedule, it around noon. His number should be in the computer system..

"Yes, Sir."

I was about to say something else, but he hung up the phone before I could. I called Mr. Ford and he agreed to set up the meeting on Friday. I looked beside my desk and I noticed a drop off box. There was a tan

d this one and here I am." I laughed a little.

"Do you think that this job is the best fit for you?"

"Yeah, I mean I need it to support myself and my daughter."

"You have a daughter!?" She perked up and stopped eating at that confession.

I laughed at her reaction but responded to her question.

"Yeah, I have .-year-old little girl named Miya..

"Wow, I would have never thought that."


“I mean you look so young, and your body doesn't even look like you had a child. I mean not saying that's bad. You know I just- “

"It's fine Tracey, I know you don't mean any harm."

"Yeah, sorry" She chuckled nervously

I could understand where she came from I was onl.4... Which you can say is pretty young. I cut the awkward silence by asking her questions.3

"So, what about you Tracey, do you like working here?"

"Yeah, I like it a lot the pay is good, the people are great. Sometimes it gets stressful when it gets busy, but what job doesn't you know?”

I nodded in agreement.

"Oh, wow it'.:00 o'clock we better get going." She said standing up from the table.

She was right, I better get up there and finish my task. We walked to the elevator heading to our floor.

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