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First Italian Readings By Various Characters: 17183

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[1] l'Alfieri. Vittorio Alfieri (1749-1803) was the most famous Italian poet of his age; his reputation rests chiefly on his tragedies.

[2] tenendo dozzina, by taking roomers.

[3] campanile di Giotto. The bell tower of the cathedral at Florence was designed and begun by Giotto (1276-1336), who has been called the father of modern Italian art.

[4] Pio IX. Pius IX. was pope from 1846 to 1878.

[5] ha conciato per le feste, he held up to censure.

[6] Cascine, the park of Florence, so called from having been part of a former dairy-farm (cascina, a dairy or pasture ground).

[7] piazza della Signoria, the central square of Florence.-tanto di Biancone (biancone, a person extremely pale or white) probably alludes to a huge statue of Neptune in the square.

[8] quanto ci corre da, how much inferior is.

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Note.-This vocabulary is not intended to contain all the words that occur in the Italian text. The forms of the definite article and the most common of the pronouns have been purposely omitted. Likewise words whose form and meaning are the same, or substantially the same, in both Italian and English, have usually been excluded. The gender of Italian nouns has been noted only in the more exceptional cases. Of those whose gender is not indicated, nouns ending in o and those denoting male beings are masculine, nouns ending in a, u, -zione, -gione, or -udine, and those denoting female beings are feminine. The plural form of nouns is given only in exceptional instances; and in case of adjectives the masculine singular is uniformly given, even though a feminine or plural form is the only one occurring in the text.

The following abbreviations are used:-

adj. = adjective. imperf. = imperfect. pl. = plural.

cond. = conditional. ind. = indicative. pres. = present.

f. = feminine. m. = masculine. pret. = preterite.

fut. = future. n. = noun. subj. = subjunctive.

imper. = imperative. part. = participle.

A dash denotes that an Italian word is to be repeated.

* * *


a, to, towards, at, on, as.

abbaiare, to bark.

abbandonare, to abandon, let fall.

abbassare, to lower.

abbasso, below, down-stairs.

abbastanza, enough, sufficiently.

abbattimento, depression.

abbellire, to beautify, adorn.

abbi, imper. of avere.

abbigliamento, dress, attire.

abbisognare, to need, require.

abbracciare, to embrace.

abbrunato, in mourning.

abile, clever, skilful.

abitante, m., inhabitant.

abitare, to inhabit, live in.

abitazione, dwelling.

abito, suit of clothes, gown, coat.

abituale, habitual.

abitualmente, habitually.

abitudine, habit.

abiurare, to abjure, renounce.

accademia, academy, society.

accademico, academician.

accadere, to happen, take place.

accalcarsi, to press, crowd together.

accampamento, camp.

accanto (a), near, beside.

accavallare, to pile up.

accendersi, to become inflamed, excited.

accennare, to hint, indicate.

accento, accent, tone.

acceso, lighted, burning.

accessorio, minor feature.

accettare, to accept, receive.

acchiappare, to seize, catch.

accidenti! bad luck to them!

accidia, sloth, indolence.

accingersi, to prepare one's self.

accinsero, pret. of accingere.

accogliere, to receive, welcome.

accolse, pret. of accogliere.

accolto, part. of accogliere.

accomiatarsi, to take one's leave.

accomodare, to arrange, adorn; --si, to sit down, stop.

accompagnamento, accompaniment.

accompagnare, to accompany, follow.

acconsentire, to consent, agree.

accordo, accord, harmony.

accorgersi (di), to perceive.

accorrere, to run up.

accorse, pret. of accorgere.

accorso, part. of accorrere.

accorto, part. of accorgere.

accostarsi, to approach.

accosto, near, close to.

accreditato, accredited.

accurato, accurate, exact.

acefalo, acephal.

acqua, water.

acquistare, to acquire.

acrimonia, acrimony, bitterness.

acume, m., acumen, sharpness of intellect.

acuto, acute, sharp, shrill.

ad (before vowels). See a.

adagiare, to put down slowly, place carefully.

adagio, adage, saying.

adattato, adapted, suitable.

addietro, back, before.

addio, adieu, farewell.

addirittura, at once.

addormentato, asleep.

addossato, leaning against.

addosso, upon one's back, upon it; -- a, upon.

addottorarsi, to receive a doctor's degree.

aderenza, connection, dependence.

adesione, f., consent.

adesso, now.

adoperare, to use, employ; --si, to try, endeavor.

adornare, to adorn.

adottare, to adopt.

adulazione, adulation, flattery.

adunanza, meeting, assembly.

affabilità, affability, courtesy.

affaccendato, very busy, occupied.

affacciarsi, to appear, show one's self.

affannoso, painful, distressing.

affare, m., affair, business.

affatto, entirely, at all.

affermare, to affirm.

afferrare, to seize, lay hold of.

affettare, to cut in bits, chop.

affetto, affection; affected.

affettuosamente, affectionately.

affettuoso, affectionate, kind.

affezionato, affectionate.

affezione, affection, love.

affidare, to entrust.

affinchè, in order that.

affine, in order to.

afflitto, afflicted.

afflizione, affliction.

affogare, to drown.

affrettarsi, to hasten, hurry.

affronto, affront, insult.

agente, agent, steward, manager.

agghiacciare, to freeze, chill.

aggiungere, to add.

aggiunse, pret. of aggiungere.

aggiunto, added.

aggrapparsi, to cling to.

aggraziato, graceful, genteel.

aghetto, lace (corset).

agiato, at one's ease.

agio, ease, leisure.

agitare, to swing, shake, move, agitate.

agitazione, agitation.

agnellino, lambkin.

agnello, lamb, lambkin.

agonia, agony.

agosto, August.

agrario, agrarian.

agricoltore, farmer.

agricoltura, agriculture.

aguzzare, to sharpen, strain.

aguzzino, jailer, guard.

aia, garden-plot.

aiutare, to aid, assist.

aiuto, aid, help.

ala (pl. ali), wing, shelter.

albagia, pride, ostentation.

albergo, hotel.

albero, tree.

alcuno, some, any.

alienazione, alienation, derangement.

alieno, alien, far from.

alito, gentle breeze, zephyr, breath, inspiration.

allacciare, to fasten.

allargare, to enlarge, let out.

allegro, cheerful, gay.

allineare, to place in a line.

allontanare, to remove, send away; --si, to get away, go away.

allora, then, at that time.

allorchè, when, while.

allucinazione, hallucination.

allungare, to stretch out, lengthen.

almeno, at least.

alquanto, somewhat.

altamente, highly, greatly.

alterato, changed.

altezza, height.

alto, high, lofty, tall, above; in --, on high, up.

altro, other, another, anything else.

altrui, of others.

alunn -o, -a, pupil.

alveare, m., beehive.

alzare, to raise, lift up, rise; --si, to get up, rise.

amabilità, affability.

amare, to love, like.

amareggiare, to imbitter.

amaro, bitter, sad.

amato, loved, beloved.

ambascia, anxiety, distress.

ambire, to aspire to, wish.

ambizione, ambition.

ambizioso, ambitious.

ambulanza, ambulance.

amica, female friend.

amicizia, friendship.

amico, friend.

amido, starch.

ammasso, heap, mass.

ammazzare, to kill.

ammesso, admitted, received.

amministrare, to administer.

ammirare, to admire.

ammirazione, admiration.

ammobiliato, furnished.

ammonire, to admonish, warn.

ammonizione, admonition.

amore, m., love, affection.

amoretto, slight attachment, petty love-affair.

amorosamente, lovingly.

ampio, ample, wide, spacious.

amplesso, embrace, clasp.

amputazione, amputation.

anche, also, still, likewise, even.

anco, also.

ancora, still, yet, again.

andamento, running, management.

andare, to go, walk, move; to suit, fit; to be; --sene, to go away.

anelare, to long for.

anelito, gasp.

angolo, angle, corner.

angoscia, anguish, pain.

angustia, affliction, grievance.

anima, soul, life, mind, person.

animare, to animate; --si, to become animated, excited.

animatamente, with animation.

animo, mind, intellect.

annaffiatoio, watering-pot.

annientare, to annihilate.

anno, year.

annodare, to tie.

annoiarsi, to be wearied, bored.

annoiato, annoyed, wearied.

annunziare, to announce.

annunzio, announcement.

ansare, to pant; n. m., panting, puffing.

ansia, anxiety.

antenna, yard (of a ship).

anticipazione, anticipation.

antico, former,

ancient, old.

antipatia, antipathy.

antipatico, repulsive.

anzi, rather, even, also, on the contrary.

anziano, ancient, old.

anzichenò, rather than otherwise.

ape, f., bee.

aperse, pret. of aprire.

apertamente, frankly.

aperto, open, extended; part. of aprire.

apocrifo, apocryphal, spurious.

appannato, clouded, darkened.

apparecchiare, to prepare.

apparecchio, apparatus.

apparenza, appearance.

apparizione, appearance.

appartamento, apartment.

appartenere, to belong.

appassionato, passionate.

appena, hardly, scarcely, as soon as.

appendice, f., supplement.

appiccicare, to stick, tack.

appieno, fully.

applauso, applause.

applicare, to apply.

applicato, clerk, employee.

applicazione, application.

appoggiato, leaning.

approfittare (di), to take advantage (of).

approvare, to approve, confirm.

approvazione, approval.

appunto, precisely, just.

aprico, sunny.

aprire, to open, begin.

aquila, eagle, 'great genius.'

arancia, orange.

arco, arch, curve.

ardere, to burn.

ardire, to dare.

ardito, courageous, intrepid.

argano, capstan.

argento, silver.

argomentazione, argumentation.

argomento, subject, theme, argument, reason.

arguto, sharp, subtle, witty.

aria, air.

aridità, barrenness.

arlecchino, harlequin.

armonioso, harmonious.

arrabbiarsi, to get angry, furious.

arrampicarsi, to climb, clamber.

arrestare, to stop; --si, to stop.

arricchito, enriched, grown rich.

arrischiarsi, to dare, venture.

arrischiato, bold, rash.

arrivare, to arrive, succeed.

arrivo, arrival.

arrossire, to redden, blush.

arrotolato, rolled up.

arruffare, to disorder.

arruffato, dishevelled.

arruolato, enlisted.

arte, f., art.

artesiano, artesian.

articolo, article; -- di fondo, leader, editorial.

artificio, artifice; fuochi d'--, fireworks.

artistico, artistic, artist-like.

ascella, armpit.

asciugare, to dry, wipe.

ascoltare, to listen to.

asino, ass, donkey.

aspettare, to wait, await, expect.

aspettativa, expectation.

aspetto, aspect, mien, look.

aspirare, to aspire.

aspro, rough, rugged.

assaettato, exceedingly, shockingly.

assaggiare, to taste, try.

assai, much, enough, very.

assalire, to assail.

assaporare, to relish, enjoy.

assassino, assassin, murderer.

assennato, prudent, sensible.

asserzione, assertion.

assestato, prudent, careful.

assicurare, to assure.

assiduamente, assiduously.

assistere, to be present.

assoluto, absolute.

assoluzione, acquittal.

assolvere, to acquit.

assopirsi, to become drowsy.

assopito, drowsy, sleepy.

assordante, deafening.

assorto, absorbed.

assuefatto, accustomed.

assurdo, absurd.

asta, stick, handle, straight line, stroke.

astenzione, abstinence.

astro, star.

astronomo, astronomer.

astuzia, cunning, wiliness.

ateo, atheistic.

atmosfera, atmosphere.

atrabiliare, atrabilious, hypochondriac, melancholy.

attaccare, to attach, tie, fasten, attack, begin.

atteggiamento, attitude.

atteggiarsi, to bestir one's self.

attendere, to expect.

attentamente, attentively, carefully.

attenuare, to lessen, weaken.

atterrito, terrified.

attimo, moment, instant.

attitudine, ability.

atto, act, gesture, movement, action, manner.

attorno (a), about, around.

attraversare, to cross, pass over.

attraverso, through.

attribuire, to attribute.

audace, audacious, bold.

audacia, audacity, boldness.

augurare, to wish for.

aula, hall, room.

aumento, increase.

austriaco, Austrian.

autorità, authority.

autunno, autumn.

avamposto, outpost, advanced guard.

avanti, before, ahead, forward.

avanzamento, advancement.

avanzarsi, to advance.

avaro, avaricious; miser.

avere, to have.

avorio, ivory.

avvedersi, to perceive.

avvenenza, elegance, grace.

avvenimento, event.

avvenire, to happen; n. m., future.

avventarsi, to rush, fall upon.

avverare, to confirm.

avvertire, to inform, warn, observe.

avvezzo, accustomed.

avviarsi, to set out, start on.

avvicinare, to bring or place near, approach; --si, to approach.

avvide, pret. of avvedere.

avviluppare, to envelop.

avviso, announcement, notice.

avviticchiato, clinging to.

avvocatarsi, to practise law.

avvocato, lawyer.

azione, action.

azzurro, azure.


babbo, father, papa.

babbuino, baboon, ugly, stupid man.

bacchetta, rod, wand.

bacco, Bacchus; per --! indeed! heavens!

baciare, to kiss.

bacio, kiss.

badare, to mind, take care, pay attention.

baffi, m. pl., mustaches.

bagliore, m., dazzling light.

bagnare, to bathe.

bagnatura, bathing season.

bagno, bath.

baionetta, bayonet.

balbettare, to stammer.

balcone, m., balcony.

balenare, to flash, occur.

baleno, flash of lightning.

balia, nurse.

ballare, to dance.

balordo, stupid, foolish.

balzare, to leap, jump, throw.

bambino, child, infant.

banca, bank.

banco, sandbank, shoal, bank, office.

bandiera, banner, flag.

bandire, to publish.

baraonda, commotion, confusion.

barba, beard.

barbaglio, dazzling.

barbarie, f., barbarity.

barca, bark, boat.

baronessa, baroness.

Bartolommeo, Bartholomew.

basso, low, bowed; a --, down, below, come down!

basta! enough!

bastare, to suffice, be enough.

bastoncino, stick, cane.

bastone, m., stick, rod, wand.

battaglia, battle.

battaglione, m., battalion.

battere, to strike, beat, clap; --si, to fight.

battistrada, m., running footman.

baule, m., trunk.

bavero, collar.

beato, happy, beautiful.

bella, belle, beauty.

bellezza, beauty, perfection.

bellino, pretty, pleasing.

bello, beautiful, handsome, fine.

benchè, although.

bene, well, exactly, very; per --, thoroughly;

-- arrivato, welcome;

n. m., good, benefit;

pl., riches, property.

benedetto, blessed.

beneficio, benefit.

benevolmente, kindly.

beninteso, of course.

bensì, yes, certainly, but.

benvenuto, welcome.

bere, to drink, swallow, believe.

bernoccolo, bump, swelling.

berrett -o, -a, cap.

bersagliere, sharpshooter.

bestemmiare, to blaspheme.

bestia, beast, animal.

Bettina, Betsy, Betty.

bevere. See bere.

biada, standing grain.

biancheggiare, to grow white.

bianco, white, pale.

biblioteca, library.

bicchiere, m., glass, goblet.

bidello, beadle.

bigliardo, billiards.

bimba, child.

bimbetto, little child, babe.

binario, track.

biondino, fair-haired boy.

biondo, blond, fair.

birichina! little rogue!

bisbetico, whimsical, morose.

bisbigliare, to whisper, murmur.

bisbiglio, murmur, whispering.

bisognare, to be necessary, must.

bisogno, need.

bisticciarsi, to dispute, quarrel.

bizzarro, odd, bizarre.

bocca, mouth.

boccata, mouthful, breath.

boccone, m., mouthful, morsel.

bolognese, Bolognese.

bomba, bomb.

bonaccia, calm, happiness.

bonomia, bonhomie, good-nature, simplicity.

bontà, goodness, kindness.

borbottare, to mutter, grumble; n. m., murmur, muttering.

bordo, border, board; a --, on board.

boreale, boreal, northern.

boria, arrogance, conceit.

bosco, wood, forest.

bottegaio, shopkeeper.

braccetto, small arm; a --, arm in arm.

braccio (pl. f., braccia), arm.

bragia, live coal, burning coal.

branco, drove, herd.

bravamente, bravely.

bravo, brave, skilful, good, honest; bravo! excellent!

breve, brief, short, a few.

brevetto, patent.

brezza, breeze.

brigante, brigand, ruffian.

brillante, brilliant.

brillare, to shine.

brizzolato, spotted, sprinkled.

broccato, brocade.

brontolare, to mutter.

brontolona, grumbling woman.

brontolone, m., grumbler.

brulichio, swarming, hum.

bruno, dark; mourning.

bruscamente, bluntly, abruptly.

brutto, ugly, dirty, unpleasant.

bucato, wash, washing.

buccia, rind, shell.

buco, hole, cavity.

bufera, hurricane, storm.

buffetto, rap, blow.

buio, dark, gloomy; darkness.

buono, good, kind, fit, able, right; alla buona, plain, without ceremony.

burburo, sullen, surly.

burlarsi (di), to make fun (of).

burocrazia, bureaucracy.

burrasca, storm, hurricane.

burrascoso, stormy.

busillis, m., difficulty.

bussa, trouble, grief.

bussare, to rap, knock.

bussola, compass, reckoning.

busto, body, breast.

buttare, to throw, fling.

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