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First Italian Readings By Various Characters: 8236

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va, va', vai, pres. ind. or imper. of andare.

vacanza, vacation, holidays.

vado, pres. of andare.

vagabondo, vagabond, rambling.

vago, vague.

valente, clever, skilful.

valere, to be worth, be sufficient, avail; far --, to turn to account, make the most of.

valore, m., valor, bravery, value, worth.

valorosamente, valiantly, bravely.

valsero, pret. of valere.

vaniloquio, vain discourse.

vanità, vanity.

vantarsi, to boast.

vapore, m., vapor, mist, steam, steamer.

variazione, variation.

varietà, variety.

vario, varied, different, various.

vasetto, little vase, pot.

ve. See vi.

vecchia, old woman.

vecchietta, little old woman.

vecchiezza, old age.

vecchio, old.

vedere, to see; far --, to show.

vedetta, vedette, sentinel.

vedova, widow.

vedovo, widower; widowed.

veicolo, vehicle.

vela, sail.

velare, to veil, cover.

velluto, velvet.

velocità, velocity.

vena, vein.

venatura, veining, vein.

vendere, to sell.

venditore, m., seller, vender.

venerato, revered, venerated.

venerazione, veneration.

veneto, Venetian.

venire, to come, be; -- su, to grow up.

venti, twenty.

vento, wind.

venturo, future, coming, next.

veramente, truly, really.

verbo, verb, word.

verboso, verbose, wordy.

verde, m., verdure, green; adj., green.

verdetto, verdict.

vergogna, shame.

vergognarsi, to be ashamed.

verità, truth.

vermiglio, red, rosy.

vero, true, real; truth.

verrà, fut. of venire.

verrei, cond. of venire.

verso (di), towards; verse, line, way, side.

veste, f., garment, clothes.

vestiario, suit of clothes.

vestire, to clothe, dress, cover, wear; --si, to dress.

vestitacci, m. pl., old, ragged clothes.

vestito, suit, clothes, gown.

vetro, glass, pane of glass.

vetta, top (of tree).

vettura, carriage, coach.

vezzo, charm, beauty.

vi, there; to you, you.

via, way, road, street; away, on, indeed, come! -- -- che, as;

-- vai, movement, bustle.

viaggiare, to travel.

viaggiatore, m., traveller, passenger.

viaggio, journey, voyage.

vicenda, change, turn, vicissitude; a --, in turn.

vicina, neighbor.

vicinanza, vicinity.

vicino, near; neighbor.

vide, pret. of vedere.

vien(e), pres. of venire.

viglietto, note, card; -- da visita, visiting-card.

vigna, vineyard, vine.

vigorosamente, vigorously.

vile, vile, base, abject.

villaggio, village.

villeggiare, to stay at one's villa.

villeggiatura, stay at one's villa.

vincere, to conquer, win, overcome.

vino, wine.

vinse, pret. of vincere.

vinto, part. of vincere.

violenza, violence, force.

virtù, virtue, power.

visita, visit, call.

visitare, to visit.

viso, face, countenance, look.

vista, sight, eyesight, view, search.

visto, part. of vedere.

vita, life, shape, waist.

vitale, vital, of life.

vittima, victim.

vivace, vivacious, lively.

vivente, living.

vivere, to live.

viveri, m. pl., provisions.

vivificare, to vivify.

vivo, alive, blooming, vivid.

viziato, vitiated.

vocabolario, vocabulary.

voce, f., voice.

vocina, soft voice.

vocione, m., strong, loud voice.

voga, fashion, vogue.

vogare, to row.

voglia, desire, longing.

voglio, pres. of volere.

volare, to fly, soar, run.

volentieri. See volentieri.

volere, to wish, be willing, want, please; -- dire, to mean, signify;

ci vuole, it takes, requires;

-- bene a, to wish well, like, love;

n. m., will, pleasure.

volgare, vulgar, common.

volgere, to turn.

volontà, will.

volentieri, willingly.

volpe, f., fox.

volta, time.

voltare, to turn, translate, turn round; --si, to turn, turn round.

volto, face.

volume, m., volume, book.

voluttà, pleasure, delight.

vorrà, fut. of volere.

vorrei, cond. of volere.

vortice, m., vortex, whirlpool.

voto, vote.

vuoi, vuole, pres. of volere.

vuotare, to empty, drain, hollow out.

vuoto, empty, solitary


zampa, paw.

zio, uncle; pl., relatives.

zitella, ma

id, spinster.

zitellona, spinster.

zotica, rude woman.

* * *

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