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   Chapter 30 No.30

First Italian Readings By Various Characters: 8181

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Iddio, God.

idea, idea, view.

idiopatico, idiopathic.

ieri, yesterday; ier l'altro, day before yesterday.

iersera, last night.

ignaro, ignorant, unconscious.

ignorare, not to know.

ignoto, unknown.

ignudo, naked.

ilarità, hilarity, gayety.

illuminare, to illuminate, enlighten.

illuminazione, illumination.

illustrato, illustrated.

illustre, illustrious.

imbalsamato, balmy.

imbandire, to serve up.

imbarcare, to embark, ship.

imbarcazione, boat.

imbecille, imbecile.

imboccare, to enter.

imbroglione, m., meddler.

imitare, to imitate.

immaginare, to imagine, fancy.

immaginario, imaginary.

immaginazione, imagination.

immagine, f., image, figure.

immane, enormous, huge.

immensità, immensity.

immenso, immense, great.

immerso, immersed, plunged.

immobile, still, motionless.

impadronirsi, to take possession (of).

impallidire, to turn pale.

impappinarsi, to get confused, bewildered.

imparare, to learn.

impaurire, to frighten.

impaziente, impatient.

impazienza, impatience.

impazzata; all'--, like mad.

impazzire, to go mad.

impedire, to hinder, prevent.

impennarsi, to rear.

impensierirsi, to become pensive, think seriously.

impensierito, in deep thought, pensive.

impercettibile, imperceptible.

imperioso, imperious.

impermeabile, impervious.

imperversare, to rage.

impeto, fury, violence.

impetuoso, impetuous, violent.

impiantito, inlaying, inlaid floor.

impicciarsi, to meddle.

impiccio, trouble, perplexity.

impiegato, employee.

impiego, office.

impietosito, moved to pity.

imporre, to impose.

importanza, importance.

importare, to be of consequence, signify, amount to.

imprecazione, imprecation, curse.

improvvisato, improvised.

improvviso, unexpected, sudden; all'--, d'--, unexpectedly.

imputato, the accused, defendant.

in, in, into.

inabissarsi, to plunge down, sink.

inalterabile, unalterable.

inalzare, to raise, lift.

inaridire, to wither, harden.

inaspettato, unexpected.

inasprire, to exasperate, irritate.

inaugurazione, unveiling.

incalzare, to pursue, go on.

incanto, enchantment, magic, charm.

incaricare, to charge, command, burden.

incarico, charge, duty, office.

incentivo, incentive, stimulus.

inceppare, to encumber.

incertezza, uncertainty, suspense.

incespicare, to stumble.

inchiesta, search, inquest.

inchino, bow, salutation.

inchiodato, nailed, fastened.

inciampare, to stumble, trip.

incimurrito, affected with glanders.

inclinazione, inclination.

incognita, unknown quantity.

incollato, glued, matted.

incombenza, commission, charge.

incominciare, to begin, commence.

inconscio, unconscious.

incontrare, to meet.

incontro, against, towards; -- a, to meet; meeting.

incoraggiare, to encourage.

incorruttibile, incorruptible.

incorruttibilità, incorruptibility.

indi, then.

indiavolato, furious, fearful.

indicare, to indicate.

indicatore, m., time table, guide.

indifferenza, indifference.

indignazione, indignation.

indipendenza, independence.

indirizzare, to address.

indisciplinato, unruly.

indiscrezione, indiscretion.

indispettirsi, to be piqued, provoked.

indisposto, indisposed, ill.

indistintamente, without distinction.

indistinto, indistinct.

indole, f., nature, disposition

indolentemente, listlessly.

indolenzito, benumbed.

indomani, m., next day.

indossare, to put on.

indovinare, to divine, conjecture.

indugio, delay.

industria, industry.

inebetito, dazed.

inedito, inedited, unpublished.

ineguale, unequal, uneven.

inesauribile, inexhaustible.

inesorabile, inexorable.

infanzia, infancy, childhood.

infatti, in fact, indeed.

infelice, unhappy.

infernale, infernal, terrible.

inferno, hell; d'--, terrible.

infervorarsi, to become animated.

infilare, --si, to put on, pull on.

infine, finally.

infinitamente, infinitely.

infinito, infinite, endle


influenza, influence.

informare, to inform, tell, give information.

informazione, information.

informe, shapeless.

infranto, broken.

infuori, out, without; all'-- di, except.

ingannare, to deceive; --si, to be mistaken.

inganno, deception, mistake.

ingegnarsi, to try, strive.

ingegno, ability, skill, talent, genius.

ingenuità, ingenuousness.

ingenuo, ingenuous, candid.

Inghilterra, England.

inglese, English, Englishman, Englishwoman.

ingoiare, to ingulf.

ingombro, encumbered.

ingrato, ungrateful.

ingrosso, by wholesale.

inimicizia, enmity, hostility.

iniziale, f., initial.

innalzare. See inalzare.

innamorare, to captivate.

innamorato, in love.

innanzi, before.

innegabile, undeniable.

inno, hymn.

innocentemente, innocently.

inoltrare, to forward.

inquantochè, since, as.

inquieto, uneasy, restless.

inquietudine, inquietude, uneasiness.

insanguinato, covered with blood.

insaputa; a sua --, without his knowledge.

insegnamento, instruction, teaching.

insegnante, m., teacher, instructor.

insegnare, to teach.

inserire, to insert.

inserviente, m., assistant, subordinate, employee.

insetto, insect.

insieme (a), in company with; together.

insistente, persistent.

insistenza, insistence.

insistere, to insist, persist.

insolito, unusual.

insomma, in fine, in short.

insonnito, sleepy, drowsy.

insorgere, to arise.

insorto, part. of insorgere.

inspirare, to inspire.

intaglio, cut, carving.

intanto (che), while, in the mean time, however.

intascare, to pocket.

intellettuale, intellectual.

intendere, to understand, intend, hear; s'intende, of course;

--si di, to understand.

intenerirsi, to be moved, affected.

intenerito, softened, moved, affected.

intenso, intense.

intento, intent, attentive.

intenzione, intention, purpose.

interamente, entirely.

interesse, m., interest.

interlocutore, m., interlocutor.

interno, interior, inside.

intero, entire, complete.

interprete, m., interpreter.

interrogare, to question.

interrogativo, questioning.

interrompere, to interrupt.

interrotto, interrupted, discontinued.

interruppe, pret. of interrompere.

intervenire, to be present.

intervento, intervention, mediation.

intese, pret. of intendere.

inteso, part. of intendere.

intiero. See intero.

intimo, intimate, inmost.

intitolato, entitled.

intollerante, intolerant.

intorno, round about, about; -- a, concerning, around.

intorpidito, benumbed.

intrattenersi, to while away the time.

intrecciare, to intertwine.

intrecciato, clasped, folded.

intrigante, m. or f., intriguer.

intrinseco, intimate.

intrinsichezza, intimacy, friendship.

intristire, to sadden.

intronare, to stun.

inusitato, unusual.

inutile, useless.

invano, in vain.

invece, instead, on the other hand.

inventare, to invent.

invernetto, winter.

inverno, winter.

invero, in truth.

investire, to fall upon, strike.

invidia, envy.

invidiare, to envy.

invigilare, to watch.

invitare, to invite.

invitato, guest.

invito, invitation.

invocare, to invoke, implore.

inzaccherare, to splash, cover with mud.

inzuppato, drenched, soaked.

ipocondriaco, hypochondriac.

ipoteca, mortgage.

iracondo, angry.

ironia, irony.

ironico, ironical.

irrequieto, restless.

irritare, to irritate.

irritato, irritated.

iscendere. See scendere.

iscritto. See scritto.

iscrizione, inscription.

isguaiato, gushing, insipid.

isolato, isolated.

ispeciale, special.

ispirazione, inspiration.

isquisito. See squisito.

istante, m., instant, moment.

istanza, prayer, entreaty, request.

istinto, instinct, inclination.

istituto, institute, institution.

istituzione, institution.

istoria. See storia.

istrada. See strada.

istupidito, stupefied, amazed.

isvenevole, awkward, stupid.

Italia, Italy.

italiano, Italian.

iterato, repeated.

ivi, there.

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