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First Italian Readings By Various Characters: 1201

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[1] andare in pensione, to retire, be pensioned off.

[2] in barba al, before the very face of, in spite of.

[3] un pan di zucchero, a lump of sugar, here soft-hearted, an easy mark.

[4] gliene... maniera, every sort of prank had been played upon him.

[5] in fin dei conti, after all.

[6] o; compare XI., note 1.

[7] Scusi, sa, Excuse us, will you.

[8] Loro, You, with change to less formal voi.-altri adds emphasis as in I. 29, p. 12.

[9] gli desse del, should call him a.

[10] tirasse... contro, should be so spiteful toward.

[11] C'è da far le maraviglie, Is it to be

wondered at?

[12] gli metteva... addosso, gave him the cold shivers.

[13] le nostre, that is, our woes, troubles.

[14] collocamento a riposo, retirement.

[15] fossero, would they were.

[16] preso l'aire, struck the key, got started.

[17] dai, with.

[18] Ci mancherebbe... fosse, Matters would be worse if she were.

[19] metterlo sulla strada, get him started.

[20] Nemmen per idea; compare V., note 3.

[21] Siamo intessi, It is agreed.

[22] posto il caso, in the event.

[23] non potè... sorridere, could not help smiling.

[24] mettersi in quiete, retire, resign.

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